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Meeting Date: January 8, 2008

Subject/Title: Poetry Contest Winners

Prepared by: Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager

Submitted by: Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager

Recognition of the ten Brentwood Arts Commission/Brentwood Library 2007 Poetry Contest Winners.

The ten winners are:

Megan Woodward – 11th grade, Independence High Coyote
Damien Rodriguez – 11th grade, Independence High Duck
Jayme Tachella – 7th grade, Edna Hill Middle School An Egret As Always
Marina Parla – 11th grade, Independence High The Kit Fox
Sidney Bednarz – 7th grade, Edna Hill Middle School Raccoon
Cesar Rodriguez – 7th grade, Edna Hill Middle School Coyote in a Bog
Kiersten Turner – 11th grade, Independence High Kit Fox
Adrian Saff – 7th grade, Adams Middle School The Egret
Diamond Dorris – 12th grade, Independence High Raccoon
Emily Lange – 7th grade, Edna Hill Middle School Mama Duck

The ten winning poems are proposed to be cast in metal and affixed to the stone of the appropriate animal sculpture at Veterans Park to be enjoyed forever.


In March 2007, five (5) bronze sculpture animals were installed on rocks at Veterans Park. The Contra Costa Library – Leonard Roudman, Brentwood Arts Society – Ron Beatty and our Poet Laureate Diane Lando organized a poetry contest that used each of the bronze animals as a theme: kit fox, egret, duck, coyote, and raccoon. The contest ran from August 20 – September 21, 2007 for middle and high school students. The contest was extremely popular with impressive quality submissions, so much so that we increased the contest from five winners to ten winners, two poems per bronze sculptured animal.

This project is budgeted at $11,300 which includes plaques, supplies and installation. The remaining funds of $1,650 for 07/08 will be added to the amended Veterans Park Public Art CIP Project, No. 352-52350 and amend the CIP Budget Sheet to add an additional $9,650 for the Veterans Park Public Art CIP Project, No. 352-52350. The funding source for the CIP project is the Public Art Programs fund.

Contest winner’s poems
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