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Meeting Date: June 26, 2007

Subject/Title: Adopt a Resolution approving, and authorizing the City Manager or designee to execute an Agreement for Professional Services with Abey Arnold Associates a landscape architectural consulting firm in the preparation of construction and bid documents for Summerset Park improvements.

Prepared by: Felix Errico, Parks Planner
Ken De Silva, Landscape/Facilities Manager

Submitted by: Director Craig Bronzan

Adopt a Resolution approving, and authorizing the City Manager or designee to execute an Agreement for Professional Services with Abey Arnold Associates a landscape architectural consulting firm in the preparation of construction and bid documents for Summerset Park improvements.

On October 21, 1997, City Council for the City of Brentwood approved Back Nine at Brentwood Country Club Subdivision #7940. As part of the subdivision approval, the developer Blackhawk/Nunn also included a 10 acre public park along Fairview Avenue between Baldwin Drive and Regent Court.

BACKGROUND, Abey Arnold Associates (AAA) is a consulting firm on retainer by the City of Brentwood to perform various landscape architectural services. The AAA landscape architectural consulting firm prepared a Conceptual Plan for the City and Conceptual Plan was presented to the residents adjacent to the park at a public meeting on February 2005. At the public meeting, the Conceptual Plan was approved by the residents.

The Agreement for Professional Services with the same landscape architectural consulting firm that prepared the initial Conceptual Plan will reduce time and expenditure of funds to familiarize another consultant with the project.

The approval of Professional Service Agreement will require expenditure of Capital Improvement Plan funds from Summerset Park Project to procure construction documents and preparation of bid documents. Upon approval of construction documents and specifications, City staff will return to City Council to request approval of the documents and advertisement of bid on the park improvements. Summerset Park CIP Project funds was approved by City Council of the City of Brentwood on June 12, 2007.




WHEREAS, on June 26, 2007, by resolution, the City Council approved 2006/ - 2010/12 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) to include funding for landscape architectural services in the preparation of construction and bid documents for Summerset Park improvements.

NOW, THERFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Brentwood approves and authorizes the City Manager or designee to execute Agreement for Professional Services with Abey Arnold Associates, a landscape architectural consulting firm, for the preparation of construction and bid documents for Summerset Park improvements in the contract amount of $200,000.

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting on 26th day of June 2007 by the following vote:


THIS AGREEMENT, made and entered into this __ day of ___________, 2007 by and between the CITY OF BRENTWOOD, a municipal corporation existing under the laws of the State of California, hereinafter referred to as “City”, and ABEY ARNOLD ASSOCIATES, a Landscape Architectural consulting firm hereinafter referred to as "Consultant.”


A. City desires certain landscape architectural consulting services in connection with the work referred to as Summerset Park (the "Project").

B. City desires to engage Consultant to provide these services by reason of its qualifications and experience performing such services and Consultant has offered to provide the required services on the terms and in the manner set forth herein.

C. Consultant represents that it is fully licensed and qualified with all professional skills necessary to perform the services described in this Agreement and has special expertise in the performance of landscape architectural consulting services for public agencies of similar scope and complexity as the Services to be performed under this Agreement.

NOW, THEREFORE, City and Consultant agree as follows:


The scope of services subject to this Agreement and to be performed by Consultant for the Project is described in Exhibit “A”, Scope of Services, attached hereto and incorporated herein (the “Services”).


A. Consultant acknowledges that in entering into this Agreement the City is relying upon Consultant's special skills and experience to do and perform the services in accordance with best standards of professional practice in the field of landscape architectural consulting services for public projects of similar size, scope and complexity. Consultant agrees to perform the services in accordance with these standards. The acceptance of Consultant's services by City does not operate as a release of Consultant from these obligations.

B. Consultant accepts the relationship of trust and confidence established between it and City by this Agreement. Consultant shall use its best efforts, skill, judgment, and abilities to assist and work with City to perform the Services, to produce the necessary construction documents, specifications and administrative services, and to further the interests of City in accordance with City's requirements and procedures, each in accordance with professional standards that apply to Consultant.

C. Consultant shall perform the Services in full compliance with applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations in effect at the time such services are rendered (collectively, "Applicable Laws").

D. Consultant shall be responsible for employing or engaging all persons necessary to perform the Services. All of Consultant's staff shall be qualified by training and experience to perform their assigned tasks. Consultant shall give its personal attention to the fulfillment of the provisions of this Agreement by all of its employees and sub-Consultants, if any, and shall keep the Services under its control. If any employee or sub-Consultant of Consultant fails or refuses to carry out the provisions of this Agreement or appears to be incompetent or to act in a disorderly or improper manner, he or she shall be discharged immediately from the work under this Agreement on demand of City.

E. One or more members or employees of Consultant's firm and that of the sub-consultants are licensed by the State of California to perform their services and these services will be performed by them or under their supervision.

F. Consultant shall submit, for City's approval, a team or staffing proposal for the Services, complete with job descriptions, names and previous experience of all personnel. Consultant has designated the Principal, Phil Abey, for the Services as stated in Exhibit “A” – Scope of Services - which exhibit is incorporated herein by this reference. Consultant shall not change or reassign Key Personnel without prior notice to City, and shall not replace any Key Personnel with individuals to whom City has a reasonable objection.

G. Consultant's services are unique and personal. Consultant shall not assign or transfer any of its interest or obligation under this Agreement without the City's written consent. Consultant shall not subcontract its duties under this Agreement without the City's written consent. No sub-consultant will be recognized by City as such; rather, all sub-consultants are deemed to be the agents of Consultant, and Consultant agrees to be responsible for their performance. Consultant is specifically authorized to subcontract with the sub-consulting firms (listed in Exhibit “B” to assist in providing the Services.


The services to be provided to the City as set forth in this Agreement shall be provided by Consultant as an independent contractor as defined in Labor Code 3353, under the control of the City as to the result of the work but not the means by which the result is accomplished, and nothing herein contained shall be construed to make Consultant an agent or employee of the City while providing these services. Consultant shall be entitled to no other benefits or compensation except as provided in this Agreement.


A. Consultant's Services shall be furnished as described below and as more particularly described in Exhibit “A”, Scope of Services. Any changes in the Scope of Services must be approved in advance, in writing, by the City Manager or her designee, or if verbally requested by City, confirmed in writing by Consultant within five (5) working days.

B. Consultant shall be responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy and coordination of all Services. Consultant shall, without additional compensation, correct or revise any errors or deficiencies in its Services.

C. Consultant shall furnish City with every reasonable opportunity for City to ascertain that the Services are being performed in accordance with the requirement and intentions of this Agreement.


A. The term of this Agreement shall begin on the date first written above and shall expire upon completion of the Services or when terminated as provided in Section 8.

B. Consultant shall promptly commence performance of the Services upon execution of this Agreement, and shall diligently pursue performance of the Services until completion.

C. Consultant shall perform the Services in accordance with the schedule attached hereto as Exhibit “D” (the "Schedule"), which Exhibit is incorporated herein by this reference, and any updates to the Schedule. Consultant shall work such overtime or engage such personnel and equipment as necessary to maintain the Schedule, without additional compensation.

D. Time is of the essence in the performance of this Agreement.


A. Basic Services.

1. City shall pay Consultant for full and faithful performance of Basic Services a fee in the amount of Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($200,000.00) (the "Maximum Contract Amount").

2. Progress payments for Basic Services for each phase of the work shall not exceed the following percentages of the fee:

a. Survey Work and Survey of Existing Conditions – seven and one half percent (7.5%)
b. Geotechnical Soil Testing – eight percent (8%)
c. Design Development Phase – fifteen percent (15%).
d. Contract Documents Phase – fifty percent (50%).
e. Bidding or Negotiations Phase – two and one half (2.5%).
f. Post Contract Phase - eight percent (8%).

3. Payments for various items of service may be modified with approval of City so long as there is no change in the maximum contract amount.

4. This fee for Basic Services shall include the fees for the following subconsultants:

Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Irrigation Consultant and Soil Engineer.

B. Additional Services.

1. City shall pay Consultant for authorized Additional Services on an hourly basis, in accordance with the schedule of fees attached hereto as Exhibit “C.” City shall pay only for Additional Services authorized by the City Manager or her designee in writing or requested verbally by City and confirmed in writing by Consultant within five (5) working days.

2. Consultant and City shall agree upon an estimated not-to-exceed cost for any proposed Additional Services or, in the case of a verbal request, Consultant shall provide City with a written estimated not-to-exceed cost for such Additional Services at least one (1) working day prior to commencing the additional Services. In no event shall City pay for Additional Services made necessary by Consultant's errors or oversights.

C. Reimbursable Expenses.

In addition to compensation for Basic Services and Additional Services, City shall reimburse Consultant for Reimbursable Expenses Consultant incurs in the course of performing Services under this Agreement. Reimbursable Expenses include only the following items:

1. Reproduction and handling of Documents prepared in connection with the Project;

2. Fees paid for securing government approvals for the Project; and

3. Other expenses as City may approve in writing in advance.

D. Consultant shall submit written applications for progress payments in a form satisfactory to City on or before the first day of each month on account of Basic Services, Additional Services and Reimbursable Expenses provided during the preceding month. The payment applications shall identify each person performing services, the time each person spends on each task (in units not to exceed one quarter hour) and shall be based on the rates in Exhibit “B.”

E. Within thirty (30) days after receipt of each application for progress payment, City shall verify the accuracy of the progress payment application, correct the charges where appropriate, and make payment to Consultant in an amount equal to the amount of such application, as verified or corrected by City. No payment made hereunder prior to completion and acceptance of the Project shall be construed as evidence of acceptance of any part of the Services. City reserves the right to withhold payment from Consultant on account of Services not performed satisfactorily, delays in Consultant's performance of Services, or other defaults hereunder. Consultant shall not stop or delay performance of Services under this Agreement on account of payment disputes with City.

F. City shall withhold retention in the amount of 10% of each invoice. Retention will be reduced to 5% at the time of award of the Contract for Construction. Retention will be released sixty (60) days after Consultant has completed all Services and the City has accepted the Project.

G. If City disagrees with any portion of a billing, the City shall promptly notify Consultant of the disagreement, and the City and the Consultant shall attempt to resolve the disagreement. City’s payment of any amounts shall not constitute a waiver of any disagreement and City shall promptly pay all amounts not in dispute.

H. Consultant shall maintain complete and accurate records of the number of hours worked by persons and Reimbursable Expenses on the Project during each phase under this Agreement. All such records shall be maintained on a generally accepted accounting basis and shall be clearly identified and readily accessible. City shall have the right to examine and copy such books and records at all times. Consultant shall permit the City to examine and audit those books and records, shall permit the City to make copies of those books and records, and shall permit the City to inspect all work data, documents, proceedings and activities related to this Agreement for a period of three (3) years from the date of final payment under this Agreement. All accounting records shall provide an understandable breakdown of costs charged to this Agreement.


Consultant understands that its professional responsibility is solely to City. Consultant warrants that it presently has no interest, and will not acquire any direct or indirect interest, that would conflict with its performance of this Agreement. Consultant shall not knowingly, and shall take reasonable steps to ensure that it does not, employ a person having such an interest in the performance of this Agreement. If after employment of a person, Consultant discovers that it has employed a person with a direct or indirect interest that would conflict with its performance of this Agreement, Consultant shall promptly disclose the relationship to the City and take such action as the City may direct to remedy the conflict.


A. If Consultant at any time refuses or neglects to prosecute its Services in a timely fashion or in accordance with the Project schedule, or is adjudicated a bankrupt, or commits any act of insolvency, or makes an assignment for the benefit of creditors without City's consent, or fails to make prompt payment to persons furnishing labor, equipment, or materials, or fails in any respect to properly and diligently prosecute its services, or otherwise fails to perform fully any and all of the agreements herein contained, Consultant shall be in default.

B. If Consultant fails to cure the default within seven (7) days after written notice thereof, City may, at its sole option, take possession of any Documents or other materials (in paper and electronic form) prepared or used by Consultant in connection with the Project and (1) provide any such work, labor, or materials as may be necessary to overcome the default and deduct the cost thereof from any money then due or thereafter to become due to Consultant under this Agreement; or (2) terminate Consultant's right to proceed with this Agreement.

C. In the event City elects to terminate, City shall have the right to immediate possession of all Documents and work in progress prepared by Consultant, whether located at the Project, at Consultant's place of business, or at the offices of a subconsultant, and may employ any other person or persons to finish the design work and provide the materials therefore. In case of such default termination, Consultant shall not be entitled to receive any further payment under this Agreement until the Project is completely finished. At that time, if the unpaid balance of the amount to be paid under this Agreement exceeds the expenses incurred by City in obtaining a new landscape architectural consulting service for the Project, such excess shall be paid by City to Consultant, but, if such expense shall exceed such unpaid balance, then Consultant shall promptly pay to City the amount by which such expense exceeds such unpaid balance. The expense referred to in the last sentence shall include expenses incurred by City in causing the services called for under this Agreement to be provided by others, for attorneys' fees, and for any costs or damages sustained by City by reason of Consultant's default or defective work.

D. In addition to the foregoing right to terminate for default, City reserves the absolute right to terminate this Agreement without cause, upon 72-hours' written notice to Consultant. In the event of termination without cause, Consultant shall be entitled to payment in an amount not to exceed the Maximum Contract Amount, which shall be calculated as follows: (1) Payment for Services then satisfactorily completed and accepted by City, plus (2) Payment for Additional Services satisfactorily completed and accepted by City, plus (3) Reimbursable Expenses actually incurred by Consultant, as approved by City. The amount of any payment made to Consultant prior to the date of termination of this Agreement shall be deducted from the amounts described in (1), (2) and (3) above. Consultant shall not be entitled to any claim or lien against City or the Project for any additional compensation or damages in the event of such termination and payment. In addition, the City's right to withhold funds under Section 6(E) shall be applicable in the event of a termination for convenience.

E. If this Agreement is terminated by City for default and it is later determined that the default termination was wrongful, such termination automatically shall be converted to and treated as a termination for convenience under this Article and Consultant shall be entitled to receive only the amounts payable hereunder in the event of a termination for convenience.


A. The plans, specifications, estimates, programs, reports, models, and other material prepared by or on behalf of Consultant under this Agreement including all drafts and working documents, and including electronic and paper forms (collectively the "Documents"), shall be and remain the property of the City, whether the Services or Project is completed or not. Consultant shall deliver all Documents to City upon (1) the substantial completion date of the Services, (2) the date of termination of this Agreement for any reason, or (3) at any time requested by City, upon five (5) days written notice.

B. The Documents may be used by City and its agents, employees, representatives, and assigns, in whole or in part, or in modified form, for all purposes City may deem advisable, without further employment of or payment of any compensation to Consultant; provided, however, that if this Agreement is terminated for any reason prior to completion of the Project and if under such circumstances City uses, or engages the services of and directs another Consultant to use, such documents, City agrees to hold Consultant harmless from any and all liability, costs, and expenses (including reasonable legal fees and disbursements), relative to claims arising out of matters and/or events which occur subsequent to the termination of this Agreement as a result of causes other than the fault or negligence of Consultant, or anyone for whose acts it is responsible, in preparation of the Documents. Consultant shall not be responsible for deficiencies solely attributable to modifications to the Documents performed by others, or that arise from use of the Documents in connection with a project or site other than that shown in the Documents.

C. All reports, information, data, and exhibits prepared or assembled by Consultant in connection with the performance of its services pursuant to this Agreement are confidential until released by the City to the public, and the Consultant shall not make any of these documents or information available to any individual or organization not employed by the Consultant or the City without the written consent of the City before any such release.


Consultant agrees to indemnify, including the cost to defend, City, and its officers, agents and employees from any and all claims, demands, costs or liability that arise out of, or pertain to, or relate to the negligence, recklessness, or willful misconduct of Consultant and its agents in the performance of services under this Agreement, but this indemnity does not apply to liability for damages for death or bodily injury to persons, injury to property, or other loss, arising from the sole negligence, willful misconduct or defects in design by City or the agents, servants, or independent contractors who are directly responsible to City, or arising from the active negligence of City.


A. Consultant shall, at all times it is performing Services under this Agreement, provide and maintain insurance in the following types and with limits no less than the following amounts:

1. Commercial General Liability Insurance, occurrence form, with a limit of not less than $2,000,000.00 each occurrence. If such insurance contains a general aggregate limit, it shall apply separately to this Agreement or be no less than two (2) times the occurrence limit;

2. Automobile Liability Insurance, occurrence form, with a limit of not less than $1,000,000.00 each occurrence. Such insurance shall include coverage for owned, hired, and non-owned automobiles.

3. Professional Liability (errors and omissions) insurance in the minimum amount of $2,000,000.00 aggregate.

4. Workers Compensation in at least the minimum statutory limits.

5. Employers Liability Insurance, with minimum limits of $1,000,000.00 per occurrence.

B. General Provisions:

1. Consultant's general and automobile liability insurance policies shall be endorsed to name the City of Brentwood, its elected and appointed officers, employees, and volunteers as additional insureds with respect to this Agreement and the performance of services in this Agreement. The coverage shall contain no special limitations on the scope of its protection to the above-designated insureds except for Workers Compensation and errors and omissions insurance.

2. Consultant's general and automobile liability insurance policies shall be endorsed so that they are primary with respect to any insurance or self-insurance programs of City, its officers, employees, and volunteers.

3. Before performing any services under this Agreement, Consultant shall provide evidence of the required coverage and limits, and properly executed policy endorsements satisfactory to City.

4. No changes in insurance may be made without the written approval of the City.


The waiver by either party of any breach or violation of any term, covenant, or condition of this Agreement or of any provisions of any ordinance or law shall not be deemed to be a waiver of such term, covenant, condition, ordinance or law or of any subsequent breach or violation of same or of any other term, covenant, condition, ordinance or law or of any subsequent breach or violation of the same or of any other term, condition, ordinance, or law. The subsequent acceptance by either party of any fee or other money which may become due hereunder shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any preceding breach or violation by the other party of any term, covenant, or condition of this Agreement of any applicable law or ordinance.


Attorney fees in an amount not exceeding Eighty Five Dollars ($85.00) per hour per attorney, and in total amount not exceeding Five Thousand Dollars ($5,000.00), shall be recoverable as costs (by the filing of a cost bill) by the prevailing party in any action or actions to enforce the provisions of the Agreement. The above $5,000 limit is the total of attorneys’ fees recoverable whether in the trial court, appellate court, or otherwise, and regardless of the number of attorneys, trials, appeals, or actions. It is the intent of this Agreement that neither party shall have to pay the other more than $5,000 for attorneys’ fees arising out of an action, or actions to enforce the provisions of this Agreement.


Consultant warrants that it is an Equal Opportunity Employer and shall comply with applicable regulations governing equal employment opportunity. Neither Consultant nor any of its subcontractors shall discriminate in the employment of any person because of race, color, national origin, ancestry, physical handicap, medical condition, marital status, sex, or age, unless based upon a bona fide occupational qualification pursuant to the California Fair Employment and Housing Act.


Should any dispute arise out of this Agreement, either party may request that it be submitted to mediation. The parties shall meet in mediation within 30 days of a request. The cost of mediation shall be borne equally by the parties. Neither party shall be deemed the prevailing party. No party shall be permitted to file a legal action without first requesting mediation and making a good faith attempt to reach a mediated settlement. The mediation process, once commenced by a meeting with the mediator shall last until agreement is reached by the parties but not more than 60 days, unless the maximum time is extended by the parties.


Consultant shall testify at City's request if litigation is brought against City in connection with Consultant's services under this Agreement. Unless the action is brought by Consultant, or is based upon Consultant's actual or alleged negligence or other wrongdoing, City shall compensate Consultant for time spent in preparation for testimony, testimony, and travel at Consultant's standard hourly rates at the time of actual testimony.


All notices hereunder shall be given in writing and mailed, postage prepaid, addressed as follows:

To City: City of Brentwood
Attention: Felix Errico
150 City Park Way
Brentwood, CA 94513

To Consultant: Abey Arnold Associates
Attention: Phil Abey
1005 A St., Suite #305
San Rafael, CA 94091


This document represents the entire and integrated agreement between City and Consultant and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations, and agreements, either written or oral.

This document may be amended only by written instrument signed by both City and Consultant.

All exhibits referenced in or attached to this Agreement are incorporated herein by this reference.

[the rest of this page is blank]


This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of California.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, City and Consultant have executed this Agreement the day and year first above written.


Abey Arnold Associates


Printed Name:

Title: ______________________________


Donna Landeros, City Manager


Margaret Wimberly, City Clerk


Damien B. Brower, City Attorney



Phil Abey, a Principal at the Consultant firm of Abey/Arnold Associates will be the lead on the Summerset Park project. The Consultant to provide professional services by creating for Summerset Park site and associated improvement plans that are satisfactory to the City of Brentwood, meet or exceed ADA access guidelines, meet local code requirements and obtain the highest standards for design and construction.

Provide complete documentation to complement and accompany the construction documents (CDs) for public bidding purpose with a final engineer’s estimate for the improvement/construction plans.

All plans and specifications will be prepared in accordance with the latest professional practices. All plans will be printed on maximum 24” X 36” sheets. The CD’s will be prepared using AutoCAD, Version 14. Layering shall conform to latest AIA CAD layering guidelines and stipulated job standards.

Consultant will undertake development of a full and complete set of improvement plans, and documentation, coordinated closely with City of Brentwood staff, reviewed by City of Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department at 60, 90 stages of completion and a final approval at 100% of completion. The improvement plans and documentation will include but not limited to:
1. Title Sheet with General and Specific Construction notations for park improvements and a location map;
2. Overall master plan and development location plan;
3. City’s general notes;
4. Scaled irrigation plans;
5. Scaled planting plans including list of species quantities, sizes and ultimate growth;
6. Scaled grading and drainage plan for the park improvements;
7. A stormwater management plan around the proposed park improvements areas that meets Best Management Practices, National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (BMPs) and current Contra Costa Clean Water Program;
8. Construction details showing minimally, the following:
(a.) signage
(b.) fences
(c.) pedestrian access points into the park that meets the needs of the users as well as ADA requirements
(d.) trail cross-sections
(e.) information kiosk
(f.) drinking fountains, irrigation controller, point of connection, utility services and emergency phones
(g.) bench placement or other sitting areas
(h.) trees, shrubs, ground cover planting
(i.) Shade structures for users
(j.) Elevations from current neighborhoods through the park site to indicate ultimate tree growth (height and width) and any impact to or loss of viewsheds for homeowners.

Procure from registered land surveyor in the State of California a survey map of Summerset Park identifying park boundary, incorporates adjacent neighborhoods terrain elevations affecting ADA accessibility to our future park site, high and low points of the park, drainage patterns, current hardscape and softscaped edges, roadways right-of –way and improvements, utility lines and corridors.

Obtain from City of Brentwood all and necessary civil improvements surrounding the site affecting location of hardscaped and softscape areas of the master plan and park improvement plans.

Procure from soil engineer soil reports to aid in selection of plant material, soil amendments, fertilization, location of softscaped edges, etc.

Procure other professionals as needed in order to prepare complete CDs packet.

Consultant will assist in the preparation of the bid documents; attend a pre-bid conference; response to questions from contractors, and prepare addenda, if necessary; conduct site visits to ensure quality of work and compliance with Construction Documents, to ensure that the project construction meets the City of Brentwood intend design; and respond to design problems.

Prepare a final report for the City of Brentwood to address any positive and negative stumbling blocks faced by the consultant in working on this project with City staff, City’s process in obtaining requested documents, payment of invoices, disagreements, working with other consultants and construction contractor. Attend a closure meeting with the City of Brentwood staff and Contractor(s) at the end of the project.



I. Existing Conditions and Topographic Survey $ 15,000.00
II. Geotechnical Soils Testing $ 16,000.00
III. Conceptual Master Plan (Completed) $ 0.00
A. Meet with neighbors to receive input and set goals
B. Present and receive approval from the neighbors on the conceptual plan
C. Generate Conceptual Plan Opinion of Probable Costs
IV. Design Development $ 30,000.00
A. Prepare an accurate base map of park site
B. Dimensional refinement of proposed improvements
C. Refine previous Concept Plan and furnishings locations
D. Coordinate meetings with staff
E. Attend a Parks and Recreation Commission meeting
F. Attend a City Council meeting
IV. Construction Documents $118,000.00
A. Layout and details
B. Grading, drainage and details
C. Planting plan and details
D, Irrigation plan and details
E. Specifications
F. Coordination with Parks and Recreation staff
G. Finalize engineer’s estimate on proposed improvements
V. Bidding Process $ 5,000.00
A. Attend pre-bid conference
B. Clarification of drawings
C. Assist in Providing Appropriate Information in Issuing of Addendums
VI. Construction Administration $ 16,000.00
A. 9-field observations during construction. Prepare field reports
B. Assist with clarification of drawings

VII. Reimbursable Expenses Cost plus 15% not to exceed $ 2,000.00

Consultant Sub-Consultants

Name of Firm:
Principal: Telephone No. email:

Name of Firm:
Principal: Telephone No: email:

Additional Fees:
Services not described above will be done upon request from the Director of Parks and Recreation Department and will be billed as additional service. These Services will be based upon time and material only per Exhibit “C”.

The following are considered additional services:

• Revisions to drawings, specifications or other documents when such revisions are inconsistent as previously approved by the Director of Parks and Recreation Department. This does not include changes and revisions necessary as a result of Consultant’s failure to design plans to specifications and permitting requirements.

• The City of Brentwood requests attendance at other meetings beyond those described above, including travel time.

• Services related to preparation of plans and specifications for phases construction, if applicable.



Additional services: Additional services compensation shall be computed on an hourly basis at the following rates.


Landscape Architect
Principal $140.00
Landscape Architect $120.00
Technical $100.00
Clerical $ 70.00

Sub-Consultant: Surveyor
Principal Surveyor $ 150.00
Surveyor $ 125.00
Technical $ 80.00

Sub-Consultant: Soils Engineer
Principal $ 170.00
Engineer $ 145.00
Field Supervisor $ 85.00
Technician $ 70.00

Reimbursable Expenses:
Miscellaneous: shipping, repro, costs, etc. Cost plus 15%


City Administration
City of Brentwood City Council
150 City Park Way
Brentwood, CA 94513
(925) 516-5440
Fax (925) 516-5441