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Meeting Date: April 10, 2007

Subject/Title: Set the date of April 24, 2007, to hear an appeal filed by Robert Selders of Equus Group of the Planning Commission’s approval of a conditional use permit for a master sign program for The Shops at Country Club. The Shops at Country Club retail center is located at the northwest corner of Balfour Road and West Country Club Drive.

Prepared by: Debbie Hill, Associate Planner

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Community Development Director

Set April 24, 2007, as the hearing date to consider the appeal filed by Robert Selders of Equus Group in regard to the Planning Commission’s approval of a master sign program (CUP 07-02) for The Shops at Country Club, in particular condition 2.d. requiring the use of halo-lit illumination for tenant signage.

• Planning Commission approval of DR 04-37 for the retail center by Resolution No. 05-30 on May 3, 2005.

• Planning Commission approval of the master sign program on March 20, 2007, by Resolution No. 07-026.

• Planning Commission adoption of motion for reconsideration of the master sign program at the April 3, 2007, meeting.

At the Planning Commission meeting of March 20, 2007, a public hearing was held regarding the applicant’s request for a master sign program for their Shops at Country Club retail development (formerly known as Country Club Retail). The original design review (DR 04-37) for this 23,150 square foot retail center was approved by the Planning Commission on May 3, 2005.

At the March 20, 2007, public hearing, public comment was heard and discussion ensued by the Commissioners regarding restricting the tenant signage to the use of halo-lit illumination. The project was ultimately conditioned (Condition of Approval 2.d of Planning Commission Resolution No. 07-026), as follows:

“2.d The building-mounted signage for the Individual Tenants shall be of halo-lit construction using white neon only with opaque letter faces. A non-illuminated decorative background may be permitted subject to the approval of the Community Development Director.”

Robert Selders of Equus Group has filed an appeal of this condition, which appeal is attached.

As required by Section 17.880.003.C, Robert Selders of Equus Group has completed the required application, submitted the required appeal fee, and provided a statement setting forth the specific grounds for the appeal. It is a procedural requirement that the City Council set the hearing. The Planning Commission has requested a reconsideration of this item, which will be heard at their April 17, 2007, meeting. However, the applicant wishes to have the appeal process move forward concurrently. Therefore, it is recommended that the Council set a hearing date of April 24, 2007, in the event the applicant wishes to pursue the appeal after the Planning Commission action on April 17, 2007.

The applicant paid the required $118 appeal fee.

1. Appeal application received from Robert Selders, dated “Received March 29, 2007”
2. Statement from the Equus Group on the basis of their appeal

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