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Community Development Department


TO: City Council
Planning Commission

FROM: Howard Sword, Community Development Director
Winston Rhodes, Senior Planner

DATE: February 22, 2007

SUBJECT: Joint Workshop with City Council and Planning Commission regarding proposed land uses for Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan

The February 27, 2007 City Council and Planning Commission joint workshop is intended to provide an overview of the draft land uses for the Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan. Staff will make a presentation on the proposed land use plan, along with an overview of the Specific Plan. After public comment on the proposed land uses, staff hopes to receive feedback on the proposed land uses from members of both the City Council and Planning Commission.

To date, a number of community-wide workshops have been held on the Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan where the concept of a Grand Boulevard has received widespread support by the former City Council and Planning Commission, as well as many of the property owners in attendance at those workshops. Subsequent to those community workshops, staff held a number of meetings with the property owners, gathered background and other information about existing uses and properties within the Plan Area, and, lastly, had a land use economics report prepared by Gruen, Gruen, and Associates to discuss the economic future of the Area.

This land use study found that Brentwood Boulevard’s historic role as the primary entry point and commercial corridor for highway-oriented retail centers will continue to shift to the new Highway 4 Bypass. Ignoring this paramount economic shift along the Corridor will likely subject the area to declining physical conditions and marginal land values for many property owners. To proactively address these real concerns, the study found that the existing commercially-designated land along the Corridor should be significantly reduced and confined primarily to retail nodes at street intersections, as well as in areas identified for mixed-use. By replacing the retail-zoned land with residential, mixed use and office zoning, property owners are anticipated to benefit from higher land values and the City will be able to create an attractive streetscape. This approach would also benefit the City by protecting and sustaining existing neighborhood commercial centers such as the Downtown, Brentwood Center, Sunset Plaza and Safeway Town Centre. Further, to address the deficit of job lands remaining in the City to meet the General Plan’s job/ housing balance, the study recommended that a large portion of the retail land uses be replaced with office/ industrial workplace uses and with residential neighborhoods to provide a housing mix to support a higher land value for the property owners.

The attached draft land use map for the Plan Area has been presented to property owners along with goals and objectives and lists of allowable uses for their review. A summary of the notes from the November and December 2006 property owner meetings is attached with comments on the proposed land uses.

A joint City Council/Planning Commission workshop was held on February 13, 2007 for the 65-acre Sciortino Ranch property located in the Southern section of the Specific Plan Area. At that meeting, a presentation was made by the property owners of their proposed predominantly-retail development planned for the site. Public comment was given by surrounding property owners. While comments were provided by some Council members, due to time constraints, there was insufficient time for all Council persons and Commissioners to provide their comments.

Given that the Sciortino property is a key component of the Specific Plan Area and so as to provide ample opportunity for discussion on other portions of the Plan Area, staff believes that it would be advantageous to defer discussion of the Sciortino property to its own workshop. Therefore, the proposed land uses for the Sciortino property will not be presented with the other properties in the BBSP Plan Area at the upcoming February 27, 2007 workshop. Rather, a joint City Council and Planning Commission workshop has been scheduled for March 13, 2007 at 5:00 PM to discuss the proposed Sciortino property.

1. Draft Goals and Objectives
2. Land Use Economics Report dated July 20, 2006
3. Draft Land Use and Circulation Map
4. Land Use Descriptions
5. November and December 2006 Property Owner meeting notes
6. Property Owner Correspondence Received

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