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Meeting Date: February 27, 2007

Subject/Title: Approve City of Brentwood Wellness Policy Guidelines.

Prepared by: Sue Barry, Recreation Supervisor and Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks & Recreation

Approve City of Brentwood Wellness Policy Guidelines and direct staff to develop a formal City Council/Administrative Policy related to wellness issues.

The City of Brentwood, City Council adopted the City Council Two Year Action Plan, to include a health and wellness initiative on June 13, 2005.

Because of increasing rates of obesity, we may see the first generation that will be less healthy and have a shorter life expectancy than their parents. Over 64% of adults and 31% of children are overweight in the United States. Eight year olds are now being treated for Diabetes II, which was historically considered adult onset diabetes. Poor diet and sedentary lifestyles kill 400,000 Americans a year, and it will soon overtake tobacco as the leading cause of preventable death. As a result of the City of Brentwood, City Council, Two Year Action Plan, a Health and Wellness initiative was created to include community education on healthy lifestyles. From this initiative the Parks and Recreation Department developed a theme of “Building a Healthy Community”, “Making Healthy Habits Fun” and included Fitness Facts which were incorporated in the 2005/2006 Fall/Winter Activities Guide. The department has continued to develop this wellness theme with each season’s activity guide. The wellness concept was expanded when a “City Employee Fitness and Wellness Campaign” was implemented in April of 2006 along with a calendar of Health and Wellness events promoting well being.

As more health and wellness programs were implemented, staff realized the need for a formal written guideline and vision for our community’s well being. Staff has been working with the Park and Recreation Commission to prepare a draft “Wellness” Policy that will begin to guide and tie together the various components needed to lead us toward a healthier community.

Nineteen general belief statements have been identified as important components and were created as the first steps in establishing a formal policy. These nineteen beliefs are provided for your consideration, as a first step. It is the intent of staff, with your support, to breakout each belief; identifying and elaborating on the potential benefit, implementation process and related fiscal impact. This information would be brought back to Council for consideration and approval as it is developed.

Staff understands that words like policy, support, and develop can express dual implications. The intent of staff in choosing those words is to reflect belief in and favoring of a cause; the cause being the wellness of our community.

Many cities and agencies throughout California have what is called a wellness policy, but in reality, they are proclamations and resolutions that typically support a single special event. Brentwood’s wellness policy, with your approval, will be the first document of its kind. Through Council’s continued guidance and support, it will become the foundation for building a more healthful Brentwood.

No fiscal impact at this time. Potential fiscal impact would be described with the future development of each belief, and brought back for City Council consideration.

Attachment(s): City of Brentwood Wellness Policy Guideline.

City of Brentwood
Wellness Policy Guidelines

Introduction -
There is increasing evidence that the “environment” is a key factor in fighting obesity and inactivity. Research is showing us that we can no longer rely on changing the behavior of individuals as our sole wellness strategy. Persuading our community to adopt healthy behaviors will require a variety of methods and strategies – there is no one cause of inactivity and obesity; therefore we cannot expect one solution.

City of Brentwood Wellness Vision ~ What We Believe -
We believe the City of Brentwood is an agency that strives to educate the public on how they may achieve health, wellness and a better quality of life, as a provider or partner in developing venues and programs that support lifelong healthy behaviors.

As a commitment to the overall wellness of our community, the City of Brentwood will:

1. Support the development of programs and events that encourage children, adolescents and adults to develop lifelong healthy eating, mental wellbeing, physical activity, positive self image, and exercise habits.

2. Support a community wide education campaign to raise awareness and show the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle.

3.Establishing in the development of parks, trails and facilities, a support environment, that promote physical movement, especially for individuals, groups, and families to engage in both structured and non-structured play, lifetime sports, and activities.

4. Create local design standards that encourage walking and biking throughout the community.

5. Support the elimination of barriers and promote access to parks, trails and facilities.

6. Support the on-going review of physical activity community infrastructures to ensure they remain usable, safe, and accessible, and have adequate lighting.

7. Support the development of programs and services for youth, adolescents and adults which emphasize the importance of artistic, cultural, and educational activities as a means of promoting lifelong learning opportunities.

8. Support the expression of the individual through a wide variety of artistic endeavors, programs and events that encourage mental and emotional wellness.

9. Create partnerships with schools, health agencies, community organizations and citizen groups to offer health, nutrition, recreation and education programs and activities throughout the community. This includes summer and after school hours programming.

10. In conjunction with local law enforcement agencies, work to create the development of health-friendly community and transportation infrastructures including safe parks, bike trails, walkways and routes to recreational facilities and parks.

11. Support statewide and national efforts in drown prevention awareness and education of water safety in general.

12. Develop a standard of food alternatives for healthier concession and vending options at City-owned parks and facilities.

13. Encourage affordable and accessible community gardens and farmer’s markets to promote the experience and rewards of growing and eating healthy foods.

14. Establish standards that require volunteer coaches to go through certification programs that address child development and good sportsmanship, as well as sports specific skills.

15. Establish the adoption of a “Manager/Coach/Parent/Participant Code of Conduct” that educates and outlines their roles and responsibilities, and clearly defines acceptable behavior before, during and immediately after all City of Brentwood programmed activities.

16. Support the development of a strategy for the management, interpretation and use of California’s cultural heritage and resources.

17. Support the development of performance standards for natural lands and landscapes that integrate land, air and water resources.

18. Support the creation of a means of measuring health and wellness outcomes from programs and facilities and articulate these benefits to our community and policy makers.

19. Support the expansion of the wellness policy throughout all City departments.

To Keep Us on Track -
The City of Brentwood’s Wellness Policy Guideline is a living reference, updated periodically, to assist City Council and staff as they educate, plan, promote, and implement parks, facilities and programs that foster fitness and wellness in the community.

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