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DATE: December 12, 2006

TO: Mayor and Council Members

FROM: Margaret Wimberly, City Clerk

SUBJECT: Subdivision No. 9151 Final Map Approval

In compliance with State Subdivision Map Act Section 66458 (d), and Municipal Code Section 16.165.030, please be advised that the above-referenced Final Map has been presented to the City Manager for approval and execution.

This Final Map is a re-subdivision of lots 310, 319-326 and parcel “S” as shown on the Subdivision Final Map entitled “Subdivision No. 8796 The Vineyards at Marsh Creek” recorded in Book 491 of Maps at Page 4, Contra Costa County Records. This property consists of 11.84 acres, and contains 9 lots and 1 parcel. The re-subdivision of these lots will accommodate the Developer’s design and eliminate the need to construct extremely high retaining walls.

Tentative Subdivision Map No. 8796, upon which this Final Map is based, was approved by Planning Commission Resolution No. 04-20, on March 16, 2004.

This Final Map has been checked for conformance with the approved Tentative Subdivision Map and all Conditions of approval. The Developer has signed the proposed Subdivision Improvement Agreement and the appropriate improvement securities have been posted with Final Map No. 8796. All dedications for the appropriate roadways, parcels and easements have been already offered on Final Map No. 8796, as well.

In order for this Final Map to be recorded, the City Manager needs to approve the Subdivision Map.

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