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Meeting Date: October 24, 2006

Subject/Title: Discussion of a potential Specific Plan for property located south of Lone Tree Way and west of Gann Street.

Prepared by: Howard Sword, Director, Community Development

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Director, Community Development

Incorporate the consideration of changing the land use of the property south of Lone Tree Way and west of Gann Street into the next General Plan Update.


Councilmember Beckstrand, during the City Council discussion of the appeal of the Planning Commission’s action regarding the Lone Tree Ranch (Skipolini’s) project on October 10, 2006, asked if a change in land use for the property south of Lone Tree Way and west of Gann Street could be considered separately from a General Plan Update. A concise answer to this question is: yes, there are planning processes that could address potential land use changes to property without an entire General Plan Update. However in this case, Staff is not recommending that this is the most effective or prudent method for the City to initiate consideration of a land use change.

The subject property is comprised of six property owners and twelve land parcels totaling approximately 21.77 acres. The following table describes these interests:

Taylor 3 parcels 13.21 acres
Kraucyk 3 parcels 4.76 acres
City of Brentwood 3 Parcels .66 acre
Ipsen 1 Parcel 1.72 acres
Gianini 1 Parcel 1.11 acre
Bright 1 Parcel .31 acre

Total 12 Parcels 21.77 acres

The existing General Plan Land Use Designation is Ranchette Estate which has a density range of 0 to 1.0 dwelling unit per acre with a mid-range density of .5 dwelling unit per acre. That means that the mid-range holding capacity of the entire property would be 10 dwelling units in order to be consistent with the General Plan Land Use Designation. Obviously this land use is not compatible with the land use pattern that has been developed to the north, south or east and would not financially be able to support its frontage improvements on Lone Tree Way or necessary in-tract infrastructure improvements.

The total property is shaped in a right triangle configuration with the shortest leg running east / west for approximately 1,200 feet on Lone Tree Way, the next leg forming a right angle to Lone Tree Way running north / south adjacent to the Sterling Preserve II subdivision for approximately 1,600 feet and the third leg running diagonally along the Union Pacific Railroad right of way for approximately 1,800 feet.

Direct access to the property is limited due to the anticipated incline of Lone Tree Way as it rises from the west to the east after traveling through the planned under-crossing of the Union Pacific Railroad line. The existing traffic light at Lone Tree Way and Gann Street precludes an additional signal into the subject property due to required distance between traffic signals. These conditions make it likely that the only direct access to the property will be a right in and right out traffic movement.

The estimated schedule for completion of an independent planning study to support a potential General Plan Amendment for this assemblage of properties is at least eighteen months from the time the project is officially initiated. The activities during the project schedule would include (1) preparation of land use alternatives, (2) necessary infrastructure improvements alternatives and cost estimates, (3) public input sessions that would include the property owners, the neighboring subdivision, as well as the general public, (4) a comprehensive environmental study pursuant to CEQA requirements, and (5) Public Hearings before the Planning Commission and City Council.

Staff is currently finishing the draft Brentwood Boulevard Specific Plan (BBSP) and will soon start its Environmental Impact Report. Staff does not recommend starting another comprehensive planning project until the draft BBSP is complete which would cause the initiation of a planning process for the subject property to be delayed until at least January 2007. Staff is also concerned that initiating a comprehensive planning study for the subject property would delay the start of the comprehensive General Plan Update that is scheduled to begin at the completion of the draft BBSP.

The estimated cost of preparing an independent planning study to support a potential General Plan Amendment for this assemblage of properties is $150,000. These costs would fund the five activities described in the schedule discussion. Staff assumes that these costs would be borne by the City. Staff could, at City Council direction, investigate the property owners’ willingness to reimburse the City for the costs, but past experience in these matters does not support the viability of this option.

Staff concludes that due to the planning constraints consisting of (1) multiple property owners and neighbors with varied expectations for the property’s land use designation, (2) the property’s challenging physical configuration, (3) the property’s very challenging access issues and (4) an existing land use designation that is infeasible for development, a comprehensive planning study ahead of the next General Plan Update for the subject property would be very expensive and time consuming. Staff, for these reasons, is recommending that the City not initiate a special planning study for the subject property but instead incorporate the subject land use considerations into the next General Plan Update.

None if Council follows Staff’s recommendation and incorporates the land use consideration into the next General Plan Update. If Council directs Staff to proceed with a special independent planning study it is likely that the Fiscal Impact would be $150,000 from the General Fund.

Attachment: Property Map

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