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Meeting Date: October 24, 2006

Subject/Title: An update to the City’s Residential Growth Management Program (RGMP), last updated on September 13, 2005, clarifying issues relative to affordable housing units, adding to the list of exempt projects, and making minor changes to both the “Amenities” and “Agricultural Enterprise” criteria.

Prepared by: Erik Nolthenius, Principal Planner

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Community Development Director


Review and approve the update to the City’s RGMP, as reflected in the attached document.


The City Council approved the original RGMP on July 6, 2001. The Council made minor changes to that RGMP four times, between September 11, 2001 and September 23, 2003, essentially to extend the timeframe for the Northwest Quadrant exemption area. The program was then significantly revised on October 12, 2004. At that time, the Council approved a comprehensive update to the program, including a new scoring system and application process. The most recent update was approved on September 13, 2005, including, among other things, adding projects to the list of those that are exempt from the program, requiring that all applications be consistent with both the General Plan and zoning of a site, and deleting some of the under-utilized and outdated criteria.


Staff has been keeping track over the past year of those things about the program that need to be changed in order to increase its effectiveness, as well as make it easier to use. Staff has always anticipated bringing updates to the program back to the Council on a periodic basis to ensure that the program is achieving its desired intents – managed sustainable growth, controlled permit activity, precise scoring, and elevated development quality.

The focus of this update has been three-fold: first, to continue making the program more user friendly for the public, applicants, staff, and the Council; second, to continue addressing issues that have been identified over the past year of working with the program; and third, to accurately reflect the current goals of the Council. Following is a brief summary of the changes, as recommended by staff.

1. Clarification has been added to the affordable housing unit exemption and overall process (pages 1 and 3 of the program), so that applicants must receive a recommendation for approval from the Housing Sub-Committee prior to the granting of an RGMP allocation. The intent of this change is to eliminate confusion that has been expressed by applicants, staff, and the Council as far as the total number of market-rate allocations for a given project.

2. An exemption has been added to the list of projects that are exempt from the allocation process, but that count toward the annual available allocation (page 2 of the program). This exemption would apply to tentative subdivision maps where, because of existing residential units on-site, no more than four new units would be created. Staff believes this is appropriate given the similar exemption for tentative parcel maps, which create four units or less.

3. Clarification of the Very High Density exemption (page 2 of the program). Staff has modified this exemption to specify that it is applicable only for properties that are designated by the General Plan for Very High Density development.

4. Deletion of construction for the Village Community Resource Center as an example of an amenity that would be acceptable in order to earn points (page 7 of the program), under the “Amenities” criterion. Staff believes that this is no longer necessary because it has never been used by an applicant to earn points.

5. Clarification of the minimum acreage needed to earn points for securing Transferable Agricultural Credits (TAC’s) under the “Agricultural Enterprise” criterion (page 7 of the program). Instead of continuing to reference the current minimum of 10 acres, staff is recommending that it be to the satisfaction of the Community Development Director and BALT, whatever the acreage may be. The 10-acre minimum was originally established because it was thought that BALT would not accept anything below that, but within the last year, BALT approved a nine-acre transaction. In addition, there are many parcels within the agricultural core area that are less than 10 acres, so this change would facilitate being able to use TAC’s for those parcels.


The program calls for 100% cost recovery for processing applications; therefore, there should be no negative fiscal impact. There should be a positive financial impact by way of increasing property values due to elevated development requirements.

1. Resolution
2. RGMP Update



WHEREAS, the City Council passed and accepted Resolution No. 2326 adopting a Residential Growth Management Program (“RGMP”) to provide for the review and evaluation of residential growth in the City of Brentwood on July 6, 2001, which was effective July 1, 2001; and

WHEREAS, on September 11, 2001, November 26, 2002, May 27, 2003, and September 23, 2003, the City Council passed and accepted resolutions amending the original RGMP; and

WHEREAS, on October 12, 2004, the City Council passed and accepted Resolution No. 2004-242 amending the original RGMP; and

WHEREAS, on September 13, 2005, the City Council passed and accepted Resolution No. 2005-228 updating the October 12, 2004, version of the RGMP; and

WHEREAS, the purpose and intent of the RGMP is to moderate the effects of growth, and synchronize residential growth with infrastructure, and municipal and public safety services, and total population available under the City’s General Plan; and

WHEREAS, the RGMP is one of the growth management techniques contained in the 2001 General Plan, which is intended to help achieve the above stated purpose and intent; and

WHEREAS, the RGMP Annual Allocation of housing units which may be granted will be consistent with the annual number of dwelling units necessary to promote the public health, safety and welfare by maintaining the small town character and quality of life of Brentwood, and its open spaces and generally low density of population, and to help ensure growth at an orderly, well planned and deliberate pace; and

WHEREAS, the RGMP is also intended to ensure the adequate provision of vital life safety public services including fire and paramedic protection; and

WHEREAS, overly rapid growth adversely impacts public resources, services and facilities, such as parks, open space, police and fire service, roads and utilities; and

WHEREAS, an initial study and negative declaration were previously prepared for the RGMP in accordance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA); and

WHEREAS, no potentially significant impacts were identified through the CEQA process; and

WHEREAS, since the proposed update involves only minor changes to the approved program, no further environmental review is necessary at this time; and

WHEREAS, a Notice of Public Hearing was distributed to all residential developers currently doing business in the City of Brentwood and published in the Brentwood Press on October 13, 2006, in accordance with City policies and Government Code Section 65090; and

WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Brentwood held a public hearing on this project at its regular meeting of October 24, 2006; and

WHEREAS, the City Council has considered the staff report, supporting documents, public testimony, and all appropriate information that has been submitted with the proposed project; and

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Brentwood:

A. Hereby finds that:

1. Since the most recent update to the RGMP was approved on September 13, 2005, issues with the program have been identified that need to be addressed; and

2. The proposed changes to the program will increase its effectiveness and will also make it easier for the public, applicants, staff, and the City Council to use; and

3. The proposed changes to the program enhance its desired intents – managed sustainable growth, controlled permit activity, precise scoring, and elevated development quality; and

4. The RGMP Update has been processed in accordance with the applicable provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act; and

5. Approval of the RGMP Update is consistent with the City’s General Plan.

B. Hereby approves the RGMP Update, as recommended by staff, and directs all future applications to comply with its requirements.

PASSED AND ACCEPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at their regular meeting of October 24, 2006, by the following vote:

Copies of the Residential Growth Management Plan Update are available at 104 Oak Street, Brentwood, CA 94513 or by calling (925) 516-5405.

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