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Meeting Date: April 25, 2006

Subject/Title: Approval of the public art design and concept for mosaic seating and soundwall treatment by “Dannnenbeck” for Pulte’s Rose Garden, Subdivision #8561. (C Bronzan/R. Burr-Siegel)

Prepared by: Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approve the public art design and concept for mosaic seating and soundwall treatment by “Dannnenbeck” for Pulte’s Rose Garden, Subdivision #8561.

On September 9, 2003, City Council approved Section 2.44.180 Public Art and on September 23, 2003 approved the fee schedule committing one percent of the cost of capital investment projects to art and four tenths of one percent for housing development which became effective on July 1, 2004.

On December 13, 2005 the Public Art Committee approved this proposed public art project for recommendation to the Arts Commission who approved its recommendation on January 25, 2006 to the Public Art Subcommittee who approved its recommendation to the City Council on February 15, 2006. The Public Art Committee consisted of Sandra Gill, Arts Commission Vice Chair; Richard Meyer, Artist and Brentwood Resident; Tommy Wernholm, Brentwood Resident; and Patrick McCarran, Arts Commissioner. The project was previously approved by representatives from Pulte Homes (Merry Sedlak, Lisa Salazar, and Janet Smith).

The Public Art Subcommittee consisted of: Sandy Gill, Arts Commission Chair; Annette Beckstrand, City Councilmember and Arts Commission Council Liaison; and Eric Nolthinius, Senior Planner and City Manager Designee. Both committees were facilitated by Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager.

The mosaic seating and the soundwall treatment are two of several public art elements included in Pulte’s Rose Garden development. In 2004, representatives from Pulte Homes requested one of the public art elements in the Rose Garden be mosaic seating in the primary rose garden area known as Central Park. The artist team of Dannenbeck (Susan Dannenfelser and Kirk Beck) were selected as finalists from seven (7) mosaic artists who submitted their qualifications for the project. The following proposal is what the previous committees and arts commission approved:

Public Art Concept by Dannenbeck for the Soundwall

“Inhabited Arches Trellis Design”
After our visit to the Rose Garden we were taken by the wide open spaciousness of the site. We wanted our Sound Wall Proposal to respond to this expansive feel and to be both sophisticated and playful. The wall’s large “blank canvas” provides an ideal structure for an explosion of large colorful flowers. Using primarily roses from our collection of nature studies we plan to greatly enlarge the sizes of the flowers into a variety of interesting patterns, colors, and shapes. Our “Inhabited Arches” design brings the garden trellis gateway structures to the entry walls. The curved metal arch has been replaced by ceramic with a “fleur-de-lis” pattern surface and the cross bracing is now made up of intertwined vines.

Residing within this fertile floral environment are a number of birds, insects, and perhaps a lizard or snail. Morning glories and clematis might also be used to add interesting vines. The background of the wall comes through the design making the whole wall a part of the artwork. Leaves, vines, and ceramic “visitors” occasionally leave the parameters of the arches to wander up and down the wall. We intend to tile seven sections of wall 3 to the corner, which is weighted on each side by a large corner stone. The artwork then continues on to five sections of the entry wall 2. This encompasses a little over 200 linear feet with this colorful tile artwork.

After the trellis stops we would like to continue the design onto the adjacent panels with an undulating vine that trails off. Beyond that a bird might begin the design, flying in the direction of the entrance, and a dragonfly might end the design heading for the garden itself.

We also felt that it would add welcomed interest to the Gazebo areas to have a central “Rose Medallion” so we have proposed a design for one in each of the proposals. This would give a sense of destination to the overall site, and an interesting focal point to the gazebo areas.

Soundwall budget: $150,000

Public Art Concept by Dannenbeck for Seating

Circular “Bouquet” Seating
We felt that the benches for the garden should also reflect the open quality of the site. Our design for the rose garden benches offers a variety of seating possibilities. Along the primary curve of the rose garden we placed four circular flower covered benches. Each round “bouquet” offers a unique and useful design. The benches provide a nearby table-like surface perfect for a picnic. It also provides a choice for privacy or socializing, ideal seating for any size gathering. The fact that each person faces a slightly different direction allows the individual to choose whether or not to converse with their “neighbor” on the bench. Each bench has a 4’ diameter and is 18” high. The base of the benches makes use of the flower’s stems to fashion a complimentary design. A Dryvit type of product would be used to finish the sides of the cement forms.

We also realized that the pathway to the gazebo offered a lovely, more secluded place to sit, so we placed four smaller half circle benches along this path. We thought that they should alternate sides so no two face each other. This would be a great place to enjoy the garden in a more private manner--to have a quiet conversation or perhaps to read a book.

The imagery here combines different types of mixed bouquets, again primarily with roses but also using other intriguing flowers. One bench incorporates Morning Glories, another has Iris, and each has hidden “secret” images appropriate for that particular bench. An abandoned dog bone treat would be at home on the flashier bench, while a misplaced tiny fan--belonging to a teeny tiny garden “resident” would be appropriate for the more Victorian styled bench. Other hidden images would allow the viewer to discover new surprises with each visit. The more you look the more you see--which also adds a magical, playful element that children of all ages seem to enjoy. As with the Wall Installation, these benches lead you to another “Destination Medallion” at the end of the pathway, centered in the cement floor of the gazebo.

Ideally both pieces offer a sophisticated approach to the garden while inviting the residents to enjoy their new entry mural and garden seating sculptures. All of the tiles are high-fired stoneware that has proven to be durable and easy to maintain, providing years of enjoyment for visitors to the Rose Garden.

Seating budget: $96,000

A representative(s) from the artist team of Dannenbeck will be available to present the design concept renderings and proposed materials at the April 25, 2006 meeting, should there be any questions.

There is no fiscal impact to the City of Brentwood as the artist is contracted directly with the developers, Pulte Homes.

The percent for art requirement on residential projects is 4/10s of 1% of the building valuation. Of that, 80% of that goes to fund the artwork, 20% funds administration of the public art program. The public art budget for Rose Garden is approximately $400,000.

The benches, medallions, and soundwall treatments in Rose Garden will be maintained through the LLD. Maintenance will be minimal and is estimated at $2,000 annually.

Attachments: Images of proposal materials

Round bench segment (see next image for specific location):

Round bench design concepts:

Round bench maquette:

Individual handmade tile examples:

Half-circle design concepts:

Gazebo Medallion design and location example:

Soundwall design examples:

Soundwall tile example:


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