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Meeting Date: April 11, 2006

Subject/Title: Parks Division Vandalism Report

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation
Ken De Silva, Landscape/Facilities Manager

Approved by: Donna Landeros, City Manager

Accept attached report.

This report is a result of a Request for Future Agenda at the January 24, 2006 City Council Meeting.

Parks Division staff has been tracking site vandalism and has been modifying existing and future designs to help mitigate this situation in the City of Brentwood.

Listed below are some of the more common types of vandalism we have experienced at our sites and solutions we have implemented to help curtail future occurrences:

• Individuals snapping the tops and branches off of trees, and breaking tree stakes - it is difficult to stop the tree branch breaking but we now use metal tree stakes as opposed to wooden stakes. Staff inspects all nursery stock to get the best specimen possible.
• Pop-up sprinklers being kicked when they stick up - we perform regular inspections and replace these as found to help reduce the amount of damage. We also replace fixed riser sprinklers (sprinklers that are above ground) with pop-ups sprinklers that are buried.
• Vehicular damage to turf in parks and medians - fencing is being added where appropriate (as funds are available). Most new park designs include fencing. We are now using very little turf in street landscape areas.
• Tunnel underpasses on our trail system have been targets of graffiti - graffiti is abated as soon as they are reported/discovered as part of the zero tolerance policy.
• The older areas of town are perhaps a bit more prone to vandalism than Lighting Landscape Assessment Districts and parks. These landscapes were not installed using our new construction details. We are upgrading these sites to our new standards as funds become available.
• Picnic tables have been carved or burned – we are now using solid composite tables and benches that can be easily repaired or metal amenities.
• Restrooms are generally prone to vandalism – we currently design these to be very vandal resistant, using penal quality stainless steel fixtures and solid composite partitions. Staff also closes park restrooms at dusk.
• Park signs get defaced – our new park name signs are concrete and very difficult to damage and all metal signs being installed have a clear coat surface that is easy to clean.
• We have experienced damage to our older basketball court surfacing – we now use concrete surfacing with permanent trowel led lines (not asphalt with a colored slurry seal).
• Damage occurs to our play structures (broken components/fires) – we try to choose play apparatus that is very sturdy and easy to repair.
• We get a considerable amount of vandalism in areas where skateboarders hang out in the evenings and weekends – we have video surveillance equipment at our Skate Park Aquatic complex and Veterans Park as well as in the City Park play area.
• We see patterns of graffiti and vandalism next to Middle and High Schools. In particular, this is evident at Balfour Guthrie, Summerwood, Garin, and City parks.
• All major incidents of vandalism are reported to the Police Department. When we experience a higher incidence of vandalism at any site (especially in restrooms) we call our Police Department and ask that they provide extra patrols.

Staff will continue to improve our landscape design standards to provide facilities that can be maintained in a cost effective manner. Improvements will be made to all existing sites (as funds are available) to match these new standards. We will diligently repair damages associated with vandalism and graffiti in a timely fashion.

Effective with the 2005/06 Parks, Trails, and Recreation Master Plan Annual Update, staff will be including an appendix related to incidents of vandalism and graffiti

Regular annual reports will be distributed to City Council in the future.

Approximately $65,000 per year currently being spent on vandalism in all City maintained areas (parks, trails, and streetscape). This amount is currently budgeted in the Parks LLDs and R Area accounts.

Annual Vandalism Summary and Detail Report 2005

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