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Meeting Date: January 24, 2006

Subject/Title: Status Update from Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust on Conservation Easement Activities

Prepared by: Linda Maurer, Economic Development Manager

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Community Development Director

Receive presentation from the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust (BALT) on conservation easement activities.


In July 2005, the City and BALT formed a monthly taskforce meeting to address a variety of issues, including communication and coordination, as well as the strategies for acquiring conservation easements, to name a few. This standing taskforce meeting has been instrumental in bringing about a more positive working relationship between the City and BALT. Further, these meetings have proved to be especially helpful in strategizing methods to obtain easements, and in ideas to strengthen the program in general.

This standing meeting includes Council member Bob Brockman, who was appointed by Mayor Swisher; Donna Landeros, City Manager; Howard Sword, the Community Development Director; Linda Maurer, the Economic Development Manager; as well as representatives from BALT, including Bruce Ghiselli, the Board Chairman; Tom Bloomfield, Board Treasurer; and Kathryn Lyddan, its Executive Director.

Bruce Ghiselli, Board Chair for the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust will present Council a status update on the BALT conservation easement program. BALT is currently working on several possible easement transactions which he will outline for you this evening. Below are the addresses for those locations:

 1901 and 1851 Hoffman Lane
 510 Hoffman Lane
 11435 Byron Highway
 296 Payne Avenue
 301 and 251 Eureka Avenue
 3900 Sellers Avenue

There is no fiscal impact related to this status update. If BALT is successful at obtaining any of the easement transactions outlined to Council tonight, staff will prepare separate staff reports related to funding those individual transactions. Funding for those transactions will come from the Agricultural Land Mitigation Fund.

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