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Meeting Date: January 24, 2006

Subject/Title: Presentation from the Citizen’s Advisory Committee regarding Community Facilities

Prepared by: Karen Chew, Assistant City Manager
Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Submitted by: Donna Landeros, City Manager


Receive the Phase II report from the Citizen’s Advisory Committee regarding Community Facilities and refer report to staff to return at a future meeting with a recommendation for implementation.


On May 25, 2004 the City Council authorized staff to begin advertising and accepting applications from the community to serve on a newly created Citizen’s Advisory Committee to work with staff in determining the Community Facilities needs, priorities and opportunities.

On August 24, 2004 the City Council appointed nine members to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee regarding Community Facilities. These nine members represented a number of the active community groups in the City. The Committee was formed to make recommendations to the City Council on short and long term community facility opportunities for Brentwood. The Advisory Committee was charged with developing two phases of recommendations.

Phase I was to include the following:
• Inventory of existing facilities and opportunities related to community facilities
• Visioning and assessment of current needs regarding types of facilities and services and the needs of Brentwood at General Plan build-out
• Opportunities for collaboration with other providers/agencies
• Fiscally responsible consideration of costs and funding opportunities
• Report to City Council on completion of Phase I

The Committee reported to the City Council on the Phase I results on May 24, 2005. The Council accepted the report and requested the Committee begin working on Phase II.

Phase II, as a result of report to City Council from Phase I, included the following:
• Prioritize recommended services
• Recommendation of phasing
• Recommendation of financing for construction and on-going maintenance options
• Report to City Council on completion of Phase II

The Committee has been meeting monthly since September 2004 and is now prepared to present their Phase II report to the City Council.




• Phase II Report from the Citizen’s Advisory Committee Regarding Community Facilities
• Committee Roster

Phase II Report from the
Citizens Advisory Committee regarding Community Facilities
January 24, 2006

On May 24, 2005 the Committee presented the City Council with our Phase I report regarding community facilities needed at build-out of the City. Ten facilities were identified and those that the Committee thought would be important to have in or near downtown were highlighted. Additionally, the Committee presented our thoughts on appropriate adjacencies of the facilities, as well as potential collaborating partners for each facility. The Phase I Report is attached as “Attachment 1”.

Since May, the Committee has continued to refine the details of what features should be included in each facility and toured neighboring facilities to gain ideas and to learn what has and has not worked for different facilities. This report is the Committee’s presentation of Phase II, the final phase of our work, which includes a more detailed description of each of the desired facilities. We are also including our ideas regarding possible locations for some of the facilities and we will discuss the issue of prioritization of the facilities.

1. Library

The Committee believes the following amenities should be included in a new Brentwood Library:
• Ample parking for cars and bicycle racks
• Appropriate lighting
• Area for adults
• Area for children (story time room to hold up to 40 adults and children)
• Area for seniors
• Area for young adults
• Art Exhibition Hall
• Books & Materials (at an approximate ratio of 2.5 items per capita)
• Building size of approximately .62 square feet per capita (at 76,000 population = 47,120 square feet)
• A café (to be run by a private vendor)
• Computer Learning Center with at least 25 computer work stations
• Conference Room for 10-15 people (room to be equipped with a ceiling mounted video/CD projector and a screen)
• Drive-up book return (designed to not conflict with pedestrian access)
• Approximately five study rooms which will seat 1-2 people each
• Fireplace
• Friends Bookstore area with ample storage space
• A large meeting room to accommodate approximately 180 seated adults (equipped with projection equipment and screen)
• Local history collection area
• Wireless computer network capabilities

The Committee acknowledges that planning for a new Library will take time, but wants to urge the Council to begin the process. We understand that grant funds (State bonds) may be available within the next year and we recommend that the Council direct staff to begin working on the appropriate applications as soon as possible. The Library is one of the facilities the Committee believes should stay downtown close to the City Hall and City Park. A potential location for the Library could be the buildings on Oak Street currently housing City Offices, as these buildings will be vacated once the new City Hall is complete. The Committee also believes there is value in working closely with the Liberty Union High School District to explore the possibility of a joint use facility. While the Committee did not view any examples of joint use libraries we would like to emulate, we think this is a concept worth exploring. While we understand the cost issues involved in constructing and maintaining (operating) a new Library, the Committee strongly believes this is a high priority facility for the community.

2. Senior Center/Nutrition Site

The Committee visited the Pleasanton Senior Center and liked many of the amenities of that facility. The Committee believes a survey of seniors should be conducted to obtain their input prior to beginning the design of the new facility, but offers the following thoughts on what the Committee would like to see included. The future Brentwood Senior Center/Nutrition Site should include the capability of having two dining rooms, one larger and one smaller. This could be accommodated by having one very large room that could be divided for certain activities. Other amenities in the Senior Center should include a pool table, sufficient room for a large exercise class and a crafts room with woodworking, ceramics and painting supplies and equipment. A lounge with a piano would be nice; storage space is critical. Indoor bocce ball courts were also suggested as a possibility.

Windows in the Senior Center should be able to be opened, especially in the area to be used for crafts. The doors should be lightweight enough so that they are easy to open, especially in the restrooms.

The Committee believes it is important to have the Senior Center located in or near downtown and thinks the current Community Center, including the current City Council Chambers and Park/Recreation offices (with modifications and upgrades) may be an appropriate location for this facility. The Committee feels that the Senior Center should be a separate facility from the Community Center. Finally, the Committee believes the Delta Community Services office and other senior related services should be included in the Senior Center.

3. Community Center/ Events Center

The Committee visited the new Livermore Community Center which includes a gymnasium, swimming pool, kitchen, and a number of multi-purpose rooms including specific areas for seniors and teens. The Committee recommends the Brentwood Community/Events Center should include one very large room that could be divided, with a stage, a kitchen and two or three smaller classrooms. A dressing room/prep room should be located off the stage for use by performers. A conference room that could accommodate 40-50 people could potentially be rented out for groups or local businesses to use for their meetings. An enclosed patio area adjacent to the kitchen that could be used for BBQs or a place for people to smoke is important. The Committee stressed the need for an abundance of restrooms and storage space throughout the building. There was agreement among the Committee that there was no need for a gymnasium to be included as part of the Community Center since Brentwood has developed sufficient gymnasium capacity through the joint-use program with the School District. Sufficient parking for this facility is critical.

The Committee discussed the possible location of this facility and did not necessarily think the Community Center needed to be located in the downtown area. Public transportation to this facility would be important.

4. Art Center/Museum

The Art Center should include gallery space and classrooms at a minimum. It was suggested that a pottery studio could be located in the Art Center and used by the Seniors as well as other artists. The Arts Commission has prepared a short term and long term plan for their concept of an Arts Center. The museum concept was one that the Committee felt should be a placeholder for a future need, but was unclear as to exactly what type of facility this would be. The Committee is also supportive of including gallery space for art in the City Hall and in the Library. Attached is the recommendation from the Arts Commission for their future art center projections (Attachment 2).

5. Teen Center

According to input from the Youth Commission, the teen center should include the following:

• A place to play and listen to music (including a stage with fog machines)
• Karaoke nights
• Café serving soda, coffee, light snacks
• Small kitchen facility
• Pool tables, foosball, air hockey, basketball machine
• Video games
• Projection screen or big television for watching movies
• Learning classes – knitting, scrap booking, art, guitar lessons
• Computers
• Ability to record their own music
• Comfortable couches and chairs, lots of color

The Committee believes the Teen Center should be centrally located and accessible to students from both Liberty and Heritage High Schools. For this reason, the Committee feels the Teen Center could be located at the Aquatic Center facility at Balfour/Griffith. The approximate 8,500 square foot building previously planned for this location could be modified to accommodate this use.

6. Social Service Facility

The Social Service Facility was included on the list of services because Committee members felt it was important to have a facility within the City that can provide such services. The intent was not for the City to provide the services, only to identify that it is an important function. The Committee believes the County should continue to be the provider of the Social Services in Brentwood. The County Health Services Clinic has recently relocated from Oak Street to Sand Creek Road.

7. Community Theater/Performing Arts Center

The Committee felt that having adequate community theater and performing arts venues was important. Considering the current and future facilities, the Committee did not feel the need to advocate for a new facility at this time. Facilities considered include the Liberty Performing Arts Center, the proposed Edna Hill Theater, the future ampitheater at the Vineyards at Marsh Creek project and the possibility of the Delta Theater being converted to a Community Theater venue in the future.

8. Inter-modal transportation center (E-BART)

The Committee feels this is an important facility, but was not within the purview of the Committee to define or plan at this time. We are encouraged by the recent developments regarding e-BART and the potential for a downtown transit center.

9. City Hall/Council Chambers

The Committee is supportive of the efforts by the City Council to acquire the Bus Barn and tennis court property in order to build the new City Hall on a larger footprint and to retain the ability to preserve the existing Community Center. Again, the City Hall facility is being designed and developed by City staff and consultants and is not within the purview of this Committee.

10. Parking Structure

The Committee supports the concept of a downtown parking structure and understands that more work must be done before a location will be finalized.

Recommended Phasing / Prioritization

The Committee was reluctant to prioritize each of the facilities individually as they are all ultimately important to the community. Due to the size and scope of each of the projects, some facilities will take longer to plan and design than others. The Committee understands the City Hall plans are moving forward and supports this project. We understand there will be an opportunity to apply for Library Grant funds in the near future and we support staff moving forward with this application. We also feel the plans for the Senior Center and Community Center should be a high priority for the Council.

The Arts Center and the Teen Center may follow as a second tier of facilities, perhaps utilizing space vacated by other facilities (for example if the Library moves to another location the Arts Center could locate within the old Library building).


The Committee feels we have completed the work requested of us. At this point, we will cease meeting on a regular basis but will remain involved in the future planning for community facilities and we look forward to actively participating in community workshops concerning the master planning for the civic campus area around the park.

We would like to thank the Mayor and City Council for appointing this important Committee and considering our opinions. We will be available at the meeting to answer any questions you may have.

We wish you the best of luck with the implementation of these projects.

1. Phase I Report to Council May 24, 2005
2. Arts Commission Future Art Center Projections
Report from Citizen’s Advisory Committee regarding Community Facilities
May 24, 2005


The Citizens Advisory Committee regarding Community Facilities was formed in August 2004 to make recommendations to the City Council on short and long term community facility opportunities for Brentwood. The Advisory Committee was charged with working on two phases of recommendations.

Phase I was to include the following:
• Inventory of existing facilities and opportunities related to community facilities
• Visioning and assessment of current needs regarding types of facilities and services and the needs of Brentwood at General Plan build-out
• Opportunities for collaboration with other providers/agencies
• Fiscally responsible consideration of costs and funding opportunities
• Report to City Council on completion of Phase I

Phase II, as a result of the report to City Council from Phase I, will include:
• Prioritization of recommended services
• Recommendation of phasing
• Recommendation of financing for construction and on-going maintenance options
• Report to City Council on completion of Phase II

The Committee has been meeting monthly since September 2004 and is now ready to present their Phase I report to the City Council.

The Committee began their work by discussing and reviewing all existing and proposed (approved) community facilities. They reviewed a map noting the location and the size of each of these facilities.

In December, the City’s Finance Director, Grant Manager, and the County Librarian attended the Facilities Committee meeting and discussed financing options and opportunities for all future facilities, including a new Library. The Librarian discussed grant options and potential joint use projects. The Committee also brainstormed possible collaborations for respective facilities and will continue to explore opportunities to leverage City funds with grant funds.

In January 2005, Michael Freedman of Freedman, Tung and Bottomley attended the meeting and provided an update on the status of the Downtown Specific Plan. He provided useful information on the function of the downtown and the facilities that belong there. The Committee also received an update on the Bus Barn negotiations and the status of the City Hall project.

In February, the Committee brainstormed the future community facilities needs of the City at build-out. This brainstorming session covered the various types of facility possibilities, which types of facilities should be located in or near the downtown area, potential adjacencies and possible collaborations.

In March, the City’s Finance Director returned to review the Capital Improvement Program and explained the City’s fee programs in order for the Committee to better understand the financing opportunities for future community facilities. The Committee will continue to explore funding opportunities once we have direction from the Council. The Committee’s recommendation will attempt to stretch the cities dollars by combining resources to the extent possible. As part of the Phase II work, the Committee will look more closely at the costs and ways to maximize our available resources.

In April, the Committee refined the report to the Council regarding the recommended Community Facilities at build-out (Phase I).

Michael Freedman returned to the Committee in May to review the final draft of the Downtown Specific Plan and Redevelopment Manager Gina Rozenski discussed the Redevelopment Agency Plans for the downtown.

At this time the Committee is reporting to the Council on the Phase I items included in their scope.


The Committee compiled a list of all current and potential City facilities, including the address and square footage of the buildings.

The following are the results of the Committee’s work over the past nine months.

Inventory of existing facilities and opportunities related to community facilities:

Facilities Square Footage

Street Number Name Square Ft.
Brentwood Blvd. Bldg B 8440 Detective Office (leased, not owned) 893
Brentwood Blvd.* 9100 FUTURE Police Station 61500
Chestnut St. 100 Police Headquarters 4000
Elkins Way 2300 Modular Office Building 600
Elkins Way 2251 NEW Treatment Plant 26841
Elkins Way Bldg D 2201 Mechanics Shop/Central Storage 10431
Elkins Way Bldg G 2201 Maintenance Service Center, Water Office 800
First St. 757 Veterans Hall (including basement) 8559
First St. 757 Veterans Hall Office 529
First St. 739 Fire Station # 54 3387
First St. 739 Fire Station # 54 Garage 1235
Griffith Ln. 195 Brentwood Family Aquatic Complex 7121
Griffith Ln. 195 FUTURE Recreation Facilities @ Aquatic Center 8375
Griffith Ln. 195 FUTURE Recreation Facilities Concession Stand 600
Guthrie Ln.* 400 CD Building behind old U.S. Print building 20000
Homecoming Way 2000 Water Treatment Plant 2261
John Muir Pkwy. 201 Fire Station # 52 6841
Oak St. 104 Community Development Offices 5060
Oak St. 120 Engineering Department Offices 7774
Oak St. 118 Health Center 4800
Second St. 648 Brentwood Women's Club 741
Sunset Rd. 255 Mechanics Shop 3750
Third St. 708 City Hall 9798
Third St. 730 Library 4960
Third St. 730 Delta Community Center (includes Park & Rec Offices and Council Chambers) 13877
Village Drive 633 Village Drive Resource Center 700
in the Vineyards FUTURE Amphitheater seats 2500
West Sand Creek Rd. 101 Brentwood Education & Technology (includes Los Medanos College section) 34500
*located next to each other despite different street addresses

Assessment of the type of facilities needed at General Plan build-out

The Committee agreed the following list of facilities would be needed at General Plan build-out. The list is NOT in priority order, and those facilities that would be important to have in or near the downtown area are noted with an asterisk.

* 1. Library
* 2. Senior Center/Nutrition Site
* 3. Community Center (could be more than one)/Event Center
* 4. Art Center – gallery/exhibits/classrooms
5. Teen Center
6. Museum
7. Social Service Facility
8. Community Theater/Performing Arts Center
* 9. Inter-modal transportation center (E-BART)
* 10. City Hall/Council Chambers
* 11. Parking Structure

Opportunities for collaboration with other providers/agencies

The Committee then discussed those facilities that could/should be adjacent to one another and those that work together. Following are the recommendations from the Committee:

1. The Library, Community Center and Art Center should all be near each other and close to City Hall.
2. The Transportation Center and the Parking Structure should be near each other and contiguous to downtown.
3. The Library, Senior Center, and Art Center should be near the transportation center.
4. The Senior Center should be near senior housing, and the transportation center.

Finally, the Committee discussed potential collaborating partners for each facility:

1. The Library could include collaboration with the County and the School Districts. It was noted that for a Library/School joint project, the land must be owned by the School District.
2. The Senior Center could possibly collaborate with the private sector, a State Bond, the County and/or neighboring jurisdictions.
3. Community Center – no collaborations were identified.
4. The Art Center could collaborate with the Adult Education Program, the Arts Society and individual artists.
5. The Teen Center could possibly collaborate with commercial sponsorships and the private sector.
6. The Museum could include collaboration with non-profit 501(c)3 groups.
7. The Social Service Facility could partner with the County, charities and non-profits.
8. The Community Theater/Performing Arts Center could work with theater groups and community theater companies.
9. The Transportation Facility should work with BART, the State, Federal Agencies, the County and other Transportation Agencies.
10. The City Hall project is the responsibility of the City of Brentwood.
11. The Parking Structure project needs collaboration with the business community.


The Committee has spent considerable time discussing the future needs of community facilities and believes the list above addresses the needs of all existing and future groups within the community. Once the Council provides feedback regarding the list of facilities, in Phase II the Committee will begin the process of determining priorities, phasing and funding on those facilities that the City Council directs the committee to continue to work on.

The Committee respectfully requests feedback from the Council regarding our work to date.

An Art Center is a space where the community can go to experience a wide variety of the cultural arts. Typically the arts are defined as the Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, films/video, photography, etc.), Performing Arts (dance, music, etc) and the Literary Arts (poetry, creative writing, etc.) An Art Center encompasses all of these art forms (without being limited to them) with an educational focus. It is a space where art can be displayed and performed, where people can learn about it and how to do it, and where people can practice it. An Art Center serves a wide variety of needs often determined by the community in which they are.

 Current Library – Space is ideal due to good natural light, high walls, structurally sound, least amount of work to convert, etc. USES: Formal Art Center with amenities listed below. Duration: 3 – 5 years.
 Delta Theater – USES: film classes, display space, film screening, film festival, animation, photography developing studio, receptions, events with other organizations (tastings, auctions, art evaluations, etc.) Duration: indefinite.

 Gallery space in the new City Hall
 Various locations throughout Brentwood proper.

 New location in the downtown area or near the new amphitheatre at the Vineyards at Marsh Creek. The future Art Center would consist of an extensive increase in square footage that would meet the needs of an innovative and progressive city intent on focusing on the arts as a critical aspect of the quality of life for the community. It could be physically located in conjunction with a library, community college, or independent.

 Display space: 1,000 square feet minimum with good lighting (natural and track), large smooth walls of a good length (about 40 feet or more) for 2 – and 3 – dimensional work, video displays. Storage is critical for permanent collection and display materials (pedestals, hardware, cases, etc.)
 Exhibitions
 juried/non-juried
 invitational
 themed shows
 student artwork (art center students and elementary/high school students)
 City collection (possibly rotational)
 Classroom Spaces: several of them at least 500 square feet each. Each needs to include: storage, non-carpeted floors, sinks, counters, cleaning areas (brushes, tools, etc.), sinks, movable tables, chairs, easels, restrooms, drying racks, kiln (firing area: high fire, low fire, raku, pit, etc.)
 Art classes – Ages
 youth
 adult
 seniors
 mixed ages
 Art classes – Types
 painting
 drawing
 ceramic
 sculpture
 textile/fabric art
 photography
 film/video
 Art & multi-media design lab
 Performance Space (500 seat capacity)
 theatre
 adult/children’s (community theatre)
 touring groups (performance)
 music (recitals, opera, instrumental, etc.)
 adult/children’s, groups (community band, etc.)
 dance
 adult/children’s, groups
 Rehearsal Space (350 seat capacity)
 theatre
 rehearsal/performance
 music
 rehearsal/performance)
 dance (modern, ballet, folk, etc.)
 rehearsal/performance)
 Additional Theatre Space (350 seat capacity)
 smaller productions
 receptions
 Studio Space: three or four at least 500 square feet
 studio rentals
 Artist-in-Residence program
 Meeting/Gathering Space
 Receptions
 poetry readings
 CityRead
 art/art related lectures
 visual/literary art workshops
 special events
 Arts Commission meetings
 Public Art Committee
 Offices
 Staff
 Gift Shop
 Film & television studio (to support the City’s PEG stations)
 Radio studio for a FM short range station.
 Outdoor gathering space and sculpture garden
 Art framing and repair

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