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Meeting Date: January 24, 2006

Subject/Title: Approve New Logo and Tagline for the City of Brentwood

Prepared by: Linda Maurer, Economic Development Manager
Gail Leech, Management Analyst

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Community Development Director

Approve new logo and tagline for the City of Brentwood

On January 27, 2004, City Council authorized a Professional Services Agreement with CBIZ Marketing Services Group to conduct market research and develop a communications plan for the City.

On August 9, 2005, City Council authorized Professional Services Agreement with CBIZ Marketing Services Group for the development and implementation of this plan.

Since January of 2004, CBIZ Marketing Services Group has been providing marketing services to the City of Brentwood. On January 21, 2005, CBIZ submitted and presented a marketing assessment to the City Manager and department directors, outlining a series of recommendations to further enhance the communication and outreach with residents and within the region. These recommendations were reviewed by City staff and revised in order to prioritize which recommendations required further assistance from CBIZ and those that are able to be carried out by City staff.

Based on these findings, CBIZ submitted a scope of work for their services, which included the development of a new overall identity and tagline, template development for external and internal communications, as well as key messages to name a few. Further, CBIZ will work with the City establish a graphic style manual and standards document to help ensure all City materials have the same high quality appearance. CBIZ will also serve as a consultant on some of the staff driven initiatives outlined in the recommendations. On August 9, 2005, City Council authorized Professional Services Agreement with CBIZ Marketing Services Group for the development and implementation of this plan.

Over the past several months, staff has been working with CBIZ on the development of the new logo and tagline. The goal of this process was to develop a stronger identity for Brentwood that reflects the continued growth and maturation of Brentwood. This new identity will become the anchor for an overall branding effort to elevate Brentwood’s visibility in the Bay Area.

During this time, staff has sought the input and feedback from internal divisions and departments, as well as from outside organizations, such as the Chamber and the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust. The recommended logo and tagline before Council is a direct result of this collaborative effort and is attached as Exhibit A to this report.

With respect to the font style, there are subtle differences, including the removal of the overlapping “O’s.” We have recommended removing the encasement around the entire logo and have instead included an encased element – a tree – to serve as an identifiable feature of this logo. Further, staff recommends the use of “The City of Brentwood” for external audiences and “City of Brentwood” for internal uses, including environmental signage, stationary, shirt emblems, etc.

With respect to the tagline, staff wanted to make sure that it reflected Brentwood’s past, present and future. Further, staff wanted to make sure that the tagline resonated with current and future residents and that it worked well as a marketing slogan for economic development purposes. With those considerations, staff is recommending three words as the City’s tagline – Heritage. Vision. Opportunity.

If the City Council approves this logo and tagline this evening, work will immediately begin on the development of the graphics and standards manual that will outline and dictate the use of this identity. Following that, staff will work to develop a transition plan for the City’s existing identity to the new identity. This will include an inventory of all existing signage in the public domain and will include a multi-year phasing plan to incorporate this new identity into existing upgrades or projects before creating new projects with funding requirements.

There is no fiscal impact resulting from this item. Costs associated with the implementation of the new identity are unknown at this time and will be addressed in the multi-year plan to phase in the logo and tagline.

Recommended logo and tagline

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