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Presentation A

City of Brentwood

WHEREAS, Volunteer Blood Donor Month has been declared nationally since 1970 to help ensure an adequate blood supply and to stress the importance of giving the “Gift of Life” through the donation of blood; and

WHEREAS, Volunteer Blood Donor Month is a month-long observance that shows us that donating blood is a simple, safe, life-saving and selfless gift that millions of Americans can do; and

WHEREAS, Volunteer Blood Donor Month makes us aware that every day blood is needed in hospitals and emergency treatment facilities for patients with cancer and other diseases, for organ transplant recipients, and to save the lives of accident victims; and

WHEREAS, Volunteer Blood Donor Month addresses the need for constant replenishment of blood, especially during the winter months when blood is traditionally in short supply due to a reduction in donor turnout because of the holidays, busy travel schedules, inclement weather and illness, which can put blood inventory at a critical low; and

WHEREAS, Volunteer Blood Donor Month helps us understand that sixty percent of the US population is eligible to donate blood, but only about five percent do; contributing an annual total of about 15 million units, that in turn are transfused to approximately four million patients; and

WHEREAS, in Northern California, the American Red Cross provides 130,000 units of blood per year for the protection of patients, and there is a need for additional healthy, regular volunteer donors to join the ranks of those who already give of themselves so generously;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOVED, we, the City Council of the City of Brentwood do hereby proclaim the month of January 2006 as Volunteer Blood Donor Month, and urge citizens in good health to donate regularly. I also urge all civic and service organizations and businesses, if they have not already done so, to form blood donor groups to provide blood for others.

Dated this 10th day of January 2006

Ana Gutierrez,
Vice Mayor

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