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Meeting Date: December 13, 2005

Subject/Title: Informational report regarding potential flooding to the City of Brentwood due to a levee break or failure of the Los Vaqueros Dam
Prepared by: Lt. Brian Strock

Submitted by: Karen Chew, Asst. City Manager

Informational Report Only, Receive and File.

At a previous City Council Meeting, the Council requested information with regard to the City’s risk if there was a levee break or a failure at the Los Vaqueros Dam.

If the Los Vaqueros Dam failed and flooding began, it would be about 4’-8’ deep traveling about 20 mph in a north to northeast direction along Kellogg Creek. The flood area would miss the City of Brentwood with the extreme northwest edge of the flood area stopping just southeast of Balfour Rd. and Sellers Ave. Discovery Bay and Byron would be heavily inundated with water. The City of Brentwood would have secondary impacts from a Los Vaqueros flood including the closure of the City’s primary southern entrance/exit (State Route 4). Also, because the City is Discovery Bay and Byron’s nearest city, the Brentwood Police Department and the East Contra Costa Fire Department would be involved in life saving and/or other emergency operations in those areas.

The City of Brentwood is located near several levees. Most are located 2-4 miles (or further) north and northeast from the City. Predicting the area of inundation due to levee failure has been difficult. The California Department of Water Resources, the Contra Costa County Water District, and the Contra Costa County Office of Emergency Services have met several times regarding this issue. Plans have been put in place for the area to be evaluated using new computer assisted techniques to establishing modeling programs for levee failures. A report indicating our potential risk is expected to be available 4-6 months from now. We should be able to more accurately predict our vulnerability to potential levee failures.


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