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Meeting Date: December 13, 2005

Subject/Title: Consideration, discussion and direction to staff regarding the Downtown Specific Plan Action Plan

Prepared by: Gina Rozenski, Redevelopment Manager
Linda Maurer, Economic Development Manager

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Community Development Director

Consideration, discussion and direction to staff regarding the Downtown Specific Plan Action Plan.

After two years of community input, Planning Commission and Council workshops, a draft Downtown Specific Plan and its Environmental Impact Report was released to the public for a 45-day comment period on July 14, 2005.

On October 4, 2005, the Planning Commission held the first public hearing to hear public and staff testimony on the draft Downtown Specific Plan, and recommended approval of the Downtown Specific Plan to the Council, with revisions.

On November 16, 2005, the City Council held the second public hearing to hear public and staff testimony, to consider the Planning Commission recommended revisions, and approved the Downtown Specific Plan. The Council directed staff to return with a City Action Plan to implement the goals and objectives outlined in the Specific Plan.

The City and Redevelopment Agency recognize the importance of investing in the Downtown. These investments are an essential component in driving private sector dollars for investment and development, as well as showing local merchants and residents how serious the community’s commitment is to revitalizing and strengthening the centerpiece of Brentwood.

The City and Agency intend to play a significant role in transforming Downtown to achieve the community’s long-term goals as outlined in the Downtown Specific Plan. Implementation of the Plan’s goals, objectives and strategies is multi-faceted and complex, requiring effort on many fronts simultaneously. The responsibility for making this happen does not fall solely on the shoulders of the private development community. Rather, to spur private investment in the Downtown, the City and Agency staff will take the lead on enabling the types of new development necessary to secure Downtown’s long-term economic viability. In other words, staff will work to “create the conditions” that will support the continued growth and development of the Downtown.

The attached, proposed Action Plan outlines various City actions that fall into five categories, in random order: capital improvements, economic development, community facilities, planning functions and financing strategies. The asterisk denotes the lead department or division of the task. A Downtown Action Plan team will be established consisting of one member from each department or division to coordinate and direct the identified actions toward similar objectives. This Action Plan team will be led by the City Manager.

The City’s implementation strategy is action oriented and collaborative, both internally between departments and divisions, as well as externally between city staff and the private sector. The Action Plan also requires the coordination of three plans:
• The Specific Plan itself;
• The Downtown Redevelopment Plan, which authorizes the collection of tax increment revenues to partially provide funds for development assistance and for capital improvements; and
• The Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) which provides the mechanism and planning tool to identify infrastructure needs in the Downtown to support development.

The coordination of these three plans will provide the implementation, financing and timing of actions in a way that assures the most responsible and efficient uses of resources and will ultimately create the conditions that will support the growth and development of the Downtown.

Staff recommends the Council review the proposed Action Plan, request revisions where desired, and direct staff to establish the internal Action Plan team to commence the implementation of the Downtown Specific Plan.

Consideration and direction to staff regarding the Action Plan has no fiscal impact.

Action Plan


1 Design and install Brentwood Boulevard Improvements from Second Street to Chestnut Street. Create new CIP project ($ unknown). Engineering* Agency
2 Install Brentwood Boulevard Improvements from Chestnut Street to Fir Street ($3.8M CIP). Engineering* Agency 2005/06 Planning and design starts in 2005/06; ends in 2006/07. Land acquisition starts in 2007/08; ends in 2008/09; construction in 2008/09.
3 Install Walnut Boulevard widening improvements from Oak Street to Balfour Road ($4.5M CIP). Engineering*
Agency 2003/04 Planning, design, and land acquisition started in 2003/04; ended in 2004/05. Construction to start in 2005/06; end in 2006/07
4 Install Downtown area safety improvements ($130,000 CIP). Engineering*
Agency 2007/08 CIP project scheduled to start in 2007/08
5 Design and coordinate capital improvements to Downtown Streets as described in Specific Plan related to new streetscape design, street trees, angled parking, street lights, gateway monuments, street furniture, planters, etc. Create new CIP project. Engineering*
Pub Works
6 Install improved water and sewer upgrades in the Downtown (general infrastructure) to support the additional development ($3.0M CIP). Engineering*
Pub Works
Agency 2005/06 Upgrade water/sewer main started in 2005/06 with Signature Properties’ development at Garin Landing; bulk of construction is scheduled for 2008/09.
7 Fund, locate and install new wayfinding signage at other strategic locations: Balfour Road, Sand Creek Road, O’Hara Road, Lone Tree Way, Brentwood Boulevard. Create new CIP project. ED*
Pub Works
8 Implement the City Park Master Plan.
($1.6M CIP) Parks/Rec* 2004/05 Planning, design and some construction were completed in 2004/05. Remaining implementation of City Park Master Plan is partially unfunded.
9 Implement short-term parking strategies (Fehr/Peers parking report):
a. better signage
b. parking education program
c. employer parking permits
d. increased parking fines
e. installation of angled parking in strategic areas
f. new surface parking lot at old PD
g. more timed parking spaces
Create new CIP project(s) where appropriate. Engineering*
Pub Works*
10 Implement long-term parking strategies (Fehr/Peers parking report:
a. Parking structure
b. Incremental increases of in-lieu parking fees Engineering*
Pub Works
11 Fehr/Peers EIR traffic report:
a. City to post truck routes to provide efficient movement of goods and restrict trucks from entering the Downtown via Neighborhood Streets. Pub Works*

12 Rescind/amend movie theater ordinance. Planning* January 2006 Immediately after adoption of Downtown Specific Plan
13 Continue meeting with interested developers to identify under-utilized parcels as short-term and long-term development opportunities. ED*
Agency* June 2005 On-going
14 Implement the GGA Strategies and Programs for a Vital Town Center. Identify, analyze and recruit types of retail and restaurant uses and anchors that tend to lease in downtowns rather than regional centers. Develop action plan. ED*

15 Facilitate and/or develop eBART ridership development plan, transit site planning for 4000 Walnut Blvd./1000 Central Blvd., and eBART Specific Plan. Planning*
Dec 2005
16 Coordinate location and funding of city hall, civic and cultural community facilities with Community Facilities Committee. Develop action plan and CIP projects. Admin*
Finance August
2004 Community Facilities Committee established in mid-2004. First report to Council in May 2005; second report is forthcoming.
17 Create formal inventory of historic buildings, and adopt a historic preservation ordinance and/or establish a historic preservation committee. Planning* January 2007
18 Review applications for residential development in the Downtown to ensure a variety of housing types, densities, and affordable housing. Planning*
19 Develop a marketing campaign to promote the County’s Rehab Loan Program to encourage the renovation of homes in Downtown’s residential neighborhood. Agency*
20 Negotiate/develop an agreement with Garin Family to assemble properties south of Oak on Walnut Boulevard for residential/corner store development. (CIP project) Agency*
Planning 2006 Last meeting was April 2005 with Garin family representatives who remain very interested in a joint development agreement with the Agency pending approval of the Downtown Specific Plan.
21 Implement DTSP’s zoning and site development standards on new commercial and residential construction and modifications, new uses, and non-conforming uses. Planning* Upon approval of DTSP
22 Position Agency to issue tax allocation bonds to fund major Downtown improvements/projects in 2007/2008; adopt investment strategies and priorities. Agency*
Finance Ongoing Issuance of tax allocation bond is anticipated for 2007/08.

November 1, 2005
(* denotes lead department/division)

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