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Meeting Date: December 13, 2005

Subject/Title: Approve a Resolution authorizing submittal of an application to the California Department of Transportation Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) for funds in the amount of $156,000 in FY 2006/07 for the bicycle and pedestrian improvements included in the Brentwood Boulevard Widening – Central Project, CIP 336-3149

Prepared by: Karen Wahl, Grants Program Manager

Submitted by: Bailey Grewal, City Engineer

Approve a resolution authorizing the submittal of a grant proposal to be funded by the State of California Bicycle Transportation Account, fiscal year 2006/07 and authorizing the City Manager and/or City Engineer to execute and submit all documents which may be necessary for Brentwood Boulevard Widening from Central Boulevard to Nancy Street, CIP 336-3149.


The Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) provides State funds for city and county projects that improve safety and convenience for bicycle commuters. The program is consistent with the Legislature’s intent when it adopted the California Bicycle Transportation Act. Competitive grants are awarded to eligible local agencies by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) on an annual basis. This year, $5 million is available statewide for projects. Projects cannot exceed $1.25 million in total cost, although the awards history shows that most projects are awarded approximately $100,000 or less.

To be eligible for BTA funding, the City must have an adopted Bicycle Transportation Plan that complies with the eleven required elements stated in Section 891.2 of the Streets and Highways Code. The East Contra Costa County Bikeway Plan was developed in conjunction with the cities of Antioch, Oakley, Pittsburg and Contra Costa County and provides a blueprint for a bikeway network of both on- and off-street connections throughout East Contra Costa County. The Bikeway Plan was approved by the City of Brentwood on September 27, 2005, by the Contra Costa Transportation Authority on December 19, 2001 and by the California Department of Transportation Bicycle Facilities Unit on March 22, 2002.

Program funds are available for the following types of projects:

• new bikeways serving major transportation corridors
• new bike lanes removing travel barriers to potential commuters
• secure bicycle parking at employment and transportation centers
• bicycle carrying facilities on public transit vehicles
• traffic control devices that improve the safety and efficiency of bicycle travel
• elimination of hazardous conditions on existing bikeways
• planning
• improvement and maintenance of bikeways

Staff, in accordance with the East Contra Costa County Bikeway Plan 2005 Update and the 2005/06 – 2009/10 Capital Improvement Program, and with the agreement of the Engineering Department, recommends an application be submitted for the bicycle and pedestrian improvements included in the Brentwood Boulevard Widening – Central Project , CIP number, 336-3149 as a priority project for BTA grant funding.

The estimated total cost in the 2005/06 – 2009-10 CIP for the Brentwood Boulevard Widening – Central Project is $1,217,500. The preliminary estimate of bicycle and pedestrian improvements within the project are $174,000. The Bicycle Transportation Account will fund a maximum of 90% of the project cost and the City must provide a minimum of 10% as matching funds. The project budget will provide a match far above the required 10% and funds have been budgeted from facility fees in the Brentwood Boulevard Widening – Central Project, CIP 336-3149 2003/04 – 2007/08 Capital Improvement Program.

Funding Engineering/Design Right of Way Construction Total Percent
BTA Funds 20,000 195,000 215,000 80%
Local Funds 25,000 10,000 20,000 55,000 20%
Total 25,000 30,000 215,000 270,000 100%

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WHEREAS, consistent with the California Bicycle Transportation Act, the Bicycle Transportation Account (BTA) provides for disbursement of funds from the State Transportation Funds for eligible claimants for the purpose of bicycle projects that improve safety and convenience for bicycle commuters; and

WHEREAS, the California Department of Transportation Bicycle Facilities Unit administers the Bicycle Transportation Account; and

WHEREAS, the California Department of Transportation has requested applications from eligible agencies for the 2006/07 fiscal year; and

WHEREAS, said procedures established by the California Department of Transportation Bicycle Facilities Unit require the Applicant’s Governing Body to certify by resolution the authorization to make application to the program and certify the availability of the required 10 percent local match; and

WHEREAS, the City of Brentwood will enter into an agreement with the State of California for the Project.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Brentwood hereby:

1. Approves the filing of an Application for local assistance funds administered under the California Department of Transportation Bicycle Transportation Account for the Project.
2. Certifies that the City of Brentwood has or will have sufficient funds to provide the required minimum 10 percent match for the grant.
3. Authorize the City Manager and/or the City Engineer to execute and file the project application pursuant to the terms of the Bicycle Lane Account Program and pursuant to applicable rules and regulations, along with all necessary supporting documents with the California Department of Transportation for allocation of Bicycle Transportation Account funds for fiscal year 2006-2007.

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting held on the 13thth day of December 2005 by the following vote:

AYES: Councilmembers
Brian Swisher
Margaret Wimberly, CMC
City Clerk

Bicycle Transportation Account
Project Application

I. Application Information
Applicant Agency: City of Brentwood
Address: 150 City Park Way
City: Brentwood County: Contra Costa State: CA Zip: 94513
Contact Person: Karen Wahl, Grant Program Manager
Phone: (925) 516-5159 E-Mail:
State Legislative Districts: Senate 7 Assembly 15 Caltrans District: 4

Project Title: Bike Lanes & New Pedestrian Crosswalk - SR4 Widening - Central
Project Location: SR4 (Brentwood Blvd.) Nancy Street to Central Blvd.
Project Type: (Check all that apply)
Class I Bikeway 0 Class II Bikeway 1 Class III Bikeway 0 Other 1
Project Description: In the space provided, describe the project scope, purpose, and need. Include a map to scale with north arrow detailing the project location, length, limits, land uses, and destinations served.
A 1,500 lf Class II bikeway is proposed on the east and west sides of SR 4 (Brentwood Boulevard) between Woodfield Lane and Central Boulevard in the City of Brentwood. In addition, the gap in sidewalks will be closed with the addition of 5' wide sidewalks on both sides of the new roadway and a new crosswalk will be established at the intersection of Village Drive and SR 4 (Brentwood Boulevard) approximately 800 feet north of the intersection of Village Drive and SR 4. The new bikeway and crosswalk are a part of the larger Brentwood Boulevard Widening - Central project.

Since SR 4 (Brentwood Boulevard) is a heavily traveled road including heavy commercial truck traffic, construction of the bikeway and pedestrian improvements will create a safer riding environment which will encourage additional commuter bicycling. The bike lanes will also provide a continous route to connect to Marsh Creek Regional Trail north of Woodfield Lane.

The bicycle and pedestrian improvements will close the gap for bicyclists traveling north and south from residential areas on the east and west side of Brentwood Boulevard to Los Medanos College and Brentwood Technology Center as well as the Village Drive Resource Center, the Safeway Shopping Center. Liberty Union High School, Liberty Adult Education Center, the City Hall complex, Brentwood Library and City Park as well as the downtown . The addition of a pedestrian crosswalk at Village Drive will provide safer crossing for residents of the area who are primarily low and very-low income.

(To be completed by applicant)

Eligible BTA projects are those that serve the functional needs of bicycle commuters. Accordingly, BTA project applications will be evaluated as Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, or Ineligible according to the following criteria. In the space provided, describe how well the proposed project fulfills the following program criteria.

1. Will bicycle commuters be the primary users of the proposed project?
SR 4 (Brentwood Boulevard) is the most direct route into central Brentwood from residential areas in all directions. Sections of Brentwood Boulevard have been improved to four lanes with bike lanes but this section of roadway between Woodfield Lane and Central Boulevard remains narrower and has a high ADT, reported by Caltrans at PM 39.32 as 1,445 westbound only. The proposed bike and pedestrian improvements will encourage more use for each mode of travel by increasing safety.
2. Does the proposed project have the potential to increase bicycle commuting?
This project has a high potential to increase bicycle commuting. Addition of bike lanes will encourage bicyclists to use the route.
3. Is the proposed project the best alternative for the situation?
Yes. The City of Brentwood Engineering Department evaluated four conceptual alignment alternatives. This alternative is the only solution to provide continuous and safe bicycle lanes to connect to other bicycle facilities to the north and south of the location.
4. Will the proposed project improve bikeways and/or amenities that support bicycle commuting e.g. bicycle parking, lockers, showers, lighting, call boxes, maps, and bicycle safety education programs?
Yes. The proposed project will improve the City of Brentwood bikeway system by closing the gap between sections with bike lanes and sections currently with none.
5. Will the proposed project provide or improve bikeway continuity to activity centers such as public buildings, transit terminals, business districts, shopping centers, schools, etc.?
Yes. It will increase access to the downtown including the Safeway Shopping Center, Liberty Union High School, the Liberty Adult Education Center, Village Drive Resource Center, Los Medanos College and the Brentwood Technology Center.


Funding Engineering/Design Right of Way Construction Total Percent
BTA Funds $0.00
Local Funds $158,090.00
Other $0.00

Total $158,090.00

A. Local Match

1. Will applicant provide the local share as indicated in the project budget table above?
(Note: The minimum local share required is 10% of the total project cost.) Y 1 N 0

2. What is the estimated completion date of the proposed project? Month July Year 2007

B. Bicycle Transportation Plan (BTP)

1. Name of BTP applicant is using to establish eligibility for BTA funding?
BTP: E. Contra Costa Co. Bikeway Plan 2005 Update BTP Adopted Date: 9/27/2005

2. Name of Regional Transportation Planning Agency (RTPA)
RTPA: MTC BTP Approval Date: 11/2/2005

3. Is the BTP approved by the BFU? Y 1 N 0

4. Is the applicant submitting a BTP for BFU approval? Y 0 N 1

5. Is the project consistent with the BTP? Y 1 N 0

6. BTP page number identifying the proposed project. Page No.: 10, 25

C. Evidence of California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Compliance

BTA projects must be in compliance with the applicable provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) by the BTA application submittal date. The lead agency is responsible for preparing the required environmental documentation, making the appropriate environmental determination, and submitting it with the application.


An authorized representative of the applicant agency must sign the application. The undersigned affirms that the statements contained in the application package are true and complete to the best of the applicant’s knowledge.

Name Date

Title: Balwinder S. Grewal, City Engineer

Distribution: Local agency sends original and one copy to the DLAE. DLAE forwards original to BFU and retains copy for district file.

Bike Lanes & New Pedestrian Crosswalk - SR4 Widening - Central

Northbound Brentwood Blvd. at Central Ave./Sycamore Ave. Left photo shows substandard sidewalk ending abruptly and encroached by trees and shrubs. Right photo shows the existing roadway is not wide enough for bicycle lanes.

Northbound Brentwood Blvd. at Village Drive. Substandard sidewalks in need of repairs. Existing roadway does not allow for bicycle lanes.

Southbound Brentwood Blvd. at Broderick Dr. The west side of the roadway has no facilities for pedestrians or bicyclists.

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