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Meeting Date: December 13, 2005

Subject/Title: Approval of the public art design and concept for Siena Village by Blackhawk/Nunn and the senior housing project by A.F. Evans, Subdivision #8781.

Prepared by: Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approve the public art design and concept for Siena Village by Blackhawk/Nunn and the senior housing project by A. F. Evans, Subdivision #8781.

On September 9, 2003, City Council approved Section 2.44.180 Public Art on September 23, 2003 and approved the fee schedule committing one percent of the cost of capital investment projects to art and four tenths of one percent for housing development which became effective partially on January 1, 2004 and fully on July 1, 2004.

This proposed public art project was approved for recommendation to the Arts Commission by the Public Art Committee on October 11, 2005, approved by the Arts Commission on October 26, 2005 and by the Public Art Subcommittee on November 10, 2005. The Public Art Committee consisted of Sandra Gill, Arts Commission Vice Chair; Richard Meyer, Artist and Brentwood Resident; Tommy Wernholm, Brentwood Resident; and Patrick McCarran, Arts Commissioner. The project was previously approved by representatives from Blackhawk/Nunn (Matthew Beinke) and A.F. Evans (David Bower).

The Public Art Subcommittee consisted of: Jim Bryant, Arts Commission Chair; Annette Beckstrand, City Councilmember and Arts Commission Council Liaison; and Jon Carlson, Solid Waste Manager and City Manager designee. Both committees were facilitated by Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Manager.

Although these are two separate projects by two different developers, both projects have many similarities, including: meeting the public art ordinance, adjacent to each other, mapped together, and have the same architect. It made sense to have one artist or artist team, approved by both developers, address the public art element for the developments.

Public Art Concept by Wowhaus
“Cornucopia” is a collection of permanent public art pieces reflecting the rich agricultural and natural resources of the Brentwood region. This functional artwork will enliven and enhance community spaces such as a greenway and “pocket parks” in Siena Village where children play and members of the public gather. Entering the area, as people proceed along the sidewalk, they may pause to rest at beautiful benches or a table in a playground or “pocket parks” along the way, also featuring the beautiful tile work. While visiting seniors at the senior housing development, they will discover colorful benches at the entryway and a tiled fountain in the courtyard, also adorned with the distinctive, colorful tiles.
Just as artwork has graced plazas in Europe for centuries, this artwork will enrich and enhance daily life in the community, establishing a unifying, welcoming sense of place unique to Brentwood. Indeed, the imagery of the art we propose is inspired by the artistic traditions of Tuscany, a region whose landscape can bear striking resemblance to Brentwood. The artwork would consist of the following:

Cast Concrete Benches and Table with Tile Inlay

Sculptural Bases
In creating the bases for the benches and table we present an American twist on this classical tradition - the pedestal forms have been inspired by the curves of the native California acorn. As we know, oak trees provided an invaluable harvest to Native Americans in the form of acorns; the curves of the bases reflect the acorns produced by the Quercus Lobata or Valley Oak, a species that will be planted in the pocket parks. The bases for the table, in turn, will reflect the unique curves of the acorns of Quercus Agrifolia or Coast Live Oak, another species of oak planted in the pocket parks.

The structural elements of the benches - the pedestals and top - will be created with pigmented cast concrete that bears resemblance to stone. (Custom molds are cast from sculpted forms created by Wowhaus; we work with a subcontractor to create the castings.)

Tile Tops
The tops of the table and benches will feature colorful tile compositions incorporating imagery of peaches, olives and grapes - produce distinctive of the Brentwood region. This tile “tapestry” is inspired by a Tuscan tradition that dates to the 15th century - the creation of “Tappetari”, intricate floral and geometric designs up to 100’ long that are rendered in sawdust along roadways for a festival each year.

The compositions we create will be rendered in vivid glazes whose colors complement the greenery of the pocket parks and the palette of the surrounding architecture. Matte and glossy glazes will be utilized, enhancing the dynamism of the surface as varied glaze surfaces catch or absorb the light. Vivid, solid colored tile will be used to frame the patterned tile. Both concrete and tile are time-honored materials commonly used in public artwork; this project uses these materials to their greatest advantage, creating distinctive artwork that is also durable and functional.

Summary of Proposed Artwork
Benches: 7’ long x 2’ wide x 18” high (tops 3” thick)
Tables: 7’ long x 30” wide x 24” high (tops 3” thick)
Vignettes: 12” square made up of four 6” square tiles

Siena Village
Play Area: two peach motif benches
Pocket Park: two solid tile benches and one grape motif table OR two grape motif benches
Walkways: two olive motif benches

Senior Housing Project
Entryway: two olive motif benches
Fountain: grape motif tile for fountain 16’ square, 18” high, 2’ wide wall
Courtyard: peach motif wall panel vignette (optional)

A representative from the artist team of Wowhaus will be available to present the design concept renderings and proposed materials at the December 13, 2005 meeting, should there be any questions.

There is no fiscal impact to the City of Brentwood as the artist is contracted directly with the developers, Blackhawk/Nunn and A.F. Evans.

The percent for art requirement on residential projects is 4/10s of 1% of the building valuation. Of that, 80% of that goes to fund the artwork, 20% funds administration of the public art program. The overall public art budget for both developments is approximately $78,000.

The benches and table in Siena Village will be maintained through the LLD and the benches and fountain at the Senior development will be maintained by the owner, A.F. Evans. Maintenance will be minimal and is estimated at $500 annually.

Example of Olive Motif
Example of Grape Motif

Olive Motif

Grape Motif

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