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Date: October 11, 2005

To: Mayor and Council Members

From: Howard Sword, Community Development Director

Subject: Sunset Industrial Complex

At its meeting of April 13, 2004, the Council requested a report of escrow closings at Sunset Industrial Complex. The last status report presented to the Council was in August 2005.

The status of the remaining four escrows is as follows:

• Lot 23 of Subdivision MS360-04 consisting of 2.5 acres to Delta Fence: This escrow is ready to close. However, Frank Martin and the City have agreed to wait to close escrow until after completion of the improvements on the road leading to the corp yard. To close before the improvements are complete would cause the need for the City to acquire a temporary construction easement on the Martin parcel to enter the parcel with workmen, trucks and equipment to relocate the utilities and widen the road. Delta Fence has complied with submittal of evidence of financing, but has not yet submitted a design review application.
• Lot 22 of Subdivision MS360-04 consisting of 3.7 acres to Pizzagoni Towing: Kristina Pizzagoni expects her architect to submit her design review application in late October. Her bank will prepare the evidence of financing letter after her project receives approvals from the Planning Commission. The evidence of sufficient financing necessary to acquire the property and to complete construction is required before the City will close escrow.
• Delta Fence and Pizzagoni Towing are working with the same architect and coordinating access driveways and buildings for a comprehensive site design.
• Lot 4 of Subdivision 8588 consisting of 1.0 acre to Vornhagen Auto Painting: Vornhagen received approvals for his Design Review application in September 2005 from the Planning Commission. With these approvals, his bank is preparing the evidence of financing for submittal to City staff. Escrow instructions are being prepared, with anticipation that escrow will close in November.
• All three buyers above are planning to complete geotechnical testing on the parcels in October, which will require a right of entry agreement between the buyers and the City.
• Lot 8 of Subdivision 8588, consisting of 2.5 acres to Brentwood Ready Mix: Larsen’s received entitlements from the Planning Commission in 2004, and received a one year extension of the entitlements in early 2005. Their first engineering drawing submittals were reviewed in early 2005. Staff met with the Larsen’s and their representatives on several occasions to review re-submittal requirements. Second drawing submittals from the applicant are expected within the next few weeks. This escrow will not close until Brentwood Ready Mix is issued a grading or building permit.

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