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Meeting Date: September 13, 2005

Subject/Title: Informational report regarding consideration of keeping Sunset Park open other than for scheduled events.

Prepared by: Ken DeSilva, Parks Manager
Poldina Scherff, Recreation Manager

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Accept the informational report.

At the June 28, 2005 City Council meeting, Council Member Bob Brockman requested a future agenda item to ask staff to research ways to keep Sunset Park Athletic Complex open other than for scheduled events.

With the hiring of Abey/Arnold and Associates in 2002 for the design of the future Sunset Park Athletic Complex, City Council directed staff to form a subcommittee to work with the architect for the final design. The subcommittee consisted of two representatives of City Council (Bill Hill and Pete Petrovich), two representatives of the Park and Recreation Commission (Lanny Brown and Jan Melloni), user group representatives from East Diablo Youth Soccer League (Jim Brannon, Don Harms and John Simmons, PONY Baseball (John Arnst, Joe Briseno, and Jeff Schultz), one representative from the community (Gilbert Dominguez), and staff from the Parks and Recreation Department (Janet Hansen, Ken DeSilva, and Poldina Scherff), and was formed to review and discuss design elements and other issues pertaining to the new complex.

The new Sunset Park Athletic Complex was to replace the old Sunset Park, which had been a fenced and gated facility. It was open and available for scheduled play only. In the initial discussions with the subcommittee, the subcommittee felt strongly that the future $8,000,000 plus facility should be designed in such a way as to protect this new complex in the same manner as the old Sunset Park facility. It was felt that as this was to be the City’s premiere sports complex, it was important that it was a facility that would have control and/or limit use as necessary. This was especially important, as the subcommittee was very supportive of making sure there were yearly field renovations at the new complex. Yearly field renovations are important to keep playing fields in top shape for the long term and require the ability to lock a facility and take fields out of play when necessary. The subcommittee gave direction to the architect to design Sunset Park as a gated facility to be able to control use of the complex as needed.

As the project was going through the design process, it was decided that the complex should use reclaimed water from the Waste Water Treatment Plant for irrigation purposes. As a result of requirements and regulations that go with the use of reclaimed water, the facility needed to be fenced to keep people out when the facility was being irrigated.

As the design process was drawing to a close, staff presented to the subcommittee a list of facility use standards, policies, procedures, fees and consideration of alcohol vending at the concession stands based on the final design. This included fencing the facility and only allowing for scheduled use. These policies and procedures were approved by City Council on April 27, 2004 (see attachment).

The Sunset Park Athletic Complex opened on March 5, 2005 with facility use standards, policies, procedures and fees in place that open the facility only when use of the complex has been scheduled. The request for consideration of having the facility open for unscheduled use can be accommodated; however, the following points need to be considered based on the decisions that have been made previously:

• The facility needs to be closed when the irrigation system is in operation and until approximately 2 hours after it is finished to insure there is no water left that would puddle. The facility also needs to be closed when repair work is being done on the irrigation system and water is running.
• The facility needs to be closed (either completely or partially depending on the extent of repair) when field renovation is scheduled.
• Current users of the facility pay the City for field preparation, lights, and staffing to open the facility and respond to problems/emergencies that may happen. This was agreed to by user groups because they believed users should pay for the costs of keeping this facility in top competition shape. As a result, fees for use of Sunset and the standard of care are higher than other City and School ball fields.
• Currently the park is being utilized for scheduled use by City leagues and affiliated groups approximately: Monday – Friday from 3:30 p.m. -11:00 p.m.; Saturday from 7:30 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. and Sunday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. The park has also had use by tournaments and league play by other outside user groups. During these times, the facility is open to the public (except for organized play) and the facility may be used with the exception of those fields that have been reserved.
• Through our joint use agreement with Liberty Union High School District and Brentwood Union School District, the City accommodates any school requests; which usually occur from 2:30 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.

If it is desired to have the facility open to the public in addition to the hours of scheduled use, staff strongly recommends that the facility be open with staff present, and would recommend the following:

• The facility should have “scheduled hours” where it is open to the public that would be in addition to the regular hours of scheduled use. Staff would develop the means to let the public know the hours of operation on a daily basis and this would be available for public notice.
• Since the facility is currently open week nights and weekends with scheduled play, and must be closed during morning irrigation schedules, staff would recommend consideration of having open hours from 12:00 noon until 3:00 p.m., Monday – Friday, and 12:00 noon to 5:00 p.m. on weekends that do not have scheduled play. This would allow maintenance staff to come in after 3:00 p.m. to prepare the fields for night play.
• Staff recommends that the park continue to be staffed by part-time staff so that patrons follow the park ordinance rules, do not disturb what has been set up for that days use (i.e.; placement of soccer goals, lining of softball fields, staying off of field closures, and enforcement of the park ordinance). To keep Sunset a premiere sports complex, staff strongly recommends that it be supervised during hours of use.
• The facility would be open for drop-in, unscheduled use by the community during these expanded hours. Staff would recommend that that soccer fields and two ball fields in the back be open for use, unless previously scheduled. Organizations could still reserve and pay for use during these times. Chapter 7.05.040 of the municipal code requires that “Organized league play in the City of Brentwood parks and facilities is by permit only. An organized league is defined as a group of more than 10 players or a group that holds games on a regular basis”. The section also states “The City of Brentwood reserves the right to identify specific parks and facilities for organized league use for games and/or practices”. Sunset has been designated as a site that organized leagues can use by permit; however, they are not allowed to use the facility in a drop-in fashion.

Cost for part-time staff supervision would range, on a yearly basis, between $10,000 to a maximum of $19,500 if the facility was open 25 hours per week, 52 weeks a year. As Sunset has only been open for 6 months, use patterns are still being developed which makes it difficult at this time to determine how much available time there actually would be in a year. This additional cost for part time staff is currently not budgeted in the 2005/07 adopted budget.

Facility Use Regulations

“. . . adding joy to people’s lives”

Sunset Athletic Complex
Balfour-Guthrie Park
Oak Meadow Park
Apple Hill Park
(additional facilities as designated)

Facility Use Standard:
 City will fully sustain all aspects of field maintenance and preparation, except as outlined below.
 City will charge user for field preparation and lights.
 Affiliated organizations may choose to line soccer/softball fields provided that they follow City standards and conditions.
 City will charge user for part-time staff to open, supervise, and close facility(ies).
 Use of City facilities is by permit and the City has the right to determine if City part-time staff supervision is required.
 Score board use upon request.
 Score booth use upon request.
 City Staff will work with Affiliated Organizations to provide space for storage at their expense of equipment on site. Storage will be allowed upon request and approval in accordance with City Standards. Placement will be determined by City Staff.
 User groups will not be allowed to bring in concessions at City owned facilities.
 The sale and possession of alcohol at the concession stands is prohibited except by permit.
 The City is going to enter into a contractual relationship with a concessionaire. In this agreement the City will reserve the right to have six (6) fundraising opportunities per year in addition to the concessionaire, the City and or affiliated groups. Each affiliated organization on a yearly bases, upon affiliation renewal may request to be a part of the six (6) per year.
 The sale of merchandise at Sunset or any other City Facility requires written approval from the Parks and Recreation Department as a part of the permit process. City reserves the right to negotiate a percentage to be paid to the City for the sale of merchandise.
 City staff per the permit process may require portable bathrooms to accommodate the event. Placement will be determined by City Staff.
 User will not be issued keys to City facilities.
 User will not be allowed to bring vehicles into the facility outside of the parking lots without written permission.
 Users are required to schedule by the permit process all use’s of the facilities which includes practice, game, or league/tournament play. This must be submitted to City staff prior to the start of the program.
 Rain cancellation of field use due to inclement weather will be determined by City of Brentwood designated staff.
 The City will determine start times (minimum 15 minute intervals) for practice, game, and/or league/tournament play.
 Soccer practices will be oriented in the opposite direction of normal play.
 The soccer tournament court will not be used for practice. It is for game and tournament play only.
 A security deposit and clean-up fee will be charged with each facility use application.
 All users will abide by the City of Brentwood, Parks & Recreation Code of Conduct.

o Field Fee’s:
 Non-Refundable Application Processing Fee $30.75
 Refundable Deposit Fee $500
 Competition Soccer Field Lights $19.23 per hour
 Ball Field/Soccer Field Lights $10 per hour
 Preparation/Drag/Set Bases/Line Ball Fields $25 per field
 Field preparation for Softball Fields (lining not included) $15 per field
 Additional Preparation/Drag/Set Bases/Line Ball Fields $25 per field
 Labor & Material Costs for Preparation of Soccer/Flag Football Fields $75 per field
 Additional Soccer Field Lining $25 per field
 Supervisory Staff Facility $15 per hour
 Request for additional Field mow $75 per field

o If affiliated organizations are opting to line the fields the conditions for approval are as follows:
o Proof of insurance for the volunteer(s) who are lining the field(s).
o Organization must provide the materials to line the fields. Material and field specifications must be approved by City Staff prior to use.
o Organization must provide the City with the schedule to perform the lining of field(s) for City approval.

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