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Meeting Date: July 26, 2005

Subject/Title: Discussion and approval of project priorities funded by the Housing Trust Fund for fiscal years 2005-2007

Prepared by: Ellen Bonneville, Housing Manager

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Director of Community Development

Discuss and approve the project priorities funded by the Housing Trust Fund for fiscal years 2005-2007.

On December 14, 2004, the City Council approved and waived first reading of Ordinance 790 amending Chapter 17.725 of the Municipal Code amending the citywide affordable housing program.

On January 11, 2005 the City Council approved Resolution No. 2005-08 amending the 2004/05 operating budget and approving the recommended mid-year budget adjustments.

On January 25, 2005 the City Council approved Resolution No. 2005-24 amending the 2004/05 Master Fee Schedule/Cost Allocation Plan adopted by Resolution No. 2004-222 by revising the in-lieu fees associated with the affordable housing program.

On June 14, 2005 the City Council approved Resolution No. 2005-143 adopting the 2005/06-2006/07 Operating Budget for the City of Brentwood.

With the amendment of Ordinance 756 resulting in the new affordable Housing Ordinance 790, and with the amendment of the in-lieu fee schedule the City Council directed staff to bring back a report containing priorities for expenditures from the Housing Trust Fund.

During the past several months, the staff has worked on the CIP process, the City budget for Fiscal years 2005-07 and the development of the First Time Homebuyer program. With these projects completed staff is able to present its recommendation of the priorities for the expenditure of the Housing Trust Fund for Fiscal years 2005-07 to coincide with the above-referenced programs as well as assisting in the creation of new units to meets the goals of the Housing Element of the General Plan and the goals and objectives adopted by the City Council as part of the strategic plan for the City.

Staff developed a matrix of potential affordable housing programs along with the criteria we have heard from the City Council and community for the expenditure of affordable housing funds. The matrix is attached to the staff report for your review and consideration. The criteria established for the expenditure of the Housing Trust Funds are as follows:

• That the housing division not have any fiscal impact on the General Fund;
• That the affordable housing funds create a balanced community for the future;
• That we address gentrification issues; and
• That we create and maintain affordable housing units for the City of Brentwood at the very-low, low and moderate income levels.

Staff evaluated potential programs based upon these criteria and those programs that received a “high strategic” ranking. The ranking of programs was based upon the “biggest bang for the buck” theory and the strategic planning session with the City Council that set forth the goals and objectives for the next two years. Staff evaluated which programs would provide the largest positive impact to create affordable housing and meet the objectives of the City Council with the funds available in the Housing Trust Fund for the next two years. Those programs include the following:

• Fund the First Time Homebuyer program ($1,200,000) – assist 34+ households in homeownership; (this assumes no contributions from developer’s to the program);
• Provide gap financing for the creation of new affordable units for family and disabled households – (Villa Amador, $600,000) – create 96 units for very-low income families;
• Fair housing counseling services – ($10,000);
• Participation in the regional creation of a Housing Trust Fund for Contra Costa County ($5,000);
• Perform an existing conditions survey and assessment of the mobile home parks in Brentwood ($25,000) – will assist in the implementation of the Housing Element and preserve existing affordable units;
• Land acquisition for the creation of new affordable units; (priority for family units for low and very-low income households and units for disabled persons);
• Create a database of affordable units ($10,000) – will assist in preservation of existing affordable units;
• Create a reserve fund to pay for the administration costs of the housing division ($750,000) – will insure the division does not impact the General Fund;
• Brentwood Senior Commons project ($900,000) – create 79 units for very-low income seniors;
• Analysis of 10-year income stream for in-lieu fees and rental income - $75,000 consultant contract with Seifel consultants;
• Consulting, legal and interfund service expenses for programs as included in the FY 2005-07 budget ($422,000);

These projects will result in the creation or maintenance of at least 209 units of affordable housing for the City of Brentwood.

The remainder of funds - $1,631,448 to be used towards additional funds for the First Time Homebuyer program and gap financing and land acquisition for projects that will result in additional affordable units for very-low and low income households or for units that will accommodate very-low and low income households for persons with disabilities resulting in a minimum of an additional 49 units for very-low and low income households.

Those programs that received a “medium strategic” ranking include the following:

• Purchase at-risk units
• Code enforcement of current apartment units
• Condo conversion Ordinance
• Develop “affordable housing page” link for the City of Brentwood website

These programs would have a positive impact on the preservation of current affordable units in the City of Brentwood and assist in the prevention of gentrification.

Those programs that received a “low strategic” ranking may be addressed in future funding cycles. These programs include:

• Rehabilitation loans for property owners of single family homes (this program is currently offered by the County with additional funding available though the Redevelopment Agency)
• Property Management of City-owned rental units (this will be done by staff or through an RFP for a property management firm that will be paid by the income-stream generated by the rental units)
• Community workshops on affordable housing needs for Brentwood residents
• Creation of a non-profit housing corporation for the City of Brentwood

The current fund balance for the Housing Trust Fund is $5,653,948.00. The potential additional revenue for 2005-07 is currently estimated at $2,682,500. During this fiscal year, Seifel consulting will assist staff in creating a ten-year revenue projection stream for the collection of in-lieu fees as well as income from the City’s rental housing stock over the next ten years. They will also make recommendations as to other cost recovery mechanisms the Council may wish to review and subsequently employ in order to insure the Housing Division is self-sustaining and does not impact the City’s General Fund in the future. This analysis will be the basis for the creation of a Ten-year business plan for the Housing Division.

None at this time. Each of the programs or projects identified has been or will be brought before the City Council for consideration and official approval prior to funding as required by the purchasing policy of the City of Brentwood and as approved in the Budget for Fiscal years’ 2005-07.

Attachment A - Matrix
Attachement B – proposed priorities spreadsheet

City of Brentwood – Housing Division Project Priorities – 2005

Code No General Funds Balanced Community in Future Hinder Gentrification of the Community Create and Maintain Affordable Units
1. Mobile Home Parks existing conditions Survey & Assessments * 
2. Create a reserve fund of in-lieu fees
* 
3. First time homebuyer program
*   
4. Land Acquisition
*   
5. Database of affordable units
*  
6. Gap Financing for families and disabled households
*   
7. Fair Housing Counseling
*  
8. Contra Costa Housing Trust Fund
*  
9. Purchase at-risk units
#   
10. Code Enforcement of Apartment Units
#   
11. Condo conversion Ordinance
#  
12. Property Management of City Rental Units
#   
13. GAP Financing for senior households
#  
14. Website Information
# 
15. Community workshops
#  
16. Non-profit Housing Corporation
 
17. Rehabilitation loan program for owners
-   
Priority Codes - * High, # Medium, - Low

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