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Meeting Date: July 12, 2005

Subject/Title: East Contra Costa BART Extension Memorandum of Understanding

Prepared by: Winston Rhodes, Senior Planner

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Community Development Director

Authorize the Mayor to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of the City regarding the East Contra Costa Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) Extension once the City Manager has approved the final draft.

In 2002, BART and the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) prepared a feasibility study to examine transit alternatives for the State Route 4 East Contra Costa County corridor. BART currently envisions providing diesel train service to East Contra Costa County and requires the assistance of local jurisdictions to prepare Ridership Development Plans to demonstrate that sufficient ridership will exist in the future to justify the service extension. The proposed service extension includes portions of the City of Pittsburg, City of Antioch, City of Oakley, and Contra Costa County in addition to Brentwood.

A memorandum of understanding (MOU) is necessary to complete the Ridership Development Plan (RDP) work that is required to complete the transit extension project. BART with the assistance of CCTA and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) have committed $2.4 million to be distributed amongst the affected cities and County to prepare the RDPs which will study land use and access within a half-mile radius of proposed transit station locations as well as provide a detailed plan for proposed station properties.

A Draft MOU among BART, City of Brentwood, City of Antioch, City of Oakley, City of Pittsburg, CCTA, and Tri Delta Transit District has been prepared by BART for each agency to consider. A copy of the Draft No. 13 of the MOU document is attached for Council consideration. Agency staffs from all cities, CCTA, and Tri Delta Transit have been working with BART staff to modify the document and have negotiated extensive substantive changes that are included within Draft No. 13. The cities of Pittsburg and Antioch have approved the attached draft document with minor revisions to be reviewed by staff. Additional input on this draft from staff and elected officials from the other agencies including Brentwood staff is currently being utilized by BART to prepare a revised MOU document to address these comments. Consequently, the attached document will undergo additional modifications intended to clarify points in the MOU rather than make substantive changes. Given the extensive changes that are reflected in this draft (No. 13), staff is comfortable recommending the Mayor sign the MOU once the City Manager reviews the revised draft MOU.

If approved by Council, the fiscal impact to the City will be staff time needed to help prepare the Ridership Development Plan work affecting Brentwood and the cost associated with the environmental review process for the adoption and implementation of the proposed ridership enhancement actions. Authorization of any environmental review expenses over $50,000 associated with the Ridership Development Plan work will require subsequent review and approval by the City Council in conformance with established City policy.

Draft MOU No. 13
BART System Expansion Policy (Exhibit A)

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