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Meeting Date: June 28, 2005

Subject/Title: Maintenance Superintendents Association (MSA) Employee of the Year Award

Prepared by: Jim Gallegos, Streets Division Manager

Submitted by: Paul Zolfarelli, Director of Public Works

North Central Valley Chapter
Maintenance Superintendents Association
Employee of the Year Award

Maintenance Superintendents Association awards public services employees for outstanding service to their respective agencies, and this year the North Central Valley Chapter has awarded Randy Frizzell, Street Sweeper Operator with the City of Brentwood the honor of being the “Employee of the Year.” Randy was nominated in recognition of his hard work and dedication to the City of Brentwood. Randy is well deserving of this award as he has earned several “Pat on the Backs” (outstanding job performance referrals) from his current supervisor, some area residents and other City employees for performing beyond his normal duties as a Sweeper Operator.

Randy thinks of the residents before any work begins. He meets with the other sweeper operators to discuss any problems that they may have and he works on establishing a quick solution before any problems arise. Randy has gone out of his way to make sure the sweeper is always performing to its fullest. Randy takes well care of this piece of machinery; he treats it as his own vehicle, which saves the City a tremendous amount of money in repairs. Randy is always willing to try new street sweeping ideas. One example is when his street manager asked him to come in one night and sweep the major intersections, Randy completed this task and developed a continuous plan to put this on an evening route. He works alongside of his co-workers and listens to them for a better way to maintain the City’s streets. Randy takes pride in his work. When working on his routes he makes sure everyone is happy. Randy is very deserving of this award.

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