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Meeting Date: June 14, 2005

Subject/Title: Consider a request from the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust for City funds.

Submitted by: Donna Landeros, City Manager
Howard Sword, Community Development Director
Pam Ehler, Director of Finance and Information Systems

Consider a request from the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust for funding assistance for Fiscal Years 2005/06 and 2006/07 along with staff recommendations.

1. Appropriate funding for the first two quarters of the 2005/06 BALT budget with the following conditions. Appropriate part or all of the remaining 2005/06 BALT budget based on substantial progress of the following items.

a. Agreement on a strategy to satisfy the requirements of AB 1600, which establishes the parameters of a mitigation fee program.

b. Delay funding the $85,000 for the Regional Marketing Program until there is a mechanism in place for coordination between BALT, the Chamber of Commerce and the City to ensure a consistent and unified strategy for regional marketing. Appropriation of the $85,000 request can be considered by the City Council in the future when the appropriate mechanism has been identified.

c. Agreement between BALT and the City on a strategy for the acquisition of permanent agricultural easements that is consistent with the Urban Limit Line requirements.

d. Agreement between BALT and the City on suggested revisions to the Brentwood Agricultural Enterprise Program Ordinance that would facilitate the implementation of BALT’s programs.

2. Consider establishing a liaison committee or council representative to work jointly with BALT to achieve these critical policy objectives; and to provide ongoing reports to the City Council.

The City Council has identified preserving agriculture as one of the Council’s highest priorities.

The Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust is a private non-profit organization established in 2002 to help implement the City’s Agricultural Enterprise Program. The City helped establish BALT and has provided the primary funding to help BALT operate. The source of BALT’s funding is the City of Brentwood’s Agriculture mitigation fees which are assessed on new development under the authority of State law (AB 1600).

BALT has faced many challenges in implementing its goals during its initial two years as an organization. Staff believes that the City and BALT need to focus on some of the critical issues facing BALT to ensure that the goals of its Agricultural Enterprise Program Ordinance are met. Staff has identified four strategic policy oriented issues that need to be addressed in order to ensure the successful implementation of the goals of the Agricultural Enterprise Program Ordinance. Staff recommends a phased appropriation of BALT’s funding while a strategic approach to these issues is developed between BALT and the City.

The attached funding request from BALT is for two fiscal years. However, funding for Fiscal Year 2006/07 would require another written request next year and additional information about how any funds provided from the City are utilized and a description of what has been accomplished with previously provided City funds. Funding for the Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust from the City's Agricultural Administration Fund in the amount of $272,962 for Fiscal Year 2005/06 and $253,850 for Fiscal Year 2006/07 was anticipated and has been included in the 2005/06 - 2006/07 Final Operating Budget.

If approved by Council, partial funding of the amount of $272,962 would be appropriated for Fiscal Year 2005/06 and $253,850 would be considered for appropriation in the future for Fiscal Year 2006/07 from the City’s Agricultural Administration fund.

Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust’s Request for Funding

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