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Meeting Date: May 24, 2005

Subject/Title: Review with the City’s auditing firm the scope of the annual audit

Prepared by: Gail Leech, Management Analyst

Submitted by: Pamela Ehler, Director of Finance and Information Systems

Review with the City’s auditing firm the scope of the annual audit.

Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP are the City’s independent auditors. They are engaged by the City to perform an annual financial audit which meets all auditing standards applicable to cities and redevelopment agencies.

Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP will present to Council the preliminary planning process for the annual audit. They will explain their responsibilities as the City’s independent auditors, and also the responsibility of City management as it pertains to the audit process. In addition, they will describe the scope of the audit, including the focus and procedures involved in the interim and final audit process. A sample of the items included in the scope of the work they perform including a review of the budget, cash flow analysis, long-term debt financing agreements, and a review of internal controls. This process is intended to ensure that the audit will be conducted in an effective, efficient manner with as minor an impact on city staff and operations as possible, while still meeting all applicable audit standards.

Upon completion of the annual audit, Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP, will present to Council their findings and recommendations in the form of an Audit Management Letter, making themselves available to answer questions and address issues included in the letter.



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