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Proclamation of the City of Brentwood
Recognizing Michael McPoland

WHEREAS, the California Parks and Recreation Society recognizes individuals and organizations who create community through people, parks and programs; and

WHEREAS, the California Parks and Recreation Society, District III awarded and recognized Michael McPoland for the Outstanding Volunteer in Recreation & Parks; and

WHEREAS, he served many years on the Brentwood Recreation and Park District Board; and

WHEREAS, was a leader in the passage of a City-wide Park Maintenance Parcel Tax in 1998 that has provided the majority of funds necessary to maintain City parks; and

WHEREAS, he was a founding member of the Brentwood Police Activities League Board; and

WHEREAS, he initiated community wide clean up days that helped to restore many of the older City parks and creek channels, which has lead to the City’s Annual Creek Cleanup program; and

WHEREAS, his vision and leadership helped to establish the Brentwood Parks and Recreation Department in 1999, and approval of the Brentwood Parks, Trails and Recreation Master Plan in 2002; and

WHEREAS, he is an advocate and supporter to help the City create a Park and Recreation Commission, Youth Commission, and Arts Commission to get citizen involvement in serving the community as it relates to park and recreation issues; and

WHEREAS, he adds joy to people’s lives;

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the City Council of the City of Brentwood honors Michael McPoland for his years of volunteer service and dedication to our community.

Dated this 26th day of April 2005

Brian Swisher

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