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City of Brentwood


WHEREAS, in California there were 9,918 forcible rapes in the last reported year and 191 forcible rapes reported in Contra Costa County with in the same year; and,

WHEREAS, sexual assault affects every person in the City of Brentwood as a victim/survivor or as a family member, significant other, neighbor or co-worker of a victim/survivor; and,

WHEREAS, many citizens of Brentwood are working to provide quality services and assistance to sexual assault survivors; and dedicated volunteers help staff with 24-hour hotlines, response to emergency calls and by offering their support, comfort and advocacy during medical exams, criminal proceedings, and throughout the healing process; and,

WHEREAS, staff and volunteers of Community Violence Solutions and its Rape Crisis Center Children’s Interview Center and prevention programs in Brentwood are promoting education by offering training to schools, churches, and civic organizations, as well as medical, mental health, law enforcement, education, and criminal justice personnel regarding sexual assault issues; and

WHEREAS, it is vitally important that continued educational efforts to provide information about prevention and services for sexual assault be supported and enhanced; and

WHEREAS, it is critical to intensify public awareness of sexual assault, to educate people about the need for citizen involvement in efforts to reduce sexual violence, to increase support for agencies providing sexual assault services, and to increase awareness of the healing power of creative expression; and

WHEREAS, Community Violence Solutions request public support and assistance as it continues to work toward a society where all women, children and men can live in peace, free from violence and exploitation; and

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that I, Brian Swisher, Mayor of Brentwood do hereby proclaim the month of April as


Dated this 12th day of April 2005.

Brian Swisher


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