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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information


Meeting Date: March 22, 2005

Subject/Title: Approve recommendations from the Park and Recreation Commission for the naming of new park facilities

Prepared by: Janet Hansen, Park Planner

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approve recommended names for parks as suggested by the Park and Recreation Commission.

June 12, 2001, City Council approved a policy regarding the naming/dedication of City facilities.

May 11, 2004, City Council approved park names as suggested by the Park and Recreation Commission at their regular meeting of April 23, 2004.

Staff met with the Park Naming Subcommittee of the Park and Recreation Commission (Jan Melloni and Lanny Brown) in February 2005 to discuss names for parks currently under construction, as well as parks in design development.

Staff then took the Park Naming Subcommittee recommendations to the February 24, 2005 Park and Recreation Commission meeting for discussion and the recommendation to forward the park names to City Council for approval.

The following park names with locations are being forwarded for City Council approval:

1. Subdivision 8470 - Amber Park being developed by Mission Peak, 2 pocket parks, Amber and Topaz. Both parks are being named after gem stones.

2. Subdivision 8534 – Cedarwood, being developed by Signature, 2 neighborhood parks, Mallard and Egret. These two parks are in close proximity to Heron Park and the Commission wanted to continue the local bird and wildlife theme up the eastern edge of Brentwood.

3. Subdivision 8724 – Granville Estates being developed by D.R. Horton, 1 neighborhood park, Granville Green. This name represents the open green turf areas within this park design, which rests among large estate homes.

4. Subdivision 8561 – Rose Garden being developed by Pulte Homes, 7 neighborhood parks. Proposed names are Rose Garden Park for the centrally located park with the swim club facility, Celeste, Anastasia, Rainbows End, Kaleidoscope, Gemini, and Medallion, all names of roses, for the balance of six parks.

5. Subdivision 8788 – S&S Farms being developed by Lennar Homes, 2 neighborhood parks, Blue Goose and Caboose. Blue Goose is the name of fruit packing company located here in Brentwood for many years and this park has a local fruit farming theme. Caboose Park sits near the Union Pacific Railroad line.


Naming/Dedication of Facilities Council/Administrative Policy 


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