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Meeting Date: February 22, 2005

Subject/Title: Authorize the City Manager to retain CPS to conduct the recruitment
for a City Attorney

Prepared by: Karen Chew, Assistant City Manager

Submitted by: Donna Landeros, City Manager

Authorize the City Manager to retain CPS Executive Search to conduct the recruitment for the City Attorney.

CPS Executive Search has recently conducted successful recruitments for the City to fill vacancies for Assistant City Manager, Planning Manager and City Manager. These recruitments were completed in a timely manner and under budget.

The attached proposal to recruit for a City Attorney includes the following:
• Development of a candidate profile that will assist us in locating not only a well-qualified candidate but a candidate that will possess qualities that will enable them to effectively interact with the City Council and others.
• Development of an attractive recruitment brochure that will include important information about the City, the local area, and personal and professional attributes required of the new City Attorney.
• Recruitment outreach including development and placement of advertisements in appropriate professional journals. The Consultant will also actively seek qualified candidates by directly contacting them as well as follow-up with candidates that have been identified by referral of respected and experienced local government executives and local government attorneys.
• The Consultant will receive candidate resumes and will conduct the initial screening to identify candidates that appear to possess the personal and professional attributes the City is seeking. These candidates will be interviewed by the Consultant.
• Candidates will be ranked based on the interview process and those that appear to be the most desirable will be presented to the City Council via written report. The City Council will select a group of finalist candidates for further evaluation and/or interview.

Representatives from CPS will meet with the Council prior to the initiation of the recruitment to obtain input regarding desirable qualifications for the new City Attorney. As this position reports directly to the City Council, the final selection interviews will be conducted by the Council, similar to the process for the recruitment of the City Manager.

The recruitment will not exceed $25,000 (twenty-five thousand dollars) and will be included in the City Attorney’s budget for the current fiscal year.

Proposal from CPS

to the
to recruit a

241 Lathrop Way
Sacramento, CA 95815
Tel 916/263-1401
Fax 916/561-7205

February 16, 2005
February 16, 2005

Donna Landeros, City Manager
City of Brentwood
150 City Park Way
Brentwood, CA 94513

Dear Ms. Landeros:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to submit a proposal to assist the City of Brentwood with the recruitment of a new City Attorney. We feel we have developed a very good understanding of the City of Brentwood and would be delighted to partner with the City in the crucial endeavor to recruit a new City Attorney.

CPS Executive Search (formerly Shannon Executive Search), a Division of CPS Human Resource Services, has provided executive and organizational services to local government clients in the western United States since 1986. The types of services we provide are as follows:

• Executive Search: Focusing on the recruitment and selection of city managers legal counsel and other key management, professional, and technical staff.

• Organization Development and Training: Offering training and group facilitation for council-manager relations, team-building, organizational trouble-shooting, and staff development.

• Human Resources Advisory Services: Providing consulting resources in position classification and compensation analysis, civil service and merit system restructuring, management performance assessments, and ethics training for management and staff.

With respect to this particular assignment we possess a number of important strengths:

• The successful completion of approximately 1,500 recruitments for more than 400 clients. We have extensive experience in the recruitment of all types of local government executive and professional staff, including council/board appointed executives, department directors, and key professional and management positions. Although our client list covers a broad range, please note that each recruitment we conduct is uniquely designed to fit the needs of the individual client and is calculated to provide a strong, competitive pool of candidates.

• We have conducted multiple recruitments for city attorney and related positions. For example, we are presently assisting the City of Sunnyvale in recruiting a City Attorney. We have completed City Attorney recruitments for the California cities of Concord, Morgan Hill, Riverside, Santa Barbara, San Jose and Ventura, plus Scottsdale, Arizona. We also have assisted the City of Napa, CA (Deputy City Attorney) and Sacramento County (County Counsel and Deputy County Counsel) on similar recruitments, as well as Orange County, CA in a Public Defender search.

• We have conducted numerous Bay Area recruitments for a variety of positions and are thus familiar with regional issues such as housing costs, transportation, community demographics, etc. Some of our client cities are or have been the cities of Concord, Antioch, Walnut Creek, Brentwood, Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Portola Valley, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Dublin, Redwood City, Lafayette, Fremont, Millbrae, San Francisco and various public agencies in Marin County.

• In-depth understanding of all local government operations, programs, and services. This understanding has been gained both as local government managers and as consultants to local governments throughout the Western United States.

A detailed proposal outlining our services, staff and reference sources is attached for the City’s consideration.

Again, thank you for the opportunity to be considered for this assignment. We know the selection of a City Attorney is a critical decision for any City Council, and we are prepared to make the process as smooth as possible. If you need additional information, please contact me at (916) 263-1401 or visit our website at


David Harris











The City of Brentwood is about to make a decision of great significance—the selection of a new City Attorney. Because this decision is so critical, CPS Executive Search has developed the most comprehensive and sophisticated executive search service available to local government today. Our unique approach to executive search includes the following features:

The Mayor and City Council must be intimately involved in the search for a new City Attorney. For this reason, our approach assumes their direct participation in key phases of the search process, including the development of the candidate profile and recruitment strategy, the selection of final candidates, interviews with the finalists, and ultimately, the selection of a new City Attorney.

A critical first step in a successful executive search is for the City Council to define the professional and personal qualities required of its City Attorney. To be certain this occurs, we have developed a very effective process that will permit the City to clarify the preferred future direction for the community; the specific challenges the City is likely to face in achieving this future direction; the working style and organizational climate the Council members wish to establish with the City Attorney; and ultimately, the professional and personal qualities that will be required of the City Attorney to be successful.

The best City Attorney candidates are often not actively seeking a new position. They may be very satisfied with their current situation, and may only consider a change if a more attractive career opportunity is presented to them. This is why we take an aggressive approach in identifying and recruiting the best available candidates.

The selection of the best available candidate requires the use of tools that have been specifically designed to evaluate each candidate against the personal and professional qualities identified by the Council. For this reason, we tailor our selection techniques to the City's specific requirements. In addition, we also assume responsibility for administering the selection process for the Council.

One of the most sensitive parts of the selection process is frequently the development of an employment agreement with the new City Attorney. If this is not done with care and precision, it can result in either losing the preferred candidate, or beginning the employment relationship in an awkward manner. To preclude this from occurring, we are available to assist the City Council and the city’s legal counsel in developing an agreement that is acceptable to both parties.

If the candidate selected and appointed by the Mayor and Council terminates employment for any reason before the completion of the first year of service as a result of a full CPS Executive Search recruitment, CPS Executive Search will provide the Mayor and Council with whatever professional services are required to appoint a replacement. Professional consulting services will be provided at no cost.

The CPS mission statement is: “To provide professionally sound, client-oriented human resources….services to public and non-profit clients.” As to executive search specifically, our philosophy/operating principles in approaching a CEO or senior management search are to:
• Protect the client’s interests
• Offer professionally sound advice based on our vast experience
• Listen to the client’s needs and be flexible to meet the those needs
• Keep the client informed of the recruitment’s progress
• Treat candidates with dignity and respect
• Ensure that the potential universe of clients knows about the opportunity in a timely manner through a strategic and proactive approach
• Be accessible to candidates to remove barriers and answer questions


CPS Executive Search has assembled a uniquely qualified team of professionals to assist the City. This team possesses extensive consulting experience and a direct, in-depth understanding of local government. Each team member routinely serves as an engagement manager and personally handles every aspect of the executive search process. David Harris will take the lead on this engagement.

DAVID HARRIS (currently performing a City Attorney recruitment for the City of Sunnyvale)
Throughout his 30+-year career as a local government executive and executive recruiter, Mr. Harris has been involved in a host of senior management recruitments, assessment centers and other human resources related projects. Since joining CPS Executive Search, Mr. Harris has been involved as project manager in the recruitment of city attorneys, city managers, county executives, public safety administrators, transportation managers, finance officers, legal counsel and most other local government executive positions. He is experienced in all phases of the recruitment process.

Before joining CPS Executive Search, Mr. Harris served for nearly 20 years as City Manager of Dixon, California and, prior to that, for nearly six years as Assistant City Manager of Fairfield, California. Mr. Harris was awarded the ICMA Award of Excellence for Local Government Innovation in 1997 and is the author of articles that have been published in State or National journals. His Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree were both earned at Brigham Young University.

Mr. Shannon has over thirty years of human resources management experience including twenty-four year’s experience as a consultant to local, regional, and state government. During this time, numerous consulting engagements have been successfully completed for cities, counties, educational institutions, special districts, and regional and state agencies. Mr. Shannon was a partner in another local government consulting firm for ten years before starting his own firm in 1986. He began his career in key management positions with the City of Inglewood, California.

Mr. Shannon personally conducts the most sensitive and complex recruitments. During his 24 years of consulting experience, Mr. Shannon has personally completed over 100 recruitments for council/board appointed officials, including city managers, county executives, district general managers, and regional agency executives.

In addition to his extensive recruitment experience, Mr. Shannon is recognized as a national leader in human resources management. Specific areas of expertise include management compensation, performance planning and evaluation, group facilitation, strategic planning, and organization improvement.

Mr. Shannon received his Bachelor's degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara and his Master's degree in Management from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Ms. Black-Brann manages our Los Angeles area office and has conducted a variety of local government recruitments in California, Oregon, Arizona, Colorado, and Minnesota. Over the last two years, she has successfully placed candidates in a wide array of positions including city manager, assistant and deputy city manager, police chief, police captain and lieutenant, community and economic development director, human resource director, public works director, city clerk, director of maritime, parks, recreation and neighborhood services deputy director, communications and public affairs director, librarian, director of information technology, and director of youth services, in addition to specialized support positions.

Before entering the executive search field, Ms. Black-Brann enjoyed a successful 14-year career in local and federal government, serving in a number of management positions where she oversaw policing/crime prevention, communications, human resources, finance, public/legislative affairs, information technology, and strategic planning among other areas. In the Clinton Administration, Ms. Black-Brann served as Chief of Staff for the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)/U.S. Department of Justice where she ran the day-to-day and strategic operations of a $1.9 billion federal agency.

Ms. Black-Brann earned her Master of Public Administration degree from the University of Southern California. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fullerton.

Since joining CPS Executive Search in 1998, Mr. Kristensen has assisted numerous local agencies in recruitments for a variety of executive positions including city manager, deputy city manager, police chief, community development director, information services manager, public defender, and internal audit director. He brings to each recruitment an extensive background in general management, human resources, labor relations, budgeting, finance, and organizational development along with experience in strategic planning, redevelopment, recreation, and capital projects.

Mr. Kristensen has concluded a successful 25-year management and operations career with three California cities, most recently as City Manager with the City of Woodland. An accomplished team leader, Mr. Kristensen has enhanced intergovernmental collaboration through the establishment and/or operation of three countywide joint powers authorities for workers compensation/liability insurance services, public transportation, and emergency communications/dispatch services. His management responsibilities included the recruitment and selection of over 15 top-level law enforcement, fire protection, finance, planning, engineering, parks and recreation, and library managers for the City of Woodland alone.

Mr. Kristensen obtained his Bachelor’s degree from California State College, Sonoma and his Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of California, Riverside.

Since joining CPS Executive Search in 2002, Stuart Satow has been involved in numerous recruitments on behalf of various cities, counties and other local government agencies for a variety of executive and senior management positions. Previously Mr. Satow was a fixture on television in the Sacramento region for 22 years. As a sportscaster for ABC affiliate KXTV Channel 10, Mr. Satow interviewed hundreds of management-level executives, university officials and professional and amateur athletes. He is a popular public speaker and emcee who has long been involved in community events in the Sacramento region. With a BA degree in Communication Studies from California State University, Sacramento and 27 years of experience in the communications industry, Mr. Satow is an experienced writer and interviewer who has excellent people skills and a positive track record in staff and project management.

William (“Will”) Randolph has recently joined CPS Executive Search following a very successful career in local, state and federal government. He serves simultaneously as the Executive Director of the County Administrative Officers Association of California. Most recently, Mr. Randolph served as County Administrative Officer (CAO) for San Bernardino County, the largest county, geographically, in the lower 48 states. Previously he was CAO of Fresno and Butte Counties. Earlier in his career, Mr. Randolph served as City Administrator of the City of Oroville, as District/Legislative Director for a member of the U.S. Congress and as Director of a Grant-In-Aid program for the State of California.

Mr. Randolph obtained his Master of Public Administration degree from California State University, Chico, and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley. He is a member of the International City Management Association and is a former Captain in the United States Air Force. Mr. Randolph was a member of the Governor’s Local government Policy Council Restructuring Advisory Panel in 1994. He has developed an ethics training program which has been utilized by various government agencies who have found it to be beneficial to their organization.
Dr. Boehm has served as City Manager of two California cities (Sierra Madre and Camarillo) and was Executive Director of the California Peace Officer Standards and Training Commission (POST) for 17 years prior to his retirement from that agency. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University (BYU), an MPA degree from the University of Southern California and a PhD from Claremont Graduate University in Government. He has also taught public administration classes at BYU on a full-time basis and has lived and worked overseas in Russia for three years. Dr. Boehm was an executive recruiter prior to his service in Russia and has recently rejoined CPS Executive Search. In his recruiting capacity he has worked on a variety of projects for cities, counties, utilities and other public agencies in the recruitment of city managers, police chiefs, and utility executives, among others.

Ms. Montgomery has directly recruited and placed interim executives in all disciplines of local government, from County Administrator to Police Chief. With PESA as the Employer of Record in these placements, is has been critical that all aspects of candidate recruitment, assessment, background checking, and negotiation be conducted expeditiously and effectively.

Prior to joining CPS, Ms. Montgomery enjoyed a successful fifteen-year career as a local government executive in cities with populations ranging from 50,000 to 400,000. These years of service yielded a strong foundation in economic and community development, as well as policy development and administrative services. Additionally, she has more than ten years experience in corporate management and recruitment, providing experience in the public utilities, finance, communications sectors. Ms. Montgomery is a graduate of Michigan State University.


The executive search process presented below is designed to provide the City Council with the full range of services required to assure the ultimate selection of a City Attorney who is uniquely suited to the city's needs.


Task 1 - Review and Finalize Executive Search Process and Schedule
A critical first step in this engagement is a thorough review of the search process and schedule with the Council. This will ensure that the City's needs are met in the most complete manner possible.

Task 2 - Meet Individually with Each Council Member
As a prelude to a workshop session with the Council, the consultant will be available to meet individually with the each Council Member. The purpose of these meetings is to develop individual insights regarding the community’s needs and the personal and professional characteristics desired in a City Attorney.

Task 3 - Receive Input From Others
As desired by the Council, the recruitment process can provide for the active participation of the City Manager, department heads, and others in the development of the candidate profile. The specific nature of the involvement process would be developed in consultation with the Council. The results of the above activities will be summarized by the consultant and provided to the Council as an additional source of information for developing the candidate profile and selection criteria.

Task 4 - Development of Candidate Profile and Recruitment Strategy
This task could be accomplished during a workshop session of one and one-half to two hours in length involving the Mayor, Council and the consultant. This task will result in the identification of the personal and professional attributes required of the new City Attorney, and include the following activities:

• The Mayor and Council will identify priorities for the new City Attorney.

• The consultant will assist the Mayor and Council in identifying the conditions and challenges likely to be encountered in achieving the priorities identified above.

• The Mayor and Council will describe the type of working relationship they wish to establish with the City Attorney.

• The consultant will assist the Mayor and Council in generating a list of specific competencies, experiences, and personal attributes needed by the new City Attorney in light of the analyses conducted above.

• The consultant will present several recruitment and selection strategies for the Mayor and Council’s consideration. The Mayor and Council will choose the recruitment and selection process most likely to produce the intended results.

Task 5 - Prepare Recruitment Brochure and Place Advertisements
Following the completion of the workshop session, text for an attractive recruitment brochure will be prepared and presented to the Mayor and Council for review prior to printing (samples may be seen on our website at In addition, advertisements will be prepared and placed for publication in appropriate magazines, journals, newsletters, job bulletins, and Web sites.


Task 1 - Identify and Contact Potential Candidates
This very crucial task will include a variety of activities designed to attract the best available candidates. In addition to the placement of advertisements in appropriate professional journals, the consultant will:

• Contact respected and experienced local government executives and local government attorneys to identify outstanding potential candidates on a referral basis. These individuals, as well as potential candidates, are typically contacted very soon after they have received a recruitment flier in order to maximize the impact of the multiple contacts.

• Select top quality candidates for consideration from past recruitments.

• Provide each potential candidate with a copy of the recruitment brochure transmitted by personal letter.

• Contact potential candidates by telephone to explain the career opportunity, answer questions, and encourage them to submit a resume. Oftentimes this component necessitates multiple conversations with the same person to peak their interest and to answer their questions.
Task 2 – Resume Review and Personal Interviews
All resumes will be submitted directly to the consultant for initial screening. This screening process is specifically designed to assess the personal and professional attributes the City is seeking and will include:

• A thorough review of each candidate's resume and other supporting materials.

• Personal interviews with the candidates who appear to best meet the City’s needs. This group typically includes approximately eight to twelve candidates, but could include more.

Task 3 - Council Selects Finalists
At the conclusion of the previous tasks, the consultant will prepare a written report that summarizes the results of the recruitment process and recommends six to eight candidates for further consideration by the Council. This report will include the candidate resumes and a profile on each candidate's background. The candidate profile includes a summary of current responsibilities and an assessment of each candidate’s potential fit. The consultant will meet with the Council to review this report and to assist the Council in selecting a group of finalists for further evaluation.


Task 1 - Design Selection Process
Based on the results of the meeting conducted in Phase I, the consultant will design a selection process to be utilized by the Council in assessing the final candidates. This process will typically include an in-depth interview with each candidate, but may also include other selection tools such as an oral presentation and problem-solving exercises.

Task 2 - Administer Selection Process
The consultant will coordinate all aspects of the selection process for the City. This includes contacting both the successful and unsuccessful candidates, preparing appropriate materials, facilitating the interviews, and assisting the Council with deliberation of the results of the interviews.

Task 3 – Arrange Follow-up Interviews and Conduct In-depth Reference Checks
Following the completion of the selection process, the consultant will be available to schedule and coordinate follow-up interviews, and complete reference checks. The in-depth reference checks are conducted in confidence and include elected officials, community leaders, peers, and subordinates. A written summary of the reference checks is provided to the City Council.
We would also have a background records check of court, credit and driving records performed on one finalist candidate at no extra cost.

Task 4 – Assist Council in Developing Employment Agreement
Once the Council has made a selection, the consultant will assist the Council and new City Attorney in developing the terms of an agreement that covers compensation and other terms and conditions of employment. This process is typically completed in collaboration with appropriate outside counsel, or other city leader designated by the Mayor and Council.


Based on the parameters established in Phase I, the consultant will facilitate a workshop session of approximately four hours in length involving the Mayor, Council, and the new City Attorney. This session is designed to ensure that the Council and City Attorney are clear about mutual expectations and will include:

• The clarification of roles between the Mayor, Council, and City Attorney, and ways of dealing with role conflicts as they arise.

• The development of performance objectives for the City Attorney for the first year.

• The development of the performance evaluation criteria for use by the Council during the City Attorney’s first year of service, and an evaluation framework that can be used in future years.

This exercise can help get a most important working relationship in city government off to a positive start and helps to maintain a productive working relationship thereafter.

Listed below is a sample of recruitments we have concluded for City Attorney and related positions:

Client Position
Concord, City of City Attorney

Ed James
City Manager
925 671-3447
Contra Costa County Public Defender

Leslie Knight
Human Resources Director
925 335-1766

Morgan Hill, City of City Attorney Ed Tewes
City Manager
408 779-7271

Napa, City of Deputy City Attorney Patricia Thompson
City Manager
707 257-9501

Orange County Public Defender Jan Walden
Assistant County Executive Officer
714 834-2834

Riverside, City of City Attorney Ron Loveridge
909 826-5312

Sacramento County County Counsel Bob Thomas
former County Executive
(presently City Manager of Sacramento)
916 264-5704

Sacramento County Deputy County Counsel Robert Ryan
County Counsel

San Jose, City of City Attorney Del Borgsdorf
City Manager
408 277-5777

Santa Barbara, City of City Attorney Jim Armstrong
City Manager

Scottsdale, City of City Attorney Jan Dolan
City Manager

Ventura, City of City Attorney Linda Kegerreis
Former HR Director


CPS Executive Search is prepared to begin work immediately. We can complete all search activities up to and including the selection of a new City Attorney in 12 to 16 weeks. The precise schedule will depend on the placement of advertising in the appropriate professional journals, and the ability to schedule, as quickly as possible, the initial Councilmember interviews and the initial workshop session with the Council. A proposed schedule is presented below.


Task Name Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 Month 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
Initial Meeting to Define Candidate Profile 
Place Ads and Draft Brochure 
Brochure Approved and Printed 
Aggressive Recruiting 
Final Filing Date 
Preliminary Screening 
Report of Results to Mayor/Council 
Council Interviews 
Appointment 
(Weeks) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16



The professional fee for consulting services is $17,500. This fee covers all the consultant services associated with Phases I, II and III of the recruitment process, including a total of at least three field visits to develop the candidate profile and recruitment strategy, assist the City Council in finalist selection and facilitate City Council interviews with finalists.

Additional services beyond the scope of the proposal will be provided, upon request of the client. These services will be defined in advance and an estimate of the total cost provided prior to beginning such services.


Actual out-of-pocket reimbursable expenses for such items as advertising, printing/copying, long distance telephone, postage/delivery charges, and travel.

Estimated Range $5,500 - $7,500

Professional fees and reimbursable expenses would be billed and paid monthly.


Periodically our clients require supplemental consulting services to meet the community’s unique needs. With this in mind, we are prepared to provide the following optional services.

Our clients sometimes desire input from the community in the development of the candidate profile. At the direction of the Council, we will tailor a citizen involvement process that meets the unique needs of the community.

Once the Council has selected a City Attorney, the relationship between Council and City Attorney is just beginning, and how it commences can affect the relationship for years to come. To be sure this relationship begins on a constructive basis, we will assist the Council, and City Attorney in a transition planning process that will ensure that the Council and City Attorney are clear about mutual expectations. Specific activities include the development of performance objectives, the clarification of the Council, and City Attorney roles, and the development of performance evaluation criteria for use by the Council during the City Attorney’s first year of service.

We can arrange through a licensed private investigation firm, a detailed background investigation of the finalist candidate. Typically the investigation would include checks of court records, credit reports, driving record, academic degrees, and a newspaper article search. This background check could also include an on-site field investigation.

The trained compensation professionals on our staff are available to provide up-to-date and complete base salary and total compensation survey data.

We can arrange for a psychological assessment of the finalist candidates if desired by our client. This type of assessment typically includes the use of psychological tests and in-depth interviews and results in a detailed, written report to the client 


City Administration
City of Brentwood City Council
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