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Meeting Date: January 11, 2005

Subject/Title: Approve Arts Commission recommendation for Poet Laureate Emeritus

Prepared by: Rebekah Burr-Siegel, Arts Services Manager

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Recognize Mary Jane Barnes as the City of Brentwood Poet Laureate Emeritus.

On October 23, 2002, the City of Brentwood Arts Commission unanimously approved the recommendation of Mary Jane Barnes as the first Poet Laureate for the City of Brentwood pending final approval from City Council.

On November 12, 2002, the City Council approved the recognition of Mary Jane Barnes as the first Poet Laureate for the City of Brentwood on the recommendation of the Brentwood Arts Commission. Her Poet Laureate term expired on December 31, 2004.

In September the Arts Commission began recruitment for a new Poet Laureate to replace Ms. Barnes. The submission deadline of October 17, 2004 saw no submissions. The Arts Commission is recommending to leave the position vacant and will readdress the issue in 24 months. The Arts Commission and Literary Arts Committee acknowledge the importance of the literary arts in Brentwood and Ms. Barnes’ contribution. Simultaneously, the Arts Commission does not want to ignore the post or have it vacant too long. They will work diligently to foster the literary arts in our community in order to have some viable candidates in 24 months in order to continue to advocate for the appreciation and advancement of the literary arts, particularly poetry.

With approval of this selection, the Arts Commission will invite Mrs. Barnes to the City Council meeting of January 25, 2005 to be officially recognized.

There is no fiscal impact.

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