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DATE: December 14, 2004

TO: Mayor and Council Members

FROM: Karen Diaz, City Clerk/Director of Administrative Services

SUBJECT: Subdivision No. 8754 Final Map Approval

In compliance with State Subdivision Map Act Section 66458 (d), and Municipal Code Section 16.165.030, please be advised that the above-referenced Final Map and associated Subdivision Improvement Agreement have been presented to the City Manager for approval and execution.

Tentative Subdivision Map No. 8754, upon which this Final Map is based, was approved by Planning Commission Resolution No. 04-23 on April 6, 2004. The property, located at the southwest corner of Balfour Road and Highway 4 Bypass, consisting of 59.74 acres being subdivided into 15 lots and 2 parcels: Parcel A and Parcel B, is developed by John Muir/Mt. Diablo Health System. Per the conditions of approval of the Tentative Subdivision Map, the Developer will dedicate Parcel A to the City and Parcel B is reserved for future use by the State Route 4 Bypass Authority, which is noted on this Final Map.

This Final Map has been checked for conformance with the approved Tentative Subdivision Map and all conditions of approval. The Developer has signed the proposed Subdivision Improvement Agreement, the appropriate improvement security (Faithful Performance and Labor & Materials Bonds No. 104201179 for Off-Site Balfour Road improvements and Faithful Performance and Labor & Materials Bonds No. 0394216 for John Muir Parkway & Eagle Rock Avenue improvements) have been posted, and dedications for the appropriate roadways, parcels and easements have been offered.

In order for this Final Map to be recorded, the City Manager needs to approve the Subdivision Map, accepting the offers of dedication as shown on the Subdivision Map and also execute the Subdivision Improvement Agreement.

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