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Meeting Date: November 9, 2004

Subject/Title: Informational report on current and projected staff planning and controls for City Departments including a sample organizational chart designed for long range financial planning and controls

Submitted by: John Stevenson, City Manager

At the request of the City Manager, the City Departments are preparing organizational charts to assist in future hiring. Attached for information only is a sample rough draft copy of one of these organizational charts that has been prepared showing current and projected staffing for a Department based on population triggers.

A number of City Departments are expected to expand proportionally or a fraction of proportional growth when compared to population, miles of road or some other factor. The City Manager believes that Police and Public Works are the two most obvious examples of proportional growth. To a somewhat lesser degree, Finance, Housing and Parks & Recreation will expand with population, but at a factor less than 1. The areas of Engineering, Planning, Building and Economic Development are not expected to expand proportionally with population, but will probably decrease in terms of employees per 1,000 population.

The Public Works Director, as an example, is projecting that the current road maintenance staff will need to be increased roughly proportionally as the miles of road increase. Many of our community growth needs are, along with other factors, directly attributed to population growth. These growth triggers have been identified at population intervals of 10,000 on the attached organizational chart.

The attached organizational chart illustrates in rough draft form the Public Works Department’s anticipated staffing needs at specific population intervals, (i.e. 40,000–50,000), with an anticipated build-out of approximately 75,000. At this estimated build-out population, the City anticipates a need for 483 employees total (all departments) in order to continue the current level of services. There are currently 283 budgeted positions in the City with a current population of 42,000. This equates to 6.74 employees per 1,000 residents currently. At build-out that ratio is projected to be 6.44 per 1,000 residents.

The organizational charts will be prepared at the City Manager’s request to assist in future 10 and 20 year fiscal models. With this kind of detailed planning, our models will be as accurate as possible and our hiring and budgeting can be locked to those models, creating an easy-to-follow control. Staffing levels are set to serve the needs of our current population. As our number of residents increase, the demand for services also increases. There is a break point when existing staff can no longer absorb the additional work load that a growing population brings. At this break point, overtime staffing costs will equal or exceed costs for additional staff. That is the time to add staff, and if it is predicted through an organizational chart like the one attached, hiring can occur just in time to keep us efficient.

This type of planning obviously helps to ensure that staffing is always appropriate to meet the level of service provided to and expected by our citizens. These staffing projections do not address technological advancements that may streamline staffing. Conversely, they also do not address increases in service levels driven by demand and/or state or federal requirements. These issues would be addressed as they arise and adjustments made accordingly.

No current impact. It is a future financial and hiring/timing tool intended to keep staffing levels appropriate, not too high and not too low. Basically, it is a cost containment measure.

Rough Draft Organizational Chart

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