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Meeting Date: August 24, 2004

Subject/Title: Appointment of Members to the Citizen’s Advisory Committee
on Community Facilities

Prepared by: Karen Chew, Assistant City Manager

Submitted by: John Stevenson, City Manager


Authorize appointment of nine members to the Citizens Advisory Committee regarding Community Facilities.


On May 25, 2004, the City Council authorized staff to begin advertising and accepting applications from the community to serve on a newly created Citizen’s Advisory Committee to work with staff in determining the Community Facilities needs, priorities and opportunities.

Thirteen applications were received and on August 6, 2004, the Mayor met with the Director of Parks & Recreation and the Assistant City Manager to review the applications. Consensus was reached to appoint nine members to this Committee and to solicit representation from both Brentwood Union School District and Liberty Union High School District to serve in an advisory capacity. It was felt that the nine individuals recommended for appointment represent a broad cross-section of the community and will provide input from a variety of perspectives regarding the future facility needs of the community.


The fiscal impact of this Committee will be minimal. Staff recommends amending the budget to allow an amount of general fund money not to exceed $2,500.00 for the possibility that this Committee may need some minimal expenditure of funds to efficiently accomplish its tasks. This may include group field trips to other facilities, or other activities yet to be defined.


• List of applicants
• Informational sheet regarding Advisory Committee purpose

Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Community Facilities

Recommended members:

Name: Representing (or affiliations):
Ashley Clare Youth
Ronald Fugazzi Friends of the Brentwood Library
Barbara Guise Chamber, Tri-Delta Transit, Cemetery District, Soroptimist, DCSI
Tom Jones Brentwood Park & Recreation, Kiwanis Club
Lillian Navarrette N/A (Community Chest, Soroptimist, Harvest Time, Chamber)
Shelly Newton Brentwood Senior Citizen’s Club
Greg Robinson Brentwood P.A.L & Brentwood Rotary
Manuel Vilchez N/A (Marine Corps League, Project Area Committee, Elks Club)
Dirk Zeigler Brentwood Neighborhood Advisory Committee (BANC)

Other applicants:

Martin K. Elliott, OMNI Funding Services
Wayne Reeves LUHSD
Karen Rogge City of Brentwood Community
Robert Taylor LUHSD

Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Community Facilities

The City Council is seeking community members to serve on a “Citizen’s Advisory Committee on Community Facilities”. Brentwood citizens who represent interests related to community facilities are asked to complete a committee application form and return it to the City Clerk by Thursday, July 1st. Applications are available at City Hall, the Parks & Recreation Department, at our website, or by phoning 516-5400.

The purpose of the Advisory Committee is to make recommendations to the City Council on short and long term community facility opportunities for Brentwood. The Advisory Committee will work on two phases of recommendations:

Phase I
• Inventory of existing facilities and opportunities related to community facilities
• Visioning and assessment of current needs regarding type of facilities and services and the needs of Brentwood at General Plan build-out
• Opportunities for collaboration with other providers/agencies
• Fiscally responsible consideration of costs and funding opportunities
• Report to City Council on completion of Phase I

Phase II (as a result of report to City Council from Phase I)
• Prioritize recommended services
• Recommendation of phasing
• Recommendation of financing for construction and on-going maintenance options
• Report to City Council on completion of Phase II

Citizens interested in serving on this committee must be able to:
• Attend committee meetings, meeting a minimum of once a month or more often if necessary (the process is expected to last up to one year)
• Attend scheduled tours of facilities as necessary with cost of transportation and meals provided by the City of Brentwood (tours are expected to be scheduled on weekends)
• Depending on number of interested applicants, each person may be required to represent and report back to more than one organization
• Agree to work together for the benefit of all organizations and in the interest of the entire community

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