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Meeting Date: July 27, 2004

Subject/Title: Public Hearing – Continued first reading of a Zoning Ordinance Amendment (RZ 04-09) Establishing a Farmers’ Market As A Conditionally Permitted Use in the Central Business (CB) District Zone and Establishing Standards for Their Review Consistent With Outdoor Dining and/or Merchandise Displays in the CB Zone Right-of – Way.

Prepared by: Mike Leana, Chief of Planning, Dennis Beougher, City Attorney
Howard Sword, Economic Development Director

Submitted by: Howard Sword, Economic Development Director

Staff recommends that this item be continued to the City Council meeting of August 10, 2004.

At its meeting on May 25, 2004, the City Council approved seed money for the establishment of Brentwood’s first farmers’ market. As part of its request for financial support from the City the organizers of the farmers’ market requested assurance that a competing farmers’ market not be allowed elsewhere within the community during the term of its existence. As a result the City Attorney was directed to see if this request could be accommodated. This proposed Municipal Code Amendment is intended to attain this objective.

At the City Council meeting on July 13, 2004, several downtown business owners voiced their concerns regarding the impact of the farmers’ market on their respective businesses, causing Council to request this item be continued to its meeting of July 27, 2004, in order to look into the concerns. Following a meeting with the downtown business owners on July 19, 2004, staff is recommending that the item be further continued to the City Council meeting of August 10, 2004.

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