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Meeting Date: July 13, 2004

Subject/Title: Approve authorization for City Manager to vote “Yes” on the official assessment ballots for City-owned parcels on the Parks and Open Space Protection and Preservation Assessment by the Contra Costa County Open Space Funding Authority

Prepared by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Submitted by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Approve authorization for the City Manager to cast a “Yes” vote on the Parks and Open Space Protection and Preservation Assessment ballots for City owned parcels.


The City has received 23 ballots for City owned properties that each has one vote on the Parks and Open Space Protection and Preservation District mail-in election that is sponsored by the Contra Costa County Open Space Funding Authority. If approved, the proposed assessment would raise approximately $8,366,000 in fiscal year 2004/05 to be used for park, recreation facilities and open space purposes throughout Contra Costa County.

Specifically as it relates to Brentwood, if approved, funds would be available for the following projects:

• Funds raised in the East County area would be used to acquire and preserve additional lands around the east side of Mt. Diablo State Park
• $5,000,000 would be used to acquire additional natural lands and to protect wildlife corridors in the East County foothills that extend from the southern end of Antioch and the western boundary of Brentwood south to the Byron airport
• $5,000,000 would be used to help preserve and protect the prime farmland/agricultural core that is to the east and south of Brentwood
• $5,000,000 would be available for creek and watershed restoration, including the East County Watershed from Bay Point to Oakley and Brentwood of $1,000,000
• $5,000,000 in grant funds would be available to trail construction and enhancements for trails connecting communities, regional parks or major city parks
• $2,000,000 would be available for the improvement and enhancement of the John Marsh Home Pioneer Park
• 16% of the assessment funds received will be provided for Community Priority Projects in every city and community on a per-capita basis based on 2000 census

Only three City parcels would have an assessment if passed:
013-132-001 Police Station $71.00/year
013-041-009 City Hall $71.00/year
013-041-008 Community Center $35.50/year

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