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Meeting Date: June 22, 2004

Subject/Title: Approve request by Brentwood Pony Baseball League for $2,770 for hosting regional tournament

Prepared by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approve the request by Brentwood Pony Baseball League for $2,770 for hosting a regional tournament.


After a very successful season, the Pony West Zone director, Able Hernandez, has selected Brentwood Pony Baseball League to host a regional tournament for the Pinto (7-8 year old) division. This honor is a first for organized baseball in Brentwood and is indeed an honor for the City and Brentwood Pony Baseball.

With Sunset Sports Complex currently under construction, the only available field for use is Oak Meadow Park, adjacent to R. Paul Krey Elementary School. To host a tournament, Brentwood Pony is required to raise money to offset the costs of running the tournament. With such short notice, the usual options are: charge for parking; charge a gate admission to get in; sell concessions; or sell merchandise at the site.

Brentwood Pony met with staff to discuss which, if any of the above options were available to them at Oak Meadow Park so they could pay the costs of administering the tournament. In light of the citizens concerns we have been dealing with this year in the use of Oak Meadow in place of Sunset Park, I was very reluctant to allow any of the options, as they are not a part of the traditional use scheduled at that park.

If this request were to come in next year, we would allow Pony to use Sunset Sports Complex, where they could consider a gate admission, and the sale of concessions and merchandise as a way to pay for their cost. However, staff does not support any of those options be allowed at Oak Meadow Park this year

Brentwood Pony Baseball is an affiliate organization of the City of Brentwood, following the rules and regulations as required by the City. In support of their honor of hosting a regional tournament and bringing it to Brentwood, staff is recommending City Council approval of a donation of $2,770 to Brentwood Pony for this one-time tournament expense.

If approved, the $2,770 would be a general fund expense, coming from general fund reserve account.

Attachment: Brentwood Pony Baseball Letter

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