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Meeting Date: May 11, 2004

Subject/Title: Approve recommendations from Park and Recreation Commission for the naming of new park facilities

Prepared by: Ken De Silva, Park Services Manager

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Approve recommended names for parks as suggested by the Park and Recreation Commission.

City Council approved a policy regarding the naming/dedication of City facilities at the City Council meeting of June 12, 2001.

Staff met with the Park Naming Subcommittee, of the Park and Recreation Commission (Jan Melloni and Lanny Brown) on September 8, 2003 and February 25, 2004 to discuss names for parks to be constructed. The subcommittee also met with Kathy Leighton, local historian, at its February 25th meeting.

The Park Naming subcommittee took their recommendations to the March and April 2004 Park and Recreation Commission meetings, where they were approved by the Commission at its regular meeting of April 23, 2004 and requested it be sent to the City Council.

The following suggestions for park names are based, primarily, on historical significance in the Brentwood area. The names, and explanations, are as follows:


1. Subdivision 8557 – Providence Place (Developer is Western Pacific) - 1 park
Historically, this area had fruit tree orchards of various kinds. The recommended name of this park is Fruitwood Park. This park is .4 acres in size.

2. Subdivision 8603 - Sterling Pinnacle (Developer is Meritage) - 4 parks
In this area, apricot, cherry, almond and peach trees were grown. The Commission felt the four pocket parks in this subdivision should be appropriately named after these trees. The recommended names are Apricot, Cherry, Almond, and Peach. These 4 parks total 2.2 acres.

3. Subdivision 8546 - Sterling Preserve II (Developer is Meritage) - 2 parks
First Park - The Union Pacific Railroad was a prevalent transportation mechanism in East Contra Costa County in the late 1800’s. This train made several stops in Brentwood to pick up and transport produce. Iron Horse was the early nickname for a train since the horse was the other most prevalent form of transportation at the time. This park is in relatively close proximity to the Union Pacific railroad tracks. The recommended name for the first park is Iron Horse Park.

Second Park – (Parcel C on map)
The Commission felt residents should know that the prevalent crop of the original Brentwood area settlers was primarily wheat. They recommended we name this second park Wheatfield Park.

These two parks total 2.2 acres.

4. Subdivision 8601 - Brighton Station (Developer is Western Pacific) - 1 park
Horses were raised in this, as in many areas of our City. For this reason it was felt these parks should be named Palomino and Appaloosa. These parks total 1.47 acres.

5. Subdivision 8529 – Crossroads II (Developer is Ponderosa Homes) –1 park
(Dog Park on map)
In 1934 the very first Contra Costa County dog license was issued to a dog named “King.” This was a German Shepard owned by Edgar Allen who was the editor/owner of the Brentwood News at the time. This park will have a dog park component in it. The recommended name for this park is King Park. This park will total 3.8 acres.

6. Subdivision 8469 and 8663 – Montelena I and II (Developer is Centex Homes) – 1 park
The most prevalent, indigenous Indian tribes of the area were the Yokuts. Currently, Miwok Park (the other indigenous Indian tribe) is located to the east of this park in the SPA L area. In recognition of another one of our local Native American tribes the Commission recommended naming this park Yokut Park. This park will be 1.25 acres.


The Park and Recreation Commission, in their consideration of names for different park facilities, have repeatedly discussed the idea of naming a park or facility in Brentwood after our veterans. With an increase in our senior population, the Commission is becoming aware that our veteran population is also increasing. As a result, the Commission has been trying to decide an appropriate recommendation to City Council for honoring veterans at a City park or facility.

The current City project CIP # 522-5221 – Balfour Road Park (11 acre site), has been discussed on many occasions as to what the appropriate name should be. This project is now under construction to the west of the existing Aquatics Complex.

As this was one of the parks that needed a name, the Commission feels that this project may be the appropriate park for consideration as “Veteran’s Park”. Staff has attached a copy of the draft minutes of the April 22, 2004 Park and Recreation Commission meeting so that City Council can understand the nature of the discussion. In addition to the strong feeling of naming a park for our veterans, the Commission felt that this specific park would be appropriate as it will be a highly visual and prominent park. The Commission feels this would provide the appropriate venue for honoring our veterans.

As a part of the discussion, staff reminded the Commission that as this facility is already under construction, there wouldn’t be any specific items incorporated into the park with respect to honoring our veterans. Therefore, any improvements to the park after it is built will have to be funded from some other source. Staff raised the question if it didn’t make more sense to consider naming a park for our veterans at a location where the park could be designed from the beginning with this in mind. After much discussion, the Commission is still recommending that City Council consider naming the Balfour Road Park Veteran’s Park.

A number of the Park and Recreation Commissioners will be attendance at the City Council meeting to discuss this matter with City Council, requesting consideration of naming the Balfour Road Park Veteran’s Park or whether another location/situation should be considered. This park will be 11 acres.


Administrative Policy regarding naming/dedication of City facilities
Excepts from draft Park & Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes of April 23, 2004 (Item #6)
Map with park locations indicated

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