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Meeting Date: February 10, 2004

Subject/Title: Accept the City of Brentwood Arts Commission Annual Report 2003

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Prepared by: Angela DiNicola, Administrative Assistant for the Arts Commission

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Accept the City of Brentwood Arts Commission Annual Report for calendar year 2003.

The City of Brentwood Arts Commission accepted and approved the Annual Report of the Commission for 2003 at the regular Arts Commission meeting of November 29, 2003.

In accordance with the Arts Commission charter, the Arts Commission is to prepare and submit an annual report of activities to City Council on yearly basis.

A copy of the current Arts Commission Annual Report for 2003 is attached for your review and acceptance.

This report bears no fiscal impact.

Arts Commission 2003 Annual Report


The year 2003 was a good year for the Brentwood Arts Commission. The Commission completed 95% of their goals and objectives plus assumed some additional responsibilities that weren’t planned or foreseen.

Goal 1: Revise the Commission Charter to expand the Executive Committee and to provide for continuity in Chairperson changes: Develop an Associate Member category.
On September 9, 2003 the City Council approved amendments to Arts Commission, Chapter 2.44, section 2.44.60, Officers, by adding the position of Past Chair to preserve the experience of the Chair as they move out of office and increasing the Executive Committee to three. It also provided for a new Chairperson to take office each year and the election of the Chairperson Elect annually who will automatically assume the Chair, the following year. Furthermore, the Executive Committee is authorized to spend up to $500 for emergencies between Commission meetings, to be approved by the full Commission at their next regular meeting. The Associate Member category was not approved by vote of the Commission.

Goal 2: Obtain the enabling legislation for the Percent for Art Program and conditions of approval as interim measure.
On September 9, 2003 the City Council approved section 2.44.180 Public Art, in principal and on September 23, 2003 approved the fee schedule committing one percent of the cost of capital investment projects to art and four tenths of one percent for housing development which will become effective partially on January 1, 2004 and will be fully implemented July 1, 2004. This is a significant piece of legislation. The City Planning Department independently initiated a condition of approval clause whereby housing developers are required to install public art in their development.

Goal 3: Conduct an Art for Arts Sake sidewalk art show in downtown Brentwood May 10, 2003.
The Art for Arts Sake sidewalk show was conducted with moderate success. The number of artists participating was not as high as had been hoped for, but the art was very good. The merchants seemed to appreciate the effort.

Goal 4: Continued support of the Summer Concerts in the Park.

Goal 5: Day in the Park Art and Wine Festival October 11 – 12, 2003.
The second Art and Wine Festival was very successful. The weather was beautiful, artists and artisans were very high quality, the jazz music was superb, and the turn out was good. The sponsorship was significantly higher than last year and a profit was made. The efforts of the committee and many volunteers, who did a wonderful job, made this event a success.

Goal 6: Farmer Statue moving closer to reality.
In August the City Council approved an additional fee to Shea Homes for modifications done to the original plans. This fee resulted in $80,000 to the Arts Commission to use for promoting art in the City. The Commission voted unanimously to use some of the money to erect the statue of a farmer. It is currently in the planning stages.

Goal 7: Art Gallery Showings.
The Arts Commission conducted four (4) Art Shows throughout the year which featured top artists. The shows give local artists a venue to display their artistic talents and allow a place for the residents of Brentwood to come and see and/or purchase a variety of beautiful art. The art shows included:

• Diego Rivera: An outstanding show that received a lot of attention from the community. Many paintings were received from Brentwood Hispanic residents. Approximately 1,700 school children attended the show transported by Dimes-A-Ride busses. The University who loaned the Commission the exhibit commended them for the way the exhibit was ran and said they had paved the way for future shows.

• Alex and Lee Jewelry Show: The unusual and artistic jewelry drew a good crowd and the artist Lee gave a wonderful presentation at the reception.

• Frank Lloyd Wright Show: An outstanding show with an informative and interesting presentation done by Arthur Stern. This show drew many people and the reception was an outstanding success.

• Tamara W. Hill Photography Show: Beautiful photography lined the walls of the Art Gallery and the reception was well attended. Tamara gave a lecture on her travels and her experience as a photographer and opened it up to a question and answer session. As always, many local artists submitted their creations and the gallery once again is full of beautiful art.

Goal 8: New Commissioners.
During the year several good candidates were interviewed and four were selected for appointment by the City Council. The appointees were Sandra Gill, local Teacher/Administrator with grant writing experience; Patrick McCarran, local businessman with film experience; Jim Bryant, Professor Emeritus, San Jose State University, photographer and grant writing experience; and Saunie Fridley, Private Investigator with art and financial management skills. The Commission has also lost a few key members and we are looking for new volunteers.

Goal 9: Appoint an Art Commission Historian.
The new part-time Administrative Assistant, Angela DiNicola, as part of her wide range of duties, is also the Historian along with Chairperson Ron Beatty.

Goal 10: Develop closer relations with the Brentwood School Arts programs.
• Arts Commissioners Mary Hannigan and Jan Melloni combined efforts with School Administrator Mary Black to make it possible for 1,700 school children to attend the Diego Rivera art show. Thanks to the involvement of each Art Commissioner, this event turned out to be the largest and most talked about Art Show that’s been held to date.
• Commissioner Mary Hannigan committed to starting an Art Docent program and with the help of Commissioner Jan Melloni and art docent coordinator, Regina McCarthy. It’s up and running at Paul Krey Elementary School. Their efforts have resulted in several parent volunteers who attended training and are now teaching the program. An expanded program includes Loma Vista, Ron Nunn, Garin,and Brentwood elementary schools.

Goal 11: Consideration of a new Art Gallery.
The Arts Commission was interested in purchasing a building for use as an Art Gallery and to hold art classes. One consideration was to convert an old barn into a gallery. Since this didn’t materialize, in the spring the Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Church went up for sale and the commission considered purchasing it. The rectory had been converted into offices and there was a church hall and several classrooms which could have been used to teach art. After further consideration the Commission decided that the rent-free space the City has provided is adequate at this time. The Commission will open the Art Gallery one Saturday a month beginning in January 2004.

Goal 12: Location to hold art classes for home schooled children.
Chairperson Ron Beatty opened his studio to children and taught two home-schooled children for six months.

Other activities for the year include:

• The Arts Commission sponsored the East County Writers Group with their first presentation of local authors. Each author read a snippet of his/her work.

• The Arts Commission was asked by the organizers of the Contra Costa Fair if they would decorate one of the eight full-sized, fiberglass grizzly bears which would be on display at the fair in Antioch and then the State Fair in Sacramento. The bear was decorated to look like an ear of corn and received honorable mention at the State Fair. The San Diego bear won first place with the Orange County bear taking second. The competition was stiff but the Commission felt honored to have been given the opportunity to participate.

• Sponsorship of the East County Writers Group.

• The first piece of public art slotted for the Brighten Station development off of Lone Tree Way was reviewed.

• Sponsored the first Citywide read along with Friends of the Library.
• Supported a 9-11 Observation Poetry Contest sponsored by the Brentwood Press. Poet Laureate, Mary Jane Barnes, was a judge in the contest who has read her poetry at several gallery receptions.

• Chairperson Ron Beatty attended a Public Relations seminar in Danville and shared the information and knowledge he brought back with the Arts Commission.

• Poet Laureate, Mary Jane Barnes, was awarded the International Writers Award for poetry and teaching by the Cambridge Institution, London, England.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ron Beatty

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