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Item 22

East Contra Costa County Baseball Group, Inc.

Mission Statement

 The mission of East Contra Costa County Baseball Group is to provide fun, affordable family entertainment, sports participation, and regional promotion through the development of a baseball facility and baseball team representing the region. 

Summary Plan

 East Contra Costa County Baseball Group is a nonprofit corporation founded and owned by various cities and governmental districts in East Contra Costa County, California.  The nonprofit will provide planning and funding for a multi-use baseball facility in the region to host independent league baseball and other community events and activities.  The nonprofit will also plan for and engage in the operation of a baseball team, either through direct ownership and management of a team or through a lease and use agreement for the team at the baseball facility.

 The regional baseball program will include hosting of baseball teams from other parts of California and the Western United States, clinics and community outreach to the cities and districts which are owners of the company, summer and holiday camps, and arranging for the travel of the team to represent the local region in baseball games in other parts of the state and Western United States.

  Profits from the operations of the baseball team, camps and clinics, merchandise, special events, leases of the baseball facility and other related ventures will be distributed to the owners of the nonprofit.  Profits will be specifically targeted for a return to the respective owner-communities in the form of sponsorship and funding of community projects, events and programs. 

 Updated: November 14, 2003

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