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Liberty High School

850 Second Street, Brentwood, CA 94513
Telephone (925) 634-3521

Admin. FAX (925) 513-2739 Couns. FAX (925) 516-2581
Principal’s Office FAX (925) 240-0735

Andy Parsons, Principal
Assistant Principals: Marion Borst, Jim Bruce, Gordon Lindquist, Yolanda Mendrek

August 8, 2003

Dear Parents and Community Members

The Liberty Union High School District is committed to promoting the diversity that exists within our campus, as well as the community at large. In order to promote this goal, we are embarking upon a Unity Plaza project at Liberty High School.

The Unity Plaza will be located in the center part of the Quad at Liberty High, where it will be welcoming and accessible to all students and community members. The design includes a well-maintained garden, seating areas, and a Kiosk: a place where students can find information and their work can be showcased.

In order for this goal to be accomplished, we are asking for financial support from parents, community members, and local businesses. By participating in this community project, supporters will be permanently recognized by a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum placard with their name engraved. Please see the project site plan and suggested donation levels on the reverse side of this letter.

Thank you for your interest in promoting diversity throughout our community. Please make all checks payable to LUHSD - Unity Plaza. If you have any further questions, please contact Roy Ghiggeri at 634-2166 x 2021 or Andy Parsons at 634-3521 x 5202.

Sincerely Yours,

Andy Parsons / kf Dan Smith / kf

Andy Parsons Dan Smith
Principal Superintendent

Unity Plaza Committee
Andy Parsons - Principal
Dan Ocheltree - Director of Child Welfare and Attendance
Roy Ghiggeri - Director of Administrative Services
Gordon Lindquist - Assistant Principal
Tobi Benz - Parent
Alex Baca - Student
Mariela Perez - Student
Kandice Del Rio-Austin - Student
Lauren La Flamme – Student

Please detach and mail this portion with your donation.

Unity Plaza at Liberty High School
C/O Liberty U.H.S.D.
20 Oak Street, Brentwood, Ca. 94513
Tax ID # 68-0342046

Donation Levels: $ 50.00 - $100.00 Bronze ______
$101.00- $250.00 Silver ______
$251.00- $500.00 Gold ______
$501.00 and up Platinum ______

I look forward to the completion of the Unity Plaza at Liberty High School.
I am enclosing a check for _________ (Please make checks payable to LUHSD).
I am interested in supplying goods or services for this project. Please contact me.

Name on plaque _______________________________________
Address _____________________________________City ____________ Zip_____
Phone Numbers ________________________ Work _____________________

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