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WHEREAS, domestic violence does not discriminate, anyone can be a victim;

WHEREAS, domestic violence is widespread, crossing all ethnic, racial, age, national origin, sexual orientation, religious and socio-economic lines;

WHEREAS, domestic violence affects over 4 million Americans each year;

WHEREAS, over 3 million children are exposed to family violence each year. Growing up in a violent home is a significant factor for youth violence;

WHEREAS, violence learned in the home is acted out in our schools and communities, impacting the safety and health of the entire community;

WHEREAS, residents of Contra Costa County should feel safe in their homes, their schools, and their communities;

WHEREAS, STAND! Against Domestic Violence provides domestic violence services to families in Contra Costa County, serving over 15,000 clients annually;

WHEREAS, STAND! Against Domestic Violence is a multi-service agency, providing: 24 hour crisis line, emergency shelter, legal advocacy, children and teen programs, counseling, support groups, employment training, batterer’s treatment program, and educational prevention programs;

WHEREAS, STAND! Against Domestic Violence works to raise awareness through education, so individuals will become advocates, and will take action to end violence in their communities;

NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, in recognition of the important work done by STAND! Against Domestic Violence, I do herby proclaim the month of October 2002 as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and urge all citizens to actively participate in the efforts to end violence in our homes, in our schools, and in our communities.

Dated this 23rd day of September, 2003.

Brian Swisher .

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