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Meeting Date: August 26, 2003

Subject/Title: Approve a Resolution authorizing $250,000 additional funds for the Public Works Corporation Yard Relocation Expenditures.

Submitted by: Paul Zolfarelli, Director of Public Works

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Approve a Resolution authorizing $250,000 additional funds for the Public Works Corporation Yard Relocation Expenditures.

Council was presented an overview of the Corporation Yard Relocation Project on October 22, 2002. The project had changed from a temporary facility to a permanent building and relocation of existing trailer offices. This permanent structure caused an increase in our total project cost. Unfortunately, this was not added into the adjusted Capital Improvement Project budget in April 2003.

Council approved Resolution No. 2745 on November 26, 2002 authorizing the City Manager to execute all contracts under $100,000 plus a 10% contingency each for the relocation of the existing Corporation Yard trailers and the construction of an approximately 10,000 square foot building.

Council approved Resolution No. 2748 on November 26, 2002 awarding a contract in the amount of $149,900 plus a 10% contingency to Sure Built for the purchase of a 10,000 square foot structure for the temporary Corporation Yard relocation site.

Council approved Resolution No. 2760 on December 10, 2002 awarding the Civil Engineering work to Grade Tech., Inc. for the Corporation Yard relocation and granting the City Manager authority to execute the agreement in the amount of $513,000 and change orders up to 10% of the contract amount.

Council approved Resolution No. 2761 on December 10, 2002 authorizing the City Manager to enter into a service agreement with Herwit Engineering in the amount of $180,592 plus a 10% contingency for planning and design support services for the Corporation Yard relocation.

Council approved Resolution No. 2772 on January 14, 2003 awarding the concrete pad installation work to McKay & Co. Construction for the Corporation Yard relocation, granting the City Manager authority to execute the agreement in the amount of $126,000 and change orders up to 10% of the contract amount.

Council approved Resolution No. 2810 on March 11, 2003 awarding the building and site electrical contract to Del Monte Electric for work associated with the Public Works Corporation Yard interim move; authorizing the City Manager to execute the agreement in the amount of $185,805 and authority to execute change orders up to 10% of the contract amount.

In July 2002, the Public Works Department was informed that the property at 161 Sycamore Avenue would need to be vacated and the Corporation Yard relocation would need to occur before May 1, 2003. While staff had been aware that the property had been sold to Christian Church Homes (CCH) for the construction of a senior living facility, they were unaware of the date that this facility was to be vacated. The construction of the CCH project satisfies a major goal of the Brentwood Redevelopment Agency. Christian Church Homes would lose its Federal funding if the property was not transferred by May 1, 2003.

Maximus, Inc. prepared a Facilities Master Plan for the City of Brentwood Public Works Department. Completed in September 2002, this master plan identified the needs for the current and future Corporation Yard. It was determined that the City of Brentwood would need a Corporation Yard incorporating approximately 30,000 square feet of building to house covered operations, administration and support services with 180,000 square feet of outdoor staging, storage and work space and 45,000 square feet of parking located on approximately 8 acres. It was determined that this facility should be built for ultimate growth since the projected build-out would occur in less than 12 years. This relatively short time frame for build-out and the inherent difficulty in funding a project like this lead to the conclusion that it should be funded once. It was estimated that the facility would cost approximately $6,000,000. The City would be locating the Corporation Yard on land vacated by the Wastewater Treatment Facility and fronting what is commonly referred to as the Sunset Industrial Park.

The need to vacate the 161 Sycamore Avenue site by May 2003 mandated a refocusing of the Maximus Master Plan. It was determined that the facility that would ultimately be needed could not be designed, financed and built in 10 months.

A decision was made to relocate the existing trailers from 161 Sycamore Avenue and the Fleet Maintenance Facility located in the Sunset Industrial Park to a location on the Wastewater Treatment Plant site. While the trailers housing the administration function of Public Works were easily relocated, the Purchasing/Central Stores and Fleet Maintenance buildings are permanent structures that would need to be replaced.

Staff estimated that in addition to the movement of the trailers and the utilities that would need to be installed to support those trailers, 10,000 square feet of shop and warehouse would also need to be constructed to house Fleet Maintenance, Purchasing/Central Stores, Water Meter Reading and the Streets Division Sign Shop.

Staff has previously presented information to Council on the cost of moving the Corporation Yard from 161 Sycamore Avenue to 325 Sunset Road. Council has awarded contracts for the following:

Grading and Civil Work $538,898
(Contract: $513,000 + change order #1/ $21,078.96 & #2/ $4,819.28 = $538,898)
Site Concrete Work $129,277
(Contract: $126,000 + change order #1/ $3,277 = $129,277)
Metal Building $156,557
(Contract: $149,900 with change order #1/ $5,729 & #2/ $928 = $156,557)
Electrical Work $193,093.35
(Contract: $185,805 + change order #1/ $7,288.35 = $193,093.35)

Additional contracts were issued by staff under Council Resolution 2745, which allows the City Manager to enter into contracts for this project that are under $100,000 plus a 10% contingency. They are as follows:

Soil Remediation $ 80,920
(Contract: $83,950, with change order #1/ -$3,030.15 = $80,920)
Plumbing $ 60,000
Masonry Work $ 66,707
Existing Corp. Yard Demo $ 6,850
Office Trailer Relocation $ 24,200
Building Relocation $ 11,600
Office Build-out $ 88,430
Fire Wall $ 17,200
Fire Sprinklers $ 25,257
Painting $ 13,400
Decking $ 25,914
Flooring $ 19,754
HVAC $ 70,148
Specialties $ 3,958

Staff was under significant time constraints to estimate the total cost and to design and build the Corporation Yard. It was anticipated that the total cost for construction would not exceed 1.9 million dollars including a 10% contingency. This estimate was based on a simple metal-sided building, moving the existing trailers and placing them in their current configuration with minimal paving and site improvements. To date $1,542,418 has been spent on this project. There have been several project areas that have been completed under the original budget estimates. This included a $30,000 savings on the concrete work, $95,000 saved on the pre-engineered metal building, $32,000 on masonry work and approximately $40,000 on miscellaneous work. A total of $197,000 was saved on these tasks.

Unfortunately, there are other items that are taking more work and involvement than originally anticipated. To meet the short time frame of the project the design was split into several design packages. While effective for meeting the project goal, change in the scope created increases in the budgeted estimates. Many unbudgeted design revisions are now being experienced. For example:

• Soils analysis and stabilization work necessary to prepare the site for the new building was $30,000 more than anticipated.

• Soil and site work that could not be completed until the new Wastewater Treatment Plant was completed added $10,000 to the cost of the project.

• The relocation of the trailer utilized by the contractor working for the Parks Maintenance Division was not in the original budget. This relocation added approximately $5,000.

• Additional design fees to incorporate the changes to the site and permanent building increased approximately $72,000.

• The site civil package scope was increased to include additional asphalt paving, utilities, and concrete encasement of the underground conduits. Provisions were also added to allow for future permanent power from PG&E in order to disconnect from the Sewage Treatment Plant. This added approximately $85,000 to the project.

• The interior office build-out for the offices was changed from light framing to a mezzanine structure to allow for storage above. This added approximately $40,000 to the project.

• The requirement of a firewall separating activities in the 10,000 square foot building added $18,200.

• Additional paint work added $8,600.

• Plumbing requirements were more involved than anticipated and added $36,400.

• Fire sprinklers, HVAC work and electrical work were a cumulative $142,498 more than estimated.

• Engineering work was approximately $75,000 greater than anticipated due to numerous changes and modifications.

• Computer and telephone cabling and hook up added an approximately $25,000 to the project.

• Miscellaneous projects coordinated by Public Works staff have amounted to $25,000.

• Facility master planning cost approximately $73,000.

• Additional engineering work to incorporate these changes added approximately $43,000.

The project has evolved from a temporary corporation yard to constructing a new building which will be an integral part of the permanent facility. The scope changes have increased the cost to both the design and construction of the project, but a portion of the additional cost has been covered by the original budget. If the project is completed at the estimated costs, the total amount over the budget will be approximately $250,000 and will be charged to Capital Improvement Project No. 336-3030.

A summary budget report as prepared by our contractor manager, RGM & Associates, is attached. This report includes all construction and project items managed by RGM & Associates. It does not include funds spent by Public Works staff, data cabling, pre-project master planning and engineering revisions. These items and the construction of a permanent 10,000 square foot facility have created the need to request additional funding.

This staff report is intended to provide Council with an overview of the project progress and potential shortages in the budget. Staff also requests Council approval to exceed the project estimated cost by $250,000. Staff anticipates the completion of this project in September or October 2003.

Staff will be bringing a final report back to Council with a detailed expenditure analysis at the completion of this project.

• Resolution
• RGM & Associates Summary Budget Report



WHEREAS, Council approved Resolution No. 2745 on November 26, 2002 authorizing the City Manager to execute all contracts under $100,000 for the Corporation Yard Relocation Project including the 10,000 square foot building; and

WHEREAS, the 10,000 square foot building went through a redesign to incorporate it into a permanent structure; and

WHEREAS, there have been significant project modifications that increased our original estimated cost; and

WHEREAS, funds to accomplish the relocation may exceed the estimated cost of $1,947,629 by $250,000; and

WHEREAS, the City does not anticipate any additional costs above the requested $250,000.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Brentwood authorizes $250,000 additional funds for the Public Works Corporation Yard Relocation Expenditures.

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting held on the 26th day of August, 2003 by the following vote:


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