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Proclamation of the City of Brentwood
Declaring July as Recreation & Parks Month

WHEREAS, the Parks and Recreation profession in California “Creates Community through People, Parks and Programs”; and

WHEREAS, our parks help to preserve and protect the natural and cultural resources of California; and

WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation Services support more productive workforces, enhance the desirability of locations for business and families, and stimulate tourism revenues to increase a total community development model; and

WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation strengthens community image and sense of place, and increases cultural unity; and

WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation promotes health and wellness and reduces health care costs; and

WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation fosters human development, helping young people develop and grow into healthy adults, and helping adults continue to live longer; and

WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation facilities community problem solving; and

WHEREAS, Parks and Recreation strengthens safety and security and reduces juvenile crime; and

WHEREAS, as thousands of California children, adults and seniors benefit from the wide range of services, facilities and programs provided by the City of Brentwood;

NOW, THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED, that the City of Brentwood urges all residents to enjoy and recognize the social, physical, mental, economic, environmental and community benefits derived from our Parks and Recreation services, which provide something of value to everyone, and recognize July as “Recreation and Parks Month”.

Dated this 8th day of July 2003

Brian Swisher, Mayor


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