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Meeting Date: February 25, 2003

Subject/Title: Accept the City of Brentwood Arts Commission Annual Report 2002

Submitted by: Craig Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation

Prepared by: Sue Barry Recreation Services Supervisor

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Accept the City of Brentwood Arts Commission Annual report for 2002.

The City of Brentwood Arts Commission accepted and approved the Annual Report of the Commission for 2002 at the regular Arts Commission meeting of January 22, 2003.

In accordance with the Arts Commission charter, the Arts Commission is to prepare and submit an annual report of activities to City Council on yearly basis. 

A copy of the current Arts Commission Annual Report for 2002 is attached for your review and acceptance.

This report bears no fiscal impact.

Arts Commission 2002 Annual Report

Brentwood Arts Commission
Annual Report for 2002

The year 2002 was a very active year for the Arts Commission. By in large, those Commission members appointed by the City Council were very focused and dedicated to improving the cultural interests of the community. Some of the accomplishments include: 

1. In January we opened up the Brentwood Art Gallery at the Technology Center on Sand Creek Road and had four different shows throughout the year, each running about three months. The late June show, American Heritage, drew the most interest. The fall show, Fiber Art, brought in a well known San Francisco artist with international credentials. The last show featured a local artist Michael Flores. The Curators of the Gallery, Commissioners Mary Hannigan and Bill Weber, tell us that the quality of painting displayed has improved over the year, but the local artists are thrilled to have a place to display their work.
2. In May, we had our inaugural street art show in down town Brentwood, called “Art for Arts Sake.” It was well attended by the students at the middle schools. The High School Dixieland and Jazz Band entertained and the merchants were very pleased with the walk-in traffic.
3. In July, a group of Commissioners wrote the articles of incorporation and bylaws of a new Brentwood Art Society. The California Secretary of State approved the Society as a not-for-profit corporation in August, and four commission members and one person living in Byron were elected to the Board of Directors. The mission of the Society is to raise funds to support commission activities.
4. The Art Society held its first fundraising dinner dance at Roddy Ranch on October 5, 2002, attracting about 200 attendees. The fundraiser realized a profit of approximately $9,000 for our community school art programs. It was an inaugural event and a huge success.
5. A School Art Liaison program was initiated headed by Commissioner Mary Hannigan who donates her time teaching art to students in the school system. We received a lot of student art in the American Heritage showing and the street art program.
6. In the middle off October we held our first Art and Wine Festival, called “A Day in the Park.” It was a huge success. The weather was beautiful, the artists displaying their wares were happy, the background music was superb and those who wore period costumes added to the ambiance of the event -- and we made money.
7. In November, we submitted to City Council the name of local poet, Mary Jane Barnes, to become the City’s first Poet Laureate. She was subsequently appointed and Brentwood is only the second city in the East Bay to have a poet laureate.
8. We only stumbled once. We bit off more than we could chew with the drama in September. But we’ll be back.

Respectfully submitted,

Ron Beatty
Chairman, Arts Commission 2003

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