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Meeting Date: February 11, 2003

Subject/Title: High School Staff Parking on Maple Street

Submitted by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Provide direction to staff on the issue of high school staff parking on Maple Street.

On June 11, 2002, the City Council approved a Reimbursement Agreement between the City of Brentwood, Schuler Homes and the Liberty Union High School District for the construction costs associated with the Liberty High School Parking Lot Expansion on Oak Street, CIP Project No. 336-3133, and agreed to pay for 50% of the cost of that facility.

The City has experienced a continual increase in parking congestion in the downtown area. This is as a result of our office and business development in the downtown area. In order to address this issue, City staff has made several modifications to the parking regulations in the downtown area and around City Hall. 

One of the factors in the parking issue has been that the high school students would park on the City streets and move their cars after every two classes in order to comply with the parking regulations. We revised the parking signs last fall to implement new 45-minute and 90-minute zones. We sought to address the concerns of the businesses and make the regulations workable for them and still minimize student parking.

In addition, the City co-ventured with the high school district to resurface the existing student parking lot and expand the lot to provide for an additional 157 student parking spaces, at an approximate cost of $175,000 to the City.

Last month we distributed new parking passes to City staff (one per employee), and voided all previous parking passes. This plan has eliminated all employee parking from the south side of Oak Street, restricted the spaces immediately adjacent to City Hall in the front lot to 20-minute parking, and the row of stalls behind that front row (but still in the first drive aisle) to 90-minute parking. This has improved customer parking for City Hall and the uses on the south side of Oak Street.

Two weeks ago, staff conducted a survey of the downtown businesses to determine how many employees they have and where those employees park. Based on that survey, we made decisions on how to distribute municipal public parking lot permits, in order to maximize the reduction of business employee parking on the downtown streets. We then distributed notices on car windshields to notify citizens of the increasing parking enforcement.

In an attempt to relieve the parking congestion on Oak Street, staff has shifted City staff parking to Maple Street. Student parking on Maple has been eliminated. High school staff parking on Maple, however, continues. The number of high school staff parking on Maple varies from about 15 to 23. The number of high school staff parking on Maple typically equals the number of open high school staff parking spaces on the other side of the school. The last two counts were 16 parked on Maple and 12 open on the other side of the school, and 23 parked on Maple and 24 open in the designated high school staff lot. The Superintendent has requested 15 designated high school staff parking spaces on Maple Street.

The real shortfall of high school staff parking would seem to be about 6 to 8 spaces. However, directly across the street at the old school site, there are 80 parking spaces available behind the school and only 40 to 60 of those are utilized.

If we are to make progress in relieving the downtown parking congestion, all involved parties must participate. That means high school students, City staff, high school staff, business owners and downtown employees. Participation by any segment of this group very clearly has a ripple effect on the entire area.

Staff would suggest that the Council discuss and consider recommending the following to staff:

1. Continue enforcement efforts with the high school students to assure that they park in their designated parking lot, especially considering that an additional 40 spaces are currently being constructed for their use.
2. Discuss the wisdom of allowing high school staff to park on Maple and if that is a viable option, should the allowed number of high school staff stalls be 6 to 8 or should it be 15.
3. Continue encouraging City staff to park on Maple rather than Oak Street. This effort has been successful and has freed up Oak Street parking between City Hall and Second Street.
4. Revise downtown parking time restrictions to include Saturdays.
5. Continue staff efforts to shift business owners and downtown employees parking to the municipal lots and to the rear of the businesses.

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