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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas


Meeting Date: January 14, 2003

Subject/Title: Acceptance of Redevelopment Agency’s Blight Progress Report and Property Report for Fiscal Year Ending 2002

Submitted by: Gina Rozenski, Redevelopment Analyst

Approved by: John Stevenson, Executive Director

By motion, accept the Blight Progress Report and Property Report for fiscal year ending 2002 as required by the Health & Safety Code.


An amendment to the Community Redevelopment Law, as contained in the Health & Safety Code, requires that, in addition to the routine annual audit report, the State Controller’s Report, and the Housing & Community Development Report, three additional annual reports be submitted to and accepted by the Redevelopment Agency within six months after the end of each fiscal year. The three reports include the following:

1. Blight Progress Report specifying the Agency’s progress in alleviating blight during the previous fiscal year.
2. Property Report describing properties owned by the Agency and those acquired in the previous fiscal year.
3. Loan Report identifying any loans made by the Agency that are $50,000 or more and which are in default or not in compliance with the terms of the loan.

Attached for the Agency’s review and acceptance are the Blight Progress Report and the Property Report (identified as “Land Holdings”). During the fiscal year ending 2002, the Agency made no loans, consequently, the preparation of a Loan Report is unnecessary. 


1) Blight Progress Report
2) Land Holdings Report

Brentwood and North Brentwood Redevelopment Project Areas

Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2002

Dilapidation Incompatible Uses Depreciated
Values &
Impaired Investments Economic Obsolescence Deteriorated/
Utilities Inadequate
Public Improvements
2002 Plan Amendment. The Council and RDA finalized a plan amendment to add 138 acres to the North Brentwood Redevelopment Project Area, commonly referred to as the Sunset Industrial Complex, to facilitate the relocation of the existing, incompatible industrial uses along Brentwood Boulevard in an effort to eliminate conditions of blight, to prevent continuing decline and stagnation of the area. In turn, removing the impediments and providing the assistance and incentives needed to stimulate private investment will renew and create economic stimulation within the area. √ √ √ √ √ √
2002 Plan Amendment. The Plan Amendment also extended and re-established eminent domain authority for the purpose of alleviating the obstacles to develop, improve, rehabilitate and modernize properties in the Merged Redevelopment Project Areas. √ √ √ √ √ √
Gregory Ranch and Sand Creek Business Center. The Agency approved a Reimbursement Agreement for the development of a 40-acre mixed-use development. The Agency shall reimburse the Developer for a portion of the cost to construct and install public improvements necessary for the project. The anticipated build out of office buildings, hotel, restaurants, business park and townhomes will add approximately $61M of assessed value to the tax rolls, generate approximately 850 jobs, and generate transient occupancy and sales tax to the City. √ √ √
Brentwood Boulevard Parking Lot. The construction of 17 additional surface parking spaces in the downtown area on an Agency-owned parcel was completed. This shall facilitate expansion of existing businesses and attraction of new businesses, while providing needed public improvements. √ √
Water and Sewer Line Improvements. Construction of water and sewer line improvements on Brentwood Boulevard and Lone Tree Way, and construction of sewer improvements on Brentwood Boulevard north of Grant Street were started to address failing well and septic systems for health and safety purposes, and to improve and modernize public utilities in the area. √ √ √ √ 
Downtown Parking Study. The Agency embarked on a Downtown Parking Study to analyze parking structure designs and layouts, construction costs for the parking component and the retail component, and financial projections and constraints. √ √
Summertime Concert Series. The Agency sponsored a concert series in the Downtown as an effort to support, improve and preserve the economic stimulation and revitalization of the historic Downtown area. Providing activities and venues to attract pedestrian movement assists in the retention of existing businesses and attraction of new businesses. √ 
Delta Theater Marquee. The RDA approved a grant for the restoration and rehabilitation of certain historical signs within the downtown area. √ 
Casitas Del Sol. RHS Construction proposes to develop a 9-unit, moderate-income, housing development on Agency-owned parcel to remove existing blight conditions and encourage in-fill development. The housing development will be conditioned for availability to residents and workers of Brentwood. Approval of DDA is expected early next fiscal year. √ √ √ 
Sycamore Place II. The Agency is working with Christian Church Homes to develop a 40-unit, very-low income, senior apartment complex. Approval of the DDA is expected next early fiscal year. This project is considered an in-fill residential project. √ √ √ √ 
Sycamore Place I. The Agency contributed to the expansion of the community room at Sycamore Place I, a 40-unit, very-low income, senior apartment complex. The expansion is for the purpose of enhancing the programs and activities of the senior facility. √ √ 
Oak and Walnut Assemblage. The Agency completed its acquisition of a small parcel in an effort to assemble two Agency-owned parcels and one privately-owned parcel for a possible retail and/or restaurant use. Staff anticipates soliciting proposals from interested parties to be considered for selection as a developer. √ √ √ √
Seismic Upgrade Program. The Seismic Upgrade Program provides several methods by which the Agency may provide financial assistance to property owners who wish to seismically retrofit their property. √ √ 

October 2002

Address & APN Acquisition Date Purchase Price Acquisition Costs Total Current Land Use, Zoning and 
Parcel Size Comments
Southeast Corner of
Oak St. & Walnut Blvd.
March 31, 1988 $226,300 Unknown $226,300 Vacant Parcel;
(PD 37);
1.68 Acres Corrected ownership from City to Agency by Council Res. No. 2345 dated 8/28/01; new Grant Deed recorded 9/18/01; purchased with funds from Brentwood Project Area. Held for possible assemblage and conveyance for future retail/office development.
Gregory Drive
018-160-017 July 17, 1993 -0- -0- -0- Street
1.76 acres Former private street was dedicated to RDA in exchange for funding water/sewer/storm drain connections and street and public improvements. APN no longer exists. 
159 Sycamore Avenue
016-150-002 March 30, 2000 $240,000 $7,663 $247,663 Single Family Residence;
Multi-Family (R3);
.91 acres Held for conveyance to RHS Construction in accordance with terms and conditions of DDA approved November 2002 for townhome development. Purchased with North Brentwood L/M Housing Funds. 
604 First Street
013-110-010 April 21, 2000 $125,000 $1,263 $126,263 Parking Lot;
Central Business;
.17 acres (7405 sf);
20 parking spaces CIP #336-3118; RA-30 $159,000 for construction of parking lot to serve DTN area; purchased and constructed using funds from Brentwood Project Area.
8436 Brentwood Blvd.
013-100-009 January 19, 2001 $150,000 $1,455 $151,455 Parking Lot 
Central Business;
.17 acres (7405 sf);
17 parking spaces CIP #336-3125; Res. RA-34 $172,000 for construction of parking lot to serve DTN area; purchased and constructed using funds from Brentwood Project Area.
10’ Wide Parcel 
Southeast Corner of Oak St. & Walnut Blvd.
No APN August 15, 2002 $12,050 -0- $12,050 Vacant Parcel;
(PD 37); 
4987 sf. (assemblage site, not full r.r. row)
Purchased with funds from Brentwood Project Area. Held for possible assemblage and conveyance for future retail/office development

grozenski/land holdings

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