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Meeting Date: October 22, 2002

Subject/Title: Public Works Corporation Yard Interim Relocation

Submitted by: Paul Zolfarelli, Director of Public Works

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

This memo is to provide the City Council with information on the relocation of the Public Works Department Corporation Yard. No official Council action is required.

Council recently approved Resolution No. 2702 on October 8, 2002 accepting the Public Works Master Plan as prepared by MAXIMUS Inc. As part of that approval Council directed staff to take action prior to the design and building of the final Corporation Yard facility.

The City of Brentwood Public Works Corporation Yard is required to vacate its current site at 161 Sycamore Avenue by May 1, 2003. The site has been purchased by Christian Church Homes for development of a senior housing complex. Staff has submitted and Council has accepted the Maximus Master Plan for the final Corporation Yard site. Staff recognizes Council’s concern over funding the final site at the current time. Staff is also planning on coordinating public workshops to solicit input on the final design. Unfortunately, staff is faced with the reality of having to maintain operations between May 1, 2003 and when the final Corporation Yard Maintenance Facility is constructed on the final site.

Staff has retained the assistance of Herwitt Engineering to assist with the relocation of the temporary Corporation Yard. They have identified the northwest portion of the old Wastewater Treatment Plant site as the appropriate site for the interim location of the Corporation Yard. There is a significant amount of work that needs to be done to prepare this site for occupancy. Raising and grading of the site is required. Utilities must be installed and the existing trailers must be moved and refurbished. Additionally, a 10,000 square foot building will need to be erected to address the current needs of the Fleet Maintenance operations, Streets sign shop, Water meter reading and Purchasing/Central Stores. 

There are a number of complexities that affect this move. The requirement that the 161 Sycamore Avenue site be vacated by May 1, 2003 places a very accelerated schedule on the project. The preparation of the site in conjunction with the demolition of the old Wastewater Treatment Plant has caused delays. Securing sufficient power to the site has been difficult. The design of the building has been modified several times. The anticipated costs have escalated. Financing for the facility will be complex.

Due to the short time frame associated with this move, staff has been unable to follow the normal pace at which this facility would be planned and approved. We are scheduled to bring the design and layout to the Planning Commission on October 29, 2002. We are proposing to bid the building in November 2002. 

As part of the new Wastewater Treatment Plant project, the contractor will be demolishing the old Treatment Plant in the next four to six weeks. The interim Corporation Yard site is scheduled to be constructed on this site. Additionally, utilities cannot be constructed until this old plant is demolished and the area is rough graded.

Securing power to the site will require an interim feed from the Wastewater Treatment Plant until PG&E can determine the appropriate power requirements and configuration. 

The original design of the building was for a temporary steel framed structure that would be easily removed or relocated. This type of building proved costly and did not fit into the overall site master plan. A permanent 10,000 square foot structure that will be utilized by the Public Works Fleet Maintenance Division, the Purchasing Division, Streets and Parks is now planned for construction. After the final Corporation Yard is constructed, the building can be utilized as a maintenance shop for the Municipal Water Division. Other options include a secured storage facility for Public Works vehicles and equipment or it can be made available for similar use by other departments or agencies. There are currently limited facilities for maintenance and equipment storage in the Water division. The building will be designed and built to fit the architecture established at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This includes masonry block design and appropriate color coordination.

Staff will be requesting Council to allow the City Manager to enter into agreements with an architect and a construction manager.

The total costs for relocating the existing modular offices, site preparation, utility installation, building construction, landscaping and construction management is estimated to be 1.8 million dollars. Of this total, approximately $900,000 is associated with the new 10,000 square foot building that will be utilized by the City even after the new Corporation Yard is built. In fact, the building can be incorporated into the new Corporation Yard complex. This will reduce the estimated 6 million dollar cost of the final Corporation Yard facility. It should be noted that the City is receiving $530,000 from the Redevelopment Agency associated with the sale of the 161 Sycamore site. The remaining funds necessary for the relocation of the interim Corporation Yard can be borrowed from the Water division facility fees, as this building can ultimately be used by the division.
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