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Past Agendas


Meeting Date: October 22, 2002

Subject/Title: Presentation and approval of Arts Commission action plan.

Submitted by: Craig D. Bronzan, Director of Parks and Recreation
City of Brentwood Arts Commissioners

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Accept City of Brentwood Arts Commission presentation and approve action plan for 2003/04.

After being established by City Council by ordinance on September 26, 2000, the City of Brentwood Arts Commission had their first Commission meeting on January 24, 2001. On June 26, 2001, the Arts Commission and City Council had a workshop to discuss the goals and work plan for the Commission for 2001/02. The Commission received support from the City Council to return on a yearly basis to discuss and receive Council direction on subsequent work plans

The Arts Commission will be giving a PowerPoint presentation that recaps their activities since June 2001 and discusses their action plan for 2003/04. The Commission is requesting Council approval and support for consideration of:

• Public Art Program that would expand opportunities and places for art in the community, which could include a Percent for Art program with a certain percentage of construction costs dedicated for public art
• Ongoing support of the activities and fundraisers of the Brentwood Art Society
• Expanding opportunities for art galleries and exhibitions
• Ongoing support of existing programs and expansion of additional programs, including arts education in schools
• Continued involvement with staff at the weekly Design Review Committee meetings
• Open dialogue with City Council on suggestions for new programs and funding opportunities
• Continued staff assistance and consideration of assigned staff

Members of the Arts Commission will be present at the meeting and will be available to answer questions concerning their progress and action plan.

When the Arts Commission formation was approved by City Council, the Parks and Recreation Department as asked to provide a staff liaison to help the Commission get started. Additional assistance was provided by Lt. Michael Davies of the Police Department as he had been working with the Fountain Committee for a number of years. Staff was directed to return to City Council when the staffing needs to support a more active Arts Commission became apparent.

With the recent success of the various Arts Commission projects, most notably the art exhibits at the Technology Center and the “Day in the Park”, and the additional programs the Commission is considering, Park and Recreation and Police Department staff are not able to provide day-to-day assistance as needed for the Commission. Staff is recommending City Council direct the City Manager, Finance Director and the Parks and Recreation Director identify funding as a part of the 2002/03 mid-year budget adjustment for staff support as necessary with City Council approval to accomplish the Arts Commission action plan.

Staff will bring back any fiscal impacts as a result of this action during mid-year budget adjustments for City Council approval.
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