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Current Council Agenda and Past Meeting Information

Past Agendas


Meeting Date: October 22, 2002

Subject/Title: Preliminary Budget for Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust 

Submitted by: The Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust Board of Directors, and Mitch Oshinsky, AICP, Community Development Director

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager


The Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust Board of Directors and City staff recommend that the City Council approve the preliminary budget for the Land Trust. 




The City Council adopted the Agricultural Enterprise Preservation Program in September 2001. The Program has received praise from the Mayors Conference, other cities and County Supervisors. On October 8, 2002 the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 722 amending the funding limit for administration of the Land Trust.

The Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust (BALT) Board of Directors, as appointed by the City and East Contra Costa Irrigation District held its first meeting on September 23, 2002. The Board, consists of the following six members:

Interim Chairperson Bruce Ghiselli
Interim Vice Chairperson Sheila Hagan
Interim Secretary and Treasurer D. Chris Calabrese
Ronald J. Enos
Marty Maggiore
Norwood F. (Woody) Robertshaw

At their initial meeting, the Board elected interim officers as listed above, reviewed and approved their Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws, discussed the process for recruiting and hiring a staff Executive Director, discussed the process for recruiting and appointing the seventh Board member, and reviewed and approved a preliminary budget to be presented to the City Council for approval.

Funds available at this time for the BALT are derived from the agricultural preservation mitigation fees paid by developers. There is a balance of approximately $1.2 million in this fund. It is intended that the BALT will pursue additional funding in the future from governmental and private foundation grants. 

The Preliminary Budget is attached for Council review and approval. It has been reviewed with the City Finance Director and City Attorney. The total Budget of $107,723 anticipates salary and benefits for a half time staff director, and 10% of the time of a Community Development Department clerical person. Funds have been included for furniture, computer and office equipment, phone, utilities, incidentals, legal, accounting and appraisal services. It is assumed the City will not charge the BALT rent for the use of office space for at least the first year of the Trust. 


Funds for the BALT preliminary budget request have been budgeted in a special account and are available expressly for the purpose of funding the Land Trust. This budget request has been reviewed with the City Finance Director and City Attorney. 

Attachment: Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust Preliminary Budget – Fiscal Year 02/03

Brentwood Agricultural Land Trust
Preliminary Budget
Fiscal Year 02/03

Staff Salary:

Hourly Rate Annual Salary
Without Benefits Plus Benefits 

Executive Director* (assumes 960 hours)

FY 02/03 $43 $55,315 

Administrative Secretary (assumes 192 hours)

FY 02/03 $28 $6,925

*Note: Executive Director salary based on 20 hours/week in FY 02/03. Cost of benefits assumed to be 34% of starting salary. Administrative Secretary salary based on 10 percent of full-time City Administrative Secretary position salary.

Office Furniture:

FY 02/03 $2,500 

Computer & Office Equipment:

FY 02/03 $2,540

Note: Assumes 1/25th of the budgeted CDD office, equipment, and insurance expenses. 


FY 02/03 $1,520

Note: Assumes 1/25th of the budgeted CDD utility and information systems expenses. 


FY 02/03 $150/mo. ……………..$1,800 Annually

Printing & Copying:

FY 02/03 $490

Note: Assumes 100 Brochures at $2.50 each in FY 02/03
Assumes 200 Copies / month at $0.10 each in FY 02/03 
Assumes all mapping work provided by the City.

Office Supplies & Postage:

FY 02/03 $768

Note: Assumes cost of desk supplies for Executive Director at $75 and ongoing supplies at $30/month for 12 months in FY 02/03. Assumes 75 pieces/month of First Class mail at $0.37 each in FY02/03. Assumes the City will provide computer hardware and software equipment for two years. Assumes purchase of one $400 digital camera to record current conditions on properties under consideration for easement agreements in FY 02/03.


FY 02/03 $1,500

Note: Assumes attendance by one BALT representative at national and state land trust conferences. Stipend amount for national conference $1,000 and state conference $500. 


FY 02/03 $365

Note: Assumes 1,000 miles of travel using personal vehicle at $.365/mile each year. 

Easement Transactions Administration:

FY 02/03 $24,000

Note: Assumes twenty hours of legal review for two easement agreements at $150 per hour and six appraisals at $3,500 each annually. 

Accounting Services:

FY 02/03 $5,000

Note: Includes cost of audit by a CPA and purchase of accounting software. 

Reserve Funds:

FY 02/03 $5,000 

GRAND TOTAL: FY 02/03 $107,723

Other Anticipated Expenses (Not Budgeted For FY 02/03):

• Aerial Photos of Conservation Area
• Publicity and Informational Workshops 
• Intern Position
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