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Meeting Date: October 8, 2002

Subject/Title: Approve a Resolution accepting the Public Works’ Master Plan and direct the City Manager to deliver this Master Plan to architectural firms to bid on the project to design and build the facilities.

Submitted by: Paul Zolfarelli, Public Works Director 

Approved by: John Stevenson, City Manager

Approve a Resolution accepting the Public Works’ Master Plan as prepared by Maximus, Inc. and direct the City Manager or his designee to deliver this Master Plan to architectural firms to bid on the project to design the facilities.

No previous action taken.

The City of Brentwood’s current corporation yard site must be vacated by May 1, 2003 to make room for development through Christian Church Homes. The Public Works Facilities and Corporation Yard Master Plan addresses issues for the relocation of the Corporation Yard from the 161 Sycamore site to a new site located adjacent to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. This property is currently owned by the City of Brentwood and is available to us for use for the interim Corporation Yard and ultimate final design Corporation Yard. City of Brentwood has identified the need for a full use multi-purpose corporation yard that will handle the current needs of the City and address the future needs through the year 2014. The Master Plan addresses these and identifies areas that are needed for improvement and enhancement. 

The objectives of the Master Plan study conducted by Maximus included the following: 

1. To offer facilities programming and planning recommendations based on current and envisioned strategic and tactical operations. 

2. To assess the impact of growth on the operations as it relates to required facilities.

3. To develop the appropriate adjacencies, space allocations and work area assignments for the departments scheduled to occupy the facilities.

4. To position the facility on the proposed site at the Wastewater Treatment Plant site

5. To develop the individual workspace specifications that should be used to accomplish the design.

6. To develop preconcept drawings and diagrams that would address this approach.

7. To develop an estimated cost associated with this design.

Assumptions that were made during this master planning were that the current corporation yard site was no longer available to us and was not sufficient for our current needs nor future needs. It was determined that our current space available on our site is approximately 113,000 square feet. The estimated total space necessary utilizing standard space needs assessment is approximately 183,000 square feet. Our current site falls short of meeting our current needs. Additionally, the Master Plan looks at what would be our future needs. Identifying our future needs space site as approximately 333,000 square feet. This includes set backs, road easements, parking and yard storage. The necessary building space is approximately 29,000 square feet. This includes a specialized shop, administration space, amenities including locker room, training room, and a full automotive maintenance shop. 

One of the findings of the master planning was a need for improving our fleet maintenance services. Fleet maintenance currently repairs the majority of vehicles owned by the City of Brentwood. The exceptions are vehicles utilized by the Police Department, which are currently maintained outside of the City of Brentwood’s Fleet Maintenance Program. To improve the Fleet Maintenance Program and to ensure the proper workings and maximum longevity of our fleet, we’ve determined that the Fleet Maintenance facility should be greatly improved from its current location on Sunset Road. The location of the Fleet Service Center with the Public Works Service Center at the Corporation Yard improves the overall operation by ensuring that a Purchasing Agent can manage equipment inventory, that the equipment repair is in a centralized location and that a refueling station is also located at this site.

The 29,000 square foot building identified by Maximus as the necessary square footage to address our space needs will address those needs through the year 2014 when the City is effectively out population and footprint build out. It is anticipated that any additional needs in staffing would be in field employees and no additional facility improvements would be necessary.

The site that we are proposing to locate to encompasses approximately 14 acres. Of these 14 acres the current proposal is to utilize approximately 3-5 acres for the interim corporation yard site. The interim site will reuse the temporary trailers currently used at the 161 Sycamore site and construction of a 10,000 square foot steel framed and sided temporary building. The remaining acres would be available for the construction of the permanent Corporation Yard. Maximus recommends approximately 8 acres for the permanent Corp. Yard. The final site design will also incorporate a fueling station. Additionally, this site will have enough room for the location of garbage trucks, bins, and drop boxes associated with our Solid Waste Enterprise fund. This will allow the Solid Waste Enterprise fund to better utilize the current facility it has and its space needs. 

The City of Brentwood has taken a great step in identifying its needs for its current and future public services mission. The Public Works Department normally works behind the scenes and at a very low profile. This new facility is important to ensure that current and future infrastructure of Brentwood is protected through appropriate and efficient service. The efficiencies identified in this master planning and in the development of a single site corporation yard will ensure that City of Brentwood infrastructure is maintained. 

Maximus has developed a facilities master plan sufficient in size to accommodate the services necessary for a population increase of approximately 7% each year up until the year 2014. It is anticipated that at that time the population will stabilize and that the Public Works Department will level off in its growth as a response to increased population.

Staff now requests City Council to accept the Master Plan and direct the City Manager or his designee to deliver this Master Plan to architectural firms to bid on the project to design and build the facilities.

The ultimate goal of this master plan was to present a document that could then be given to an architect for final design and final estimation of the cost of this building. The cost estimates that the consultant determined are as follows: 

The main shop facility including the automotive shop facility at 12,500 square feet, the administration and amenities within the main facility at 13,000 square feet, warehousing within this facility and additional shop space would cost approximately 3.5 million dollars. Site improvements, perimeter fencing and pre-engineered structures for outdoor storage would add an additional $891,000. The total facilities cost estimate is approximately 4.4 million dollars. Major equipment and systems needed for the corporation yard would add an additional $850,000 to that. Anticipating approximately 15% for contingencies the total estimated cost for the corporation yard would be 6 million dollars.

• Resolution
• Maximus Master Plan



WHEREAS, the current Corporation Yard site located at 161 Sycamore Avenue falls short of meeting the department’s needs; and 

WHEREAS, the current site must be vacated by May 1, 2003 to make room for development through Christian Church Homes; and

WHEREAS, Maximus, Inc. has produced a Public Works Facilities and Corporation Yard Master Plan; and

WHEREAS, the City of Brentwood desires to meet its current and future Public Works goals and objectives to provide exceptional service to the community; and

WHEREAS, said Master Plan outlines the facility necessary to carry out our mission.

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Brentwood accepts the Public Works’ Master Plan and directs the City Manager or his designee to deliver this Master Plan to architectural firms to bid on the project to design and build the facilities.

PASSED, APPROVED AND ADOPTED by the City Council of the City of Brentwood at a regular meeting held on the 8th day of October, 2002 by the following vote:


Michael A. McPoland, Sr.


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